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Evil Twin




You really should not try to put them both in your mouth at once.

Removing her lips. "But they looked so tempting, I just had to get at them. You said that I could have my way with them this time. I never had green ones before."

Well, they are a Vulcan specialty.

I can see why they are kept such a secret. I know quite a few individuals who would love a go at these. I can't believe that you saved them just for me. They are incredible to behold.

Well, I didn't grow them by myself. My parents had a hand in their creation.

"I must remember to thank them the next time I see them". Christine went back to the work at hand. Licking her lips. "They are so tart and so sweet with just a little hint of Vulcan."

His eyebrows went to his hairline. "Well, if you keep going at them like that they are going to burst in your mouth."

"I thought that was why you let me have at them. You did say that you wanted me to enjoy myself. I am. I am. Thank you for such a special treat. You are right in just a few more seconds they will burst. MMMMMM!!!! Wow!!! That was great. Thanks for introducing me to Vulcan Kumquats."