DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The poem is the creation and property of Good Twin/Evil Twin and is copyright (c) 2003 by Good Twin/Evil.


Good Twin

Why do I always get the short end of the stick?

Aren't I always polite?

Aren't I always calm in the face of danger?

Aren't I a go to person? Call on me. I never say No, not today.

I like animals, older ones and children. I am willing to go the extra yard

when I did not have to.

I yield the right of way so that everyone can a turn at being in the spotlight.

I rise in respect to those in authority.

I don't listen to gossip. I speak when I am spoken to.

I volunteer for the jobs that no one else wants.

I don't roll my eyes when asked a stupid question.

With all this going for me, you would think that the world is my oyster.

I am looked upon as different by my peers. I am a freak of nature.

I bleed when I am cut by unkind remarks.

But do I retaliate in kind, of course not.

I turn the proverbial other cheek.

Where has all this gotten me? Nowhere.

Just to be in your presence is the highlight of my day.

The little things that you do makes you so unique.

The gentleness that you always display to others is

one of your best qualities. I am willing to take the scraps

that you cast my way. Are you aware of the effect that you have on me?

Is this an exercise in futility? I know that I have the right to remain silent.

Can't you hear my screaming your name in my heart?

Are you so totally oblivious to the way that I

feel about you? How can you possibly not know the depths of despair that I

feel, when you won't acknowledge my feelings for you?

Please give me a modicum of your time. I would treasure any moment in the

shadow of your smile. Your wish is my command. Please do not leave me here.

Let me be a satellite in your world. Please do not leave me in this desert of

hopelessness. Rain your smile on my desert of despair. I am willing to take

a thimble full of your love and treasure it.

Sometimes I want to run until my lungs ache. Then let me rest and run again

further and further each step takes me away from you. But then I hear your

voice and I am brought back here to this place. I know that I can't run

away because then I could never see you again.

Then I truly would have the short end of the stick.