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Evil Twin

I know that I said that I was going to stop writing about him. But it's not my fault. He keeps doing things to make me love him even more.

What happened today was one of the most intimate things we have ever done together. I was really surprised that he requested me. I always thought that he would avoid me like the plague. I was shocked that he allowed me the privilege to engage in such an intimate activity with him. He had a choice of several different people he could use to do this thing. I know of several people who would have paid him to do this. But he chose me. He said that only my touch would do. I knew that this task would take all my skills to do this properly. I knew that I could not afford to mess this golden opportunity up.

Let me explain how this honor was bestowed on me. My T'hy'la was involved in another one of those we have to save the universe situations with Captain Kirk. As a result of this skirmish, my dear one was injured from a phaser blast and he fell into a pond when he dove for cover. The pond has some foul smelling algae in it. My dear one seemed to have taken a bath in it. But I didn't mind the smell, even though it did remind me of a garbage can left in the sun on a hot summer day. Dr. McCoy took care of his burns on his hands and some on his body. He won't have any permanent scars, but he won't be able to use his hands because they are bandaged to protect the new skin cells. He was still cover in the algae so he had to be given a bed bath.

Journal, this is where it gets really romantic. There were three other nurses on duty at the time besides myself. HE requested ME to be the one to give him his bath. Boy, did I want to be the one to give it to him. I know that the other nurses were thinking that I was crazy to want to handle that stinky mess, but if it meant touching my beloved one, then I did not care. Ever since the incident that happened a while back, Spock has somehow appeared less stiff in my presence. He still won't call me by my first name, but that's okay.

Journal, I did my utmost to appear as professional as I could. I said a silent prayer before I approached the biobed. I gathered my supplies. I put my most no nonsense face on and proceeded. I was determined that he could find no fault in my professionalism. It was so hard to pretend that this was just another patient, not my beloved, Spock.

I started with his face. His beautiful, dirty face. I was as gentle as if he were a newborn babe. Just the thought of being able to smooth the dermacloth over those perfect features was heavenly. To be able to trace those ears was pure bliss. To trail down that long neck. I wanted to drop a kiss there. To pause at those strong arms lightly covered with dark hair. To lay moisture on that dark field of hair that covered that muscular chest. To be able to circle his nipples which said Hello to me as I bathed them. They pointed straight at me. I told him that it was slightly chilly in here as I wiped them dry with a towel. I gently massaged his back with the cleansing solution to remove all that algae.

Then I had the privilege to do his lower half. The lower half of his body is God's gift to womankind. I wish that I could have had a miniholorecorder to take pictures of his lower half. Boy, I'd make sure that they were blown up to really appreciate the view. I would love to put that picture on my ceiling. Yum, Yum.

Hey, where did that thought come from? I would never violate the privacy of my patient. I most certainly would never photograph my beloved Spock without his permission. I digress.

I was able to work my way down to his thighs. Thighs of steel. Those strong, sinewy thighs. Thighs that sport just the right amount of muscle without being to bulky. Not too hairy either, just a smattering of hair. His legs were next. Those legs that a woman would give her eyeteeth to have wrapped around her nether region.

Oh, my goodness! I did not mean to write that. I must remember to erase that passage when I finish this entry. I don't know what has come over me to write such a thing about my Spock.

Feet. I have never thought that feet were particularly attractive. Most beings do not have beautiful feet. He does. No ill-formed toes, no bunions or corns. No, not on my perfect specimen. Feet that I wanted to have run down my legs playfully as we loved. STOP THAT IMMEDIATELY!!! I must not think of him that way.

Next came the part, Dear Journal, that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I will thank the Goddesses that he worships. They must have smiled on me.

I asked him if he would like for me to leave that part of him unattended. I was so afraid that he would not allow me the most joyous moment in our relationship. Since he hesitated, I was preparing to leave. He raised his eyebrows and I could tell that he was battling within himself as to what to do. It was so quiet in here alone with just Spock and me. We had reached a defining moment in our relationship. He let out an almost inaudible sigh. He said that since I was so proficient in accomplishing my task, he saw no logical reason not to complete my journey.

My hands were surprisingly steady as I removed the towel. To be able to look at his dream fulfiller, his generation starter, his love pistol, his life-giver was the most beautiful thing that I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.

As I used the warm dermacloth to cleanse him, my mind went blank.

Blank? What do you mean blank? I know what I think. I wish I was that dermacloth. I would give him a real cleansing job with my hand. I would take my time. You know just to make sure that I got every crevice. I am a professional, you know. I take pride in my work. I always give great attention to detail. I would really want to spend some time making sure that no part of him lacked any attention. Oh my God!! Where did those statements come from? I must be getting tired that it. Tired and headachy.

Dear Journal, what really surprised me was that as I was carrying out my duty, his fire arrow pointed straight at me. It just rose up in my hand. I could tell that he was embarrassed. I told him that someone must really check the climate control in here. As I finished rinsing him, I quickly put the towel back over my beloved. I told him that I was all finished.

Then he said those words that I will remember forever. He had a strange look in those chocolate brown eyes. He said that was the most interesting bath he ever had. I just smiled and walked away.

P.S. I know this was wrong, but I kept the dermacloth that I used to bathe my T'hy"la. I keep it under my pillow. My head hurts. I think that I will finish this tomorrow.

Good!!! I thought that she would never go to sleep. Now I am going to put that dermacloth to good use in the shower (cackling evilly). If I can't have the real thing, it guess this will have to do for now (smirking). After I finish my shower, I think that I might go to Sickbay and see if I can talk a certain Vulcan into another bedbath. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA).