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What Is That Smell?

Evil Twin


Oh Goddess of Tranquility, were are you when I need you? How did I get myself in this predicament? There must be a reason for this change in circumstance. I am trying to decide if I will come to regret what has happened. I am so divided. A side of me thinks that this is a logical conclusion to a perplexing, unprecedented and totally unforeseen result to an experiment that he undoubtedly had a hand in. I know that I could not have possibly been in control at the time of this situation.

O.H., O.H., Only Human Spock. I have come to realize that he is the bane of my otherwise controlled existence. Why is he always stirring up complicated situations for me? He always like to wreak havoc and then to disappear and leave me to deal with the mess he made of my life. I shudder to think about all the times it has taken to thinking very quickly to extricate me out of the things that he has set in motion. I wish that I could banish him forever. Every time I think that he is gone forever, he rears his ugly head. I know that I would never have taken advantage of this person. I might as well say her name aloud. It is Christine Chapel.

What am I going to do? How am I going to proceed? I have no experience in this area. Who can I ask to help me resolve this quandary? How can I undo this event? Do I even want to undo it, if I could? What are the unforeseen consequences now that this has happened?

I never thought I would be in a situation like this. What could I have done to deserve this? Maybe if I relate what happened I can come up with a suitable resolution that would benefit all that are involved.

The Enterprise had just left the planet Delta after being there for two weeks for some repairs on our engines and computers. Most of the crew took advantage of this opportunity for shore leave while we were there. Then we were proceeding onto our next assignment when this happened.

I thought that I was dreaming that I was Earth. It was raining and thundering. It sounded so loud in my ear. Boom. Boom. Boom was the sound it was making. I could actually feel the rumbling. It was not thunder. It was a heartbeat. As I was slowly coming awake, I was aware that my pillow or that is pillows were moving. I slowly opened one eye and almost stopped breathing. It was cooler in the room than I am normally used to. I could not believe what was staring at me. It was a... It was a ... It was an erect nipple. It was attached to a naked breast. The breast was attached to her. I could feel my face sticking to those lovely mounds.

My mind was racing a thousand miles per minute. Not only was the breast without confining apparel, neither was the rest of the body. My eyes slowly traced a downward path. I must admit that this body was in superb condition. I was surprised to see that blonde was not her natural hair color from the evidence below. The erect nipple was not the only thing standing at attention in the bed. Well, at least not on her. I won't even say what was obviously erect on me.

I could sense her coming awake in my mind. I could feel her running her fingers through my hair which was damp with perspiration. She had such a soft touch. Her finger began to trail the tip of my ear. I knew that she was going to open her eyes in 4.983 seconds. What was I going to say to her? What was even more disconcerting was what was she going to say to me?

* * *


I was tempted for a moment to pretend that I was still asleep. I knew that as a Vulcan and since we were now connected in more ways than one. The truth would always exist between us. There was no room for undercover deceptions. We were both now naked as the day we were born in this new relationship.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me. She stretched her arms above her head touching the headboard of the bed. She ran her red tipped nails gently across my face and commented that I needed to shave. I nodded my head in agreement as she scooted from under me. She stated that she was going into her bathroom. She said that she was going to be a while.

Finally I was alone. I sat on the edge of the bed. I put my head in my hands. I tried to put up my mental shields as best as I could to prevent her from reading my thoughts. Having to do this was aggravating the migraine I already had. I just needed to sort out my thoughts.

I was surprised to actually hear water running in the bathtub. Water. Water. I never thought that such a mundane thing would lead to such a life altering event. The scent of her perfume still lingered in the air. It took all of my willpower not to break down the bathroom door and really show her the meaning of "one hand washing the other" as well as any other part that was in reach. Yes, to run my hands freely over that creamy, supple skin. To kiss her from head to toe. To BOINK HER BRAINS OUT!! JUMP HER BONES!! AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! KROYKAH! I must stop this line of thought.

O.H., now is not the time to harass me. Her Ass. Yes, I want to touch her ass and whatever I can get to. Stop it! Just Stop it! I need to concentrate. I mean it. Leave me alone!! My head hurts so bad. I need to shut my eyes for a moment.

* * *

I will leave you alone alright. That it. You are so tired, why don't you close your eyes for a while. Whew. Only Human(O.H.) here. I am glad that Super Computer here is out like a light. I thought that Christine might need some help washing her back. Being a properly brought person I was most eager to offer my assistance. I think the milk has already been spilt. I meant the perfume has already been spilt. I could see the droplets of purple perfume on our discarded clothing on the floor. I knocked on the bathroom door and stuck my head in and asked if she needed any help. Christine's brilliant blue eyes widen at my suggestion. She blushed all over and said she would appreciate my help. She gracefully leaned forward and handed me the sponge she had in her hand.

My hands got wet washing her back. She said that since we did not know how long we would access to water, would I like to share her bath. Since I am a conservationist, I readily agreed. She eagerly made room for me behind her. I could feel the gentle warmth of the water against my skin. She leaned back against my chest with a deep sigh. We both just enjoyed the peace of the moment.

