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Good Twin

I could give lessons on this subject. I have so much practice in this field. I am now considered an expert. Ask me any question and I can give you an answer that I have personally researched in this area.

The bad part is that I never signed up for this class. I was drawn into this by you. Why couldn't I see that you would bring me into this state of peril? If I did, I would have run in the opposite direction. So may times I wanted to leave this class that you teach so well, but you locked the door to my heart. Now I can't possibly get out without you providing the key.

Why does this feel like a two edged sword with me sitting atop it? Do you have to rock this sword so it can cut me more deeply? Can't you see that my life's blood is slowly seeping away?

You know that you have such power over me. I gave it to you. Now I wish I could take it back.

You take the ground from beneath my feet. You pick me up with the claws of an eagle and let me touch the sky, and then let me fall to the ground.

You should be as naked as a flower. I should have been all over you like warm, gentle rain.

No can stand upright on fire, all you can do is sink into and let it burn.

Oh, how I wish that I could, that I could be set free from the class. Why do you continue to make me stay? When can I graduate? Haven't I put in an enough extra work? Can't I get any extra credit for sticking with you for so long? Haven't I met all the requirements for heartbreak and then some? Please, please, have mercy on me and give me my diploma. Let me move on.

Haven't I been your star student? Haven't I learned every lesson you had to teach? Oh, no. There you are again standing at the entrance of my heart. Please. Christine, please not again.

The bell has rung. The class has begun again.