DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The poem is the creation and property of Good Twin/Evil Twin and is copyright (c) 2002 by Good Twin/Evil.


Good Twin

I-Chaya, I-Chaya

When I think of your name, it makes me feel forbidden emotions that

I could never express aloud.

It makes me happy.

It makes me sad.

From you I learned what the word friendship means.

You were my first and best friend.

You were always there.

You were always there for me, when everyone else shut me out.

You were the only one to let me in.

You were always there.

You understood the pain I felt at my father's constant failure to understand me.

Only with you I did not have to be either Vulcan or Human I could be just me.

You let my tears of frustration soak your warm brown fur. I could always come

to you after an encounter with him. You always made me feel better.

You were always there.

You gave me solace when I wanted to scream out loud, when the other boys

teased me for not being Vulcan enough for them. When I ran home from school,

I knew you would be waiting for me patiently.

You were always there.

To feel you lick my face.

To feel your warm fur under my fingertips.

To be able to run with you to mountains.

To know that you alone accepted me the way I am.

You were always there.

Because of you I could finally break free. When I looked into those

big brown eyes,

I knew that I would find love. Unyielding field of love.

You were always there.

To be able to hear that deep rumble of contentment in your chest, when I

scratched behind your eyes or when I rubbed your fur. I miss that so.

It always made me feel secure.

I loved when you would rub up against my leg when you wanted to play.

You were always there.

Those long walks we used to take were some of the best times of my life.

I will always treasure them and the memory of you.

I-Chaya my first and best friend.

You were always there.