DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The poem is the creation and property of Good Twin/Evil Twin and is copyright (c) 2003 by Good Twin/Evil.


Good Twin

Is the window of opportunity closed for us?

Is it nailed shut?

Did I waste the golden hour?

How blind can one person be to pass up the opportunity for a chance of a lifetime?

Woe! Woe! What a fool am I!

How I wish that I could turn back the hands of time?

If there no hope for me?

Is there anyone I can speak to about this?

Surely there has been a mistake.

Can I please have a second chance?

I promise that I will not let this happen again.

I did not know that you were going to move on with your life.

How could you do that without my permission?

You were suppose to wait for me.

How can you allow someone else to be in my rightful place?

I am quite vexed and perplexed about this change in circumstance.

Maybe if I ask nicely you will allow me back into the fringes of your life.

I will make sure that you will never regret your decision to do so.

I will treat you will all the emotion that you deserve.

I will be your knight in shining armor.

I want to hold your love in my heart forever.

I want to grow old with you.

Maybe if I wish upon a shooting star the window of opportunity will reopen!