DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. This poem is the creation and property of Good Twin/Evil Twin and is copyright (c) 2004 by Good Twin/Evil Twin.


Good Twin

My love for you is like water under the bridge.

Swiftly slipping away.

I want to catch it. It is moving so fast.

I dip my fingers in trying to get the last drops before they are swept away.

I want to taste it with my tongue.

It is so sweet.

I know that I can not stay in the past.

I must move forward.

Even Sleeping Beauty had to eventually awaken from her slumber.

The world had changed for her.

I know that it has for me.

Except that she got her Prince Charming, but mine has slipped away.

I have to wake up to the realities that fairy tales are just that.

Fairy tales are not real life.

You do not always get the prince and live happily ever after.

I can't wait for him to make me happy.

I have to do that for myself.

I am a big girl now.

I have finally seen the light at the end of this long dark tunnel.

I finally realized that I have been living for others, never for myself.

There is a whole universe out there waiting for me.

It is time for me to give up my security blanket.

Loving him was so safe and secure.

I knew in my heart of hearts that he was unattainable,

but I stubbornly clung to that illusion.

Well, no more.

When you fall down, you have get up.

I am going to get up and get on with my life.

The first step in that new journey will be to walk away from him.

It will be the hardest thing that I have ever done, but I have to do this for my

own sake.

Enough of this talking to myself!

It is time to get my luggage off the shelf.

A new day has dawn.

I am a new woman.

Some day my prince will come or maybe he won't.

That is all right too.

I can handle it.

I am Sleeping Beauty No More.

And Spock, My Love, if our paths ever cross again

who knows maybe I can be the one who can awaken YOU with a kiss.