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Evil Twin


It is not my intention to dwell on a situation for any inordinate amount of time, if I have previously stated that I have resolved the situation. I know that in my last entry that I stated empathically that I was no longer going to give Christine Chapel anymore consideration. I thought that I was doing an adequate job banishing her from my thoughts. Until the OCCURRENCE happened. It capitulated her to the forefront of my thoughts. Details are coming forthwith.

Log, as usual I was carrying on my experiments in the Research Lab 2 with Christine Chapel as my assistant. I thought that we were accomplishing our mission quite nicely. I was at my station and she was at her station working on her portion of the experiment. We had been working diligently on this experiment for a few hours. Then the thing that has me writing in you and has caused me to do an enormous amount of soul-searching happened.

I was distracted by a noise. She had dropped one of the plastic tubes she was handling under the table she was working at. Out of the corner of my eye I observed her rising from her chair to pick up the tube. When she tried to get the tube, she inadvertently made it roll even further under the table. She then proceeded to get on her hands and knees to retrieve the tube. Well, imagine my surprise when she did this thing. I was not surprised that she was trying to retrieve the tube, we needed the tube to finish the experiment that we had been working on all these weeks. Because she was making grunting noises as she reached for the tube, that is what really drew my full attention to her predicament.

When I turned my head to fully look at her, I thought that my eyes were going to pop right out of my head. I had never in my wildest dreams thought that I would see such a thing from her. Christine Chapel is not the sort of person that I would expect such a thing from. It was true nevertheless. All I could see were the words in bright red engraving OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

Where those words were displayed is what I will never forget. They were engraved on the bottom of Christine's underpants that are a part of her uniform. The reasoned that I could see this was the fact that she had her voluptuous posterior raised in the air as she tried to retrieve the tube. These words were not visible when she was previously in a standing position only as she was bent over. But that is not all. The O for open was a sequined eye. It actually looked like it was winking as she moved. You can just imagine my shock. I had never seen anything like this in my life.

My eyebrows were not the only thing that took a leap upward. Another part of my body also took notice. I had to quickly get my labcoat off the back of my chair and put it on to conceal my body's reaction. What really surprised me were the thoughts that went through my head. Rest assured I do not normally allow such totally inappropriate thoughts like these to occupy space in my mind. She is a member of my staff, even though she is not directly under my supervision. I felt a real rush of unbidden emotions. I actually experienced jealousy. It was not jealousy of another person. It was jealousy that those uniform bottoms were where I wanted to be. That was all over that beautiful, firm not overly muscled, definitely touchable BUTT. BUTT. Where on earth did those thoughts come from? I never use the word BUTT. I must be overly tired. Yes, that it. I must remember to erase this part of my log.

I so desperately wanted to reach out and ... then ... then ... until I could not move anymore. Oh, Goddesses, I must be delirious from working so hard lately. Yes, that the ticket. I know that is why I am having these erratic thoughts.

I must exercise control to finish this log entry. Let me finish relating what happened. I had to really use all my control not to jump her bones right then. JUMP HER BONES!! JUMP HER BONES!! I have never had such a reaction to a female before. I actually wanted to possess her in a fleshly sense. What brought me out of this inner turmoil 4.735 seconds later, she exclaimed that she had gotten the tube. This is most assuredly a reaction to stress. Yes, that is it. I would never under ordinary circumstances write such a thing. I really must meditate after I finish this log to center myself.

I casually looked at her and asked if she was okay. She said that she was fine as she proceeded to brush off her uniform and then she did something that surprised me once again. She gave me the most peculiar smile and paused a few seconds just looking at me. Then she resumed her seat and went back to work. I knew that she was aware that I had read what was on the those bottoms since I had on my labcoat and it was not cold in the lab and my face and ears were a bright shade of green. It was as if she was waiting to see if I was going to comment on those bottoms. I did not. If I had commented on what was there, then she would know that I was staring at her bottom. I can't believe I allowed myself to stare at her posterior. Fortunately our shift has just ended and she left the lab and I came here to ponder over all these perplexing occurrences.

I am certain that I must be suffering for some exotic condition. I am a Vulcan. I am not supposed to feel anything for a female who is not my bondmate. Obviously I am not doing enough mediation or my control exercises. I simply must gain more control over my thoughts and reactions. I will not allow my human genes to control me. I will control them. I will have to continue this later. I am going to replenish my firepot and meditate after which I will take this new medication. I am taking new medication for this overwhelming headache. It must come from working with those flowers in our experiment. Hopefully I will find relief as I meditate.

GOOD!!!! Go sniff some incense while you are at it. I thought that he would never lose consciousness. He really gets on my last nerves. All that wasted energy on how his control is slipping. Who cares? I don't. When is he going to get a clue? He is not Mr. Super Perfect Vulcan. I am here too. I have got rights just as he does. I am tired of sitting on the sidelines. There is a new sheriff in town. His name is O.H. Spock. That's right. I am tired of being in the background .Well, no more. He has held center stage long enough. Now it is my turn. Yes, Only Human Spock is here to stay. I am going to spice things up around here. I know the perfect place and the perfect person to start with.

I know exactly what is wrong with us. It is not some fatal disease. It is a disease that definitely has a cure. The disease is called I AM NOT GETTING ANY SYNDROME. I know who has the right stuff to cure what ails us. She currently has a condition herself that I have the cure for. Her condition if I read her right and I think that with today's occurrence, she needs treatment right away. She has a case of LP. Loose Panties, that's what she got.

Yes, the time has come for me to put my shuttlecraft in her cargo bay. It is time to take the cap off the toothpaste tube and give it a really big squeeze. My sailors need to swim in her ocean.

We are about to chart some previously unexplored territory. I have to be careful not to let on that old I AM MR. CONTROL know that I am out again. I know that he thought that he had banished me forever. WRONG. I was just biding my time. I knew eventually that I would get released one day. That new medication he is taking when he works with those flowers are all I needed to break free.

Yes, we are definitely about to have some interesting times.