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Evil Twin

Dear Journal:

The most beautiful night of my life has happened. I never thought that something so innocent could catapult me to such joy. If only I had known that this would produce such results, I would have employed them a long time along. I must remember to keep a supply on hand from now on. They are small and perky but they pack a big punch. I think that I should buy some stock in that company. I owe them so much. They brought me so much happiness. I am going to send them a thank you card. I must also send Mrs. Danze a thank you card for all those lessons she taught me . I never knew that one day they would change my life. I am going to have to finish this later. My migraine is back and I am beginning to feel the medication kicking in. I must simply rest before my fantasy love come true arrives to bring me further joy.

* * *

My Goodness. I am so glad that she finally shut up. She really gets on my last nerves. I will tell how Chris got her man. Christine is much too slow to do this on her own. What would she do without me? She would be all alone. Dummy. Idiot. Lamebrain. Enough with the compliments. Now to get to the good part.

I think that purple is going to be my color from now on. Yes, I think that I look good in purple. Anyway I digress. He came to me. I knew that he would. I am the only one that has the expertise that he needed. I knew if played my cards right that it would work out just like I planned. I think that by playing my cards close to the vest would be to my advantage. That is why I hesitated when he asked me to do this favor. I did not want him to think that I was desperate for an encounter with him no matter what the reason. I must remember to change the computer record for Nurse Helpful to the correct qualifications. I know she would not mind that I deleted this talent from her service record. I know that she was better qualified than I was on paper, but what she does not know will not hurt her. The old saying that Desperate times call for desperate measures applies to this situation.

So when he asked for my help, I told him that I would get back to him after I came off shift. He wanted me to give him dance lessons for the upcoming negotiations that he was to attend with Captain Kirk on Zeta Gamma IV. This particular species does not have a spoken language. They communicated through dance movements. Each spin, turn or intricate dance movement has a special meaning. Their style is very similar to Ballroom dancing on Earth. They consider anyone who cannot perform certain dance steps as barbaric. I knew that Spock would be checking the crew roster to see if anyone had teaching experience this form of dance. It is a good thing that as a young girl I had nine years of taking dance classes. I even taught some for Mrs. Danze. So I suggested that Spock meet me in my cabin so we could have some privacy. He agreed to meet me in my cabin. It was now time for me to set the scene. Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly.

I made sure to turn the climate control down by 10 degrees. I was rather chilly in my dance unitard but that went along with my plans to generate some body heat before the evening was over. I also took out my secret weapon. I put them on my special tray in the appropriate spot. Then I put them in the clear view. They were so beautiful and colorful. I had such an assortment. There were the purple ones, blue ones, yellow ones and the orange ones. I even had some with sprinkles on them. I am talking about PEEPS. That's right Peeps. I even broke out my stash of Chocolate Soldiers to wash them down. Yes, the fun was about to start.

He came on time as I expected him to. Punctuality is his trademark. I let him stand there for a few seconds to absorb the scenery. I must admit that my unitard hugged every curve. I had some soft music playing in the background. I told him to assume the position. That got a raised eyebrow from him. I told him to relax. That I do not bite, at least not hard, saying that with a smile. I told him that this would go much easier if he was not so stiff. I had him to place one hand midway down my back with one hand and to clasp the other one with mine. I placed my hand on his shoulder. He was standing so far back that I had to tell him that was not the proper stance for this dance. That one of the rules were that there be no daylight between us. That he would have to hold me close. So that is how I got the balls to rolling. I meant the ball to rolling (smile). I could feel his body pressed against mine. It felt so right for him to be holding me this way. It was a dream come true. We swayed for a while and then I began to let him lead for a while. He has a natural grace. That helped a lot. I told the computer to change the beat and we practiced the Quick Step for a while. That required a lot of energy to do it properly. I told him that we needed to take a break. I could tell that he was ready for one.

I told him that I could feel my blood sugar dropping since I had not eaten anything today. I walked over to my secret weapon. I pick up a purple Peep chick and took a big bite. I moaned in pure ecstasy. I made sure to get some on my lips and slowly licked it off. He asked me what they were since he had never seen anything like these before. I told he that they were an Earth delicacy. That my sister had sent me some. I asked him if he would like some, since I knew that he had not eaten anything today either. He hesitated for a few seconds and said that he would try just one.

