DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The poem is the creation and property of Good Twin/Evil Twin and is copyright (c) 2003 by Good Twin/Evil.

Tomorrow Has Come

Good Twin

Sounds muted. Bright lights in the distance.

Hot and cold sensations on my skin.

Safety. Peace. Freedom. Why are

these things being snatched away?

No! I do not want to leave this place.

There is no tomorrow for me anymore.

Freedom is mine.

Please do not violate me this way.

Why can't I stay here a little while longer?

Do not proceed with this kidnapping!

No ransom will be paid! I object to this procedure!

Doesn't anyone hear me? This is not what I want to happen.

Don't I have a choice in this matter?

Don't I get to vote on this endeavor? No! Not yet!

I have not completed my journey.

I do not want to receive a failing grade at this too.

I know that I can do this assignment.

I always accomplish my missions. I proceeded with caution.

I took in account of all the known variables.

This event was not in my hypothesis.

How could I have made such a grave error in my calculations?

I feel! I feel! I feel!

Is this supposed to be happening?

Voices all around me demanding a response.

I want to shut out the sound. Why are they calling my name?

Can't they see that I am already busy being dead?

I don't have time for these interruptions.

No, I do not want to join the land of the living.

No, I do not want to open my eyes.

I Won't! Go Away! Cease and Desist Immediately!

Get that bright light out of my face.

I heard you the first time. I am not deaf.

I maybe dead, but not deaf.

How did I get here? What happened?

Too much information. Confusion is running rampant.

Is this too an illusion?

I do not think that I am supposed to be here.

This is most fascinating.

How come I have the same body?

All the appropriate parts are function properly,

except my memory.

That is indeed most perplexing.

I know that some of this faces before me look familiar.

I know the older man is very familiar to me.

Snatches of conversations. Flashes of past events before my eyes.

People, places and things are coming back to me in a haphazard manner.

Blond Hair turned brown, same vivid blue eyes.

They seem to reach out to me.

Gentle touch. Softly spoken words.

She has tears in her blue eyes that make them seem even larger.

I want to brush them away.

Why is that important? Why is she important?

Is she the reason that I had to come back?

Is she my soul mate?

Two men standing by my side. Always there for me.

Yes, they are a constant in my life.

They are... They are.... They are my friends.

I belong with them and Her.

How do I know that?

My pathway is eternally linked with these three. They complete me.

I must study this situation in order to proceed in a logical manner.

Yes, it is logical that I pursue getting reacquainted with them.

For me Tomorrow Has Come.