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Evil Twin



Is this the day that my life will change forever? How I have wanted and dreaded this day.

Where is my courage? It can't fail me now. I must do this thing. I must break free of the chain that is called Spock.

Spock. Spock.

How I HATE that name and everything that goes with it. YOU are the one that has brought me nothing but ridicule and shame. To be your betrothed has been the worst experience of my life.

I can still hear the whisper behind my back, when I go out in public. I can still feel their stares. Their contempt for the one who will be permanently bonded with the Legendary Spock. I never wanted to be bonded with a legend. Why do I have to do this? Why can't I be bonded to a Normal Vulcan?

I didn't choose you, my parents did. I respected our traditions and went along with this. But this is more than I bargained for.

I know you will blame ME for what I must do, but YOU pushed me to this decision. When I look back at your part in this, my conscience is clear.

YOU never tried all these years to really reach out for me. YOU never tried to explain to ME your reasons for leaving Vulcan. WHAT DID I DO TO YOU TO DESERVE THIS DISRESPECT?!! YOU never considered what was going to happen to ME after you left.

YOU COWARD!! YOU SELFISH VULCAN!!! YOU never thought about the fact that I was the one who was going to have to face everyone after you left. The worst part is YOU NEVER EVEN ASKED ME TO GO WITH YOU.


I know that the other Vulcan females secretly pity me. They think that there was something wrong with ME, because you left. There is nothing wrong with ME. There is definitely something WRONG with YOU. I don't want their pity and I don't want YOU.

THAT'S why I took Stonn as my lover. HE is here with me. HE is a normal Vulcan. He didn't leave me here all alone. HE never looked at me with those cold brown eyes. HE wants ME, and I want HIM.

When I do what I must, I will still have Stonn. I know when I do this thing, you won't want me, so I will be free at last. I will hold my head up high. I will survive my encounter with you.

The time is approaching. I must go now. The gauntlet has been cast by you, Spock, so long ago when you walked away from me. You might as well have spit in my face. Well, I will be the one to walk away this time. Let's see how you FEEL* when it is done to you.

My decision is made. I will meet you at the appointed place. My new life without you has begun. SO BE IT!!!!



My Beloved.

Your name itself gives me life.

You are my soulmate.

Some search the whole galaxy to find the perfect one. I didn't have to search far. When our eyes met that first time, I just knew that you were the one. It stunned me to be able to hear your mind-voice even though we were not bonded to each other. I had never thought such a thing was possible, but

there you were in my head. I didn't know how to react at first. I was going to keep my distance from you because you belonged to Him. But when he treated you with such contempt and disrespect I could no longer stand by and watch this unthinkable and totally unheard of thing happen to you. You deserved better than to live your whole life bonded to someone who was obviously so unworthy of you. That's why I had to act.

Why? Why? Why did your parents choose Spock? Couldn't they tell I was a better match for you than him? What does he have to offer you? I know his family is more important than mine in the social setting, but what does that have to do with anything? We all know that he was never suited for you.

He never sought you out. He never tried to find out what your likes, goals and dreams were for your future together. He never made any attempt to get to know the real you, not the little girl he was bonded with at the age of 7. All little girls eventually grow up. He doesn't deserve you.

I am the one who watched you from afar. I am the one who spent every waking minute thinking about you. I would have never passed up an opportunity to be bonded with a jewel like you. I would never had denied you your right as my bondmate to start our lives as bondmates together. I would have never delayed it for so many years. I would have never shown the woman who was going to be my bondmate such disrespect to make you put your life on hold until I got ready to start out lives together.

Where is the LOGIC in treating you the way He did. He treated you with such contempt. How could his parents and your parents have allowed to do this totally Unvulcan thing. They are all just as bad as he is. I no longer care what anyone thinks about what we must do to right this great injustice done to you, my T'hy'la.

I know everyone will want to blame you for the challenge, that is your right as a full-blooded Vulcan. It is our way. It is our tradition that Spock has chosen to ignore. I will be stand by you. I will be your avenger. I will not abandon you the way he did. Come what may.

I choose you. I want you. We will be together forever. I was the one to offer you solace when he left you all alone. I was the one to hear your sobs as you cried you yourself to sleep night after night after he left you. I could hear your mind voice wondering what could you have possibly done wrong. My

beloved you did nothing wrong. The wrong was done to you. I knew of your disappointment when he didn't even ask you to go with him. I am the one who picked up the shattered pieces of your heart, when he walked away from you without a word. Well, no more.

The gauntlet has been cast. I will await thee at the appointed place. I will take that walk across the desert sands with you. We will face all of Vulcan together. We will not fail. SO BE IT.