DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The poem is the creation and property of Good Twin/Evil Twin and is copyright (c) 2003 by Good Twin/Evil.


Good Twin

You make me feel.

Feel is not a bad word.

A new beginning was started the day I met you.

I was so apprehensive. I did not know where all this would lead.


Good or Bad.

Lesser of Two Evils.

Condemned to a life without light.

Take a gamble and follow the yellow brick road.

There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


I never thought a blue-eyed blonde would be my eternal destiny.

It is true that life is full of surprises.

All you have to do is open yourself to the all the new possibilities.


I always thought that my life would be relatively calm.

That is until you flashed those blue eyes of yours in my direction.

It was a direct hit.

I wanted to duck but you had me locked in position.

TKO. Down For The Count.

You stole all of the bases to my heart.

Why you want such a useless thing is still a mystery to me.


My heart never truly beat until I met you.

Now it beats for you alone.

I underestimated the power of your love.

It can withstand anything and still triumph in the end.


You are the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel.

You make me feel truly alive.

I am now a whole person.

I do not have to wander aimlessly through life any more.


You have provided a road map to refreshing blue waters.

Cool breezes. A shaded oasis. A resting place for my tired heart.

It was too heavy for me to carry with all the dead weight of emptiness.

You filled it with love. Now it as light as a feather in your hands.


I now longer fear to sleep.

I now awake with pleasure to a brand new day.

You are the sun that slowly rises to shine on all the dark places of my heart.

A brand new day has dawned with you by my side.