His mistake. He ate three in quick succession. He raised an eyebrow after each one. I knew that he would be thirsty after eating them. I casually told him that all I had to drink was also another special gift that my family sent me. That I would be insulted if he did not try it. He asked what was in the bottle. I told him that this was one of my favorite things to have when I was in dance class and that it gave me some extra energy to continue dancing. He said that he was all for anything that would increase his stamina. I raised my eyebrow at that comment. He said rather quickly that he was talking about when dancing. I poured him a tall glass of Chocolate Solider, a chocolate flavored drink. He downed it in one sitting. I excused myself and went into the bathroom.

I told him to have a seat and that I would be out in a moment. I could hear the cellophane on the box of Peeps being crinkled as he thought he was secretly eating another Peep. I had conveniently left another box right next to the bed. I pretended not to notice that he had some purple sugar sprinkles and white goo on his upper lip. Yes, I knew that the double whammy should be kicking in right about the time I exited the bathroom.

As he rose from sitting on the bed, I asked him if he was alright when he seemed to stagger a bit when he came toward me. He assured me that he was fine. I told him to give me another minute as I ate a rather large Bunny Peep. I made sure that some of the marshmallow cream and sugar sprinkles was on my mouth. I deliberately did not wipe it off.

I could feel him looking at my lips as we started to do a slow dance. This time I did not have to tell him to hold me close. He began to hum along with the music. We swayed that way for a long time. While overall he was relaxed a certain appendage of his lower region was not relaxed, it was rather stiff. If you know what I mean. It was poking me so I held him even closer. His hands began a southward journey down my back. So of course, my hands reciprocated down his back. Right to the firm backside that he has. What he did next surprised me. It was a pleasant one.

He said as he opened his eyes. That there was something on my lips. I said that I did not know that and that I would go wash it off. He told me that was not necessary to do that. He could remove the offending substance for me. He slowly bent his head and removed the cream with his tongue. In a daze I asked if he had gotten it all off. He said that he had. I looked in his eyes and said that now some of the cream was now on his mouth. I asked if I had his permission to remove this offending cream. I said that I should proceed. Well, what is a girl supposed to do. You know anyone with home training knows that one good turn deserves another. So I did my best to clean up every bit of sweetness that was on his lips. I took my time. Because we all know that to do a job right that one must use all the skills that they possess.

The next events happened so fast. We somehow had danced our way with our lips still looking for any remnants of sugar and our tongues checking each others mouths for cavities on to the bed. Our nude bodies somehow got Peeps all over them. I wonder how that happened. I don't think that fact that we were smashing them all over each other bodies in order to remove any cream residue had anything to do with it. Some got on his chest. Well, since cleanliness is next to Godliness. I just had to help him remove it. Then some got on my stomach and Spock, being a kind person, just had to remove it for me. I really appreciate his kindness. I am glad that he is such a through person.

Our dance lesson was not over yet. We just took it to a new location. We did the Horizontal Mambo and the Quick Step and even a Vulcan dance move or two. Even though I started out as the teacher, I quickly became the student. He made some variations of the steps I had taught him and moved right into the Doctorate Program of dancing. I was a more than willing student. I think that I will sign up for some extra tutoring. You know to continue my education has always been my goal(snicker, snort).

I also learned that there are some interesting uses for Peeps. They make a great aphrodisiac, when you combine them with a some chocolate in any form. One that comes to mind is that they make great pasties. Well they would if you could keep your true love from eating them off their resting place. You might also want to do your own research in this area. I must remember to ask Spock if this saying is true. It goes like this. A Peep in the hand is better than two Peeps in the bush. He says that the two in the bush tasted just fine to him. And the one that I had in my hand tasted great to me particularly when mixed with a hint of Vulcan(evil grin). I wonder how he feels about Chocolate Covered Cherries? I guess I will have to find out tonight. But then I NEVER PEEP AND TELL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA