The Stories of
Good Twin/Evil Twin
The "Dear Journal" Series
Dear JournalRated PG.  Christine is determined that she is absolutely, positively through with chasing after Spock.
Dear Journal:  Personal Log, Part 2Rated PG.  Something unsettling has happened in the lab between Spock and Christine ... and Spock sets it down in her personal log.
Dear Journal:  Personal Log, Part 3 -- The Incident. Rated PG13.  Christine's take on what happened between her and Spock.
Dear Journal:  Personal Log, Part 4 -- The UprisingRated PG13. Spock is in sickbay with severely burned hands.  Unable to bathe himself, it is up to Christine to give him a bed bath ... and that gets interesting.
Dear Journal:  Personal Log, Part 5 -- The OccurrenceRated PG13. Christine drops a test tube and bends over to pick it up ... thereby giving Spock an eyeful!
Dear Journal:  Personal Log, Part 6 -- The You Bug Me EventRated PG13. When an experiment goes awry, Spock learns more about Christine than he really wants to know.
Dear Journal:  Personal Log, Part 7 -- The Lava FlowRated PG13. Evil Christine is up to something when she "accidentally" spills tea in Spock's lap.
You Won't Hear a Peep Outa Me!  Rated R. Sugar can have a very strange effect on a Vulcan ... and Spock has just had a lot of it!
Wyat is That Smell?Rated NC17. Christine has discovered a very ... um ... arousing flower and she plans on testing it out on Spock.
Shattered Glass -- What Did I See in Him?Rated PG. Christine laments over the loss of Roger Korby and wonders what attracted her to him in the first place.
Dear Journal -- Tribute to Challenger and Columbia: To Those Who Soared Before UsRated G. A lovely tribute to those who have gone before us ... and paid the ultimate price.
Stand Alone Stories
The Blue Ribbon -- An Ode to AmandaRated G. Spock thinks back to a special time with his Mother.
A Cup of TeaRated G. Every evening she has a cup of his favorite tea in remembrance.
Fly on the WallRated NC17. Spock and Christine are married and trying desperately to have a baby. But Christine just can't seem to get pregnant, so they are doing everything they can think of to remedy that. Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall?
The Gauntlet Has Been Cast..  Rated G. T'Pring is desperate to break free of her bond to Spock ... and the koon-ut-kali-fi is her last chance.
Hands On Experience (El 'Ru Fi Veshtaya). Rated PG13. Spock has the hands of a master, as Christine can attest.
Hands That Hold Rated PG. Spock learns the hard way about human love.
Heartbreak 101 Rated PG. Spock learns the hard way about human love.
The Answer Is...
Oasis in the Red Desert
And the Walls Came Tumbling Down... Ode to I-Chaya (Spock's Sehlat)
The Blue Bridge (Krup I'tsan)
Only in My Dreams
A Brand New Day Has Dawned The Rock That is Called Spock
Secret Heart of Thee
Guilty as Charged
Short  End of the Stick
Give Me a Chance
Sleeping Beauty No More
I Am Going to Change My Name
Things You Did Not Know -- A Father's Perspective
I Am Your Firepot
Those Blue Eyes of Yours
I Am Your Puppet
I Have Given You Enough Time Tomorrow Has Come
It's Nice to Share Twice in a Lifetime
The Kiss Vulcan Lyre
Lip Smaching Good Vulcan Sweat
Mene Hal Tors Fi (Life Goes On) Why Did You Make Me Love You?
Mind Voice The Window of Opportunity
My Goodness That's a Big One! Your Lying Eyesl
Naked Blue (Sai Fam Krup) Your Tortured Soul
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