I felt her fingers brushing my thighs. I could still smell the heady scent of her perfume. There were still drops of that exotic perfume behind her ears. She had her feet propped on the edge of the tub. I could see her toenails. There were letters on them. I asked what they were. She giggled and said that I should know since I painted them on there. There they were in red polish my name spelled out S.P.O.C.K. She then asked me with a sly smile, if I knew the man in the boat was located. I said that I did not, maybe she would be so kind and show me. She then guided my hand to the mound of her womanhood. She told me to go on and touch him to make sure that he was still there. Since I like to be a helpful person, I did my best to find him. I know that I found him when she began to moan. Then she asked me if I knew to make waves in a bathtub. I told her that my education was sadly lacking in that area. She told me that she would be more than willing to help me advance my education. She then proceeded to show me through active participation just how to make waves in a bathtub. I had to hold her tightly because a storm was brewing. She said that she did not mind being a life preserver. I guess we should have put towels on the floor since the waves we made left the confines of the tub. What a difference a day makes. Yep, I feel good right about now. Yes, things could not have worked out better if I had planned it. Planned it? Who me? Now would I do that? HA, HA, HA, HA...

* * *


I am so happy that I could cry. Dreams do come. You just have to believe with all of your heart and one day your prince will come and sweep you off your feet. I knew that if I just bided my time that we would be together. He is my true soul mate. He is all that a woman could want and more. I am going to do my very best to make sure that he never regrets what happened between us. I am willing to make whatever adjustments necessary to make him happy. He deserves to be content after all these years of loneliness. He is the sun in my sky. He is the moon that lights up the night. He brings me so much joy. I know that it was right that we are now bonded. Oh, what joy! Oh, what bliss! My eyes are filling with tears of joy as I think about my new life. No woman could possibly be as happy as I am right now.

Who would have ever thought that the color purple, water and research would bring us together. I am so glad that our common goals had such positive results. Who knows what else may blossom from our night of bliss? I feel tingly all over just thinking about it. He was so kind and gently, so loving and tender. All that a woman would want in a physical union. I am so tired, since I did not get much sleep last night. I am beginning to feel the effects of the migraine medication. This tired feeling is okay when I think about last night. I would gladly not sleep for days if my nights were like last night. I was so enthralled with finally consummating the one relationship that I have been saving myself for since Roger. I wanted to savor every second in his arms. Those strong arms and solid chest with just a smattering of dark hair. Those arms held me so close to him. I never wanted him to let me go. I loved the way that he moaned in my ear. He has such a beautiful body just perfect for WHAM, BAM THANK YOU M'AM! THE HORIZONTAL TANGO! THE PUDDING PIE! THE EYE CROSSER!...

What is going on? Where did those thoughts come from? I would never use words like that to degrade what happened between Spock and I. What we shared was almost a spiritual experience. "Spiritual?"

"Spiritual, my foot." It was a great roll in the sack, on the floor, in the tub, against the wall and on the desk.

STOP IT! STOP IT I SAY! I am warning you, Chris. Chris, you are not going to ruin this for me with your coarse comments. You may not be a lady but I am. Now leave me alone. Shoo! Shoo I say!

I am going to try to get some sleep. I want to be fresh when he comes. I should get up and see if I wash off some of this oily compound. I must admit that it does have a rather intoxicating smell. I can't seem to remember why I should wash this off. My head feels to fuzzy. I know the reason will come to me when I wake up. Something about it being a type of aphrodisiac. I don't believe that for a second. No, those rumors just have to be false. I just have to close my eyes for a second...ZZZZZZ

* * *

Good! That Babbling Fool has finally gone to sleep. She is such a Dodo bird. She doesn't have enough sense to come out of the rain. She won first prize in the Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow contest. All that dripping, sentimental tripe was getting on my nerves(making gagging noises).

It is a good thing that she has me to come to our rescue. If I waited for her to take the Vulcan by the horn (snicker, snicker) ,we would still be using the two-finger pressure point on a certain part of our anatomy for satisfaction. Yes, she is fortunate to have me. Oh, the burden of being the smart one in this arrangement. It is a good thing that I am out and about to accomplish our mission. Mission-Missionary-Missionary Position. We would never have gotten to try out that or anything else, if we waited on Christine. Sometimes a girl has to do, what a girl has to do to get her Vulcan named Spock.

Well it all started innocently (HA, HA) enough. We were on the planet Delta for repairs. While we were there, I got some thakron plants. It had been rumored that the leaves of the plant which are used to make a loveband worn by Deltan women had some unique properties that effected the male of the species when touched by an intended mate. There was some literature that stated it worked with the wearer's unique body chemistry. It seem to effect the pheromones of the female that are excreted. Human males are strongly susceptible to them. As a research scientist, you know that I love a challenge of seeing whether this hypothesis is true. We all know that I love to expand my well of knowledge in the scientific field (snicker).

Now here comes the good part...

I had been working with the thakron plants all day alone in the lab. I had crushed the leaves and it gave off an oily secretion with a truly exotic scent. It made my hands have a purple hue. I had bottled as much as I could for my experiment. Now to reel in my big fish called Spock. Yes, we were about to see if my hypothesis was right about the human half of my stud muffin named Spock being effected by this perfume. I can't think of a better subject to try my hypothesis on. You know that we give our all for science. I wonder if I should tell Spock that he is participant in this experiment? Nah. Is this unethical? Let me think about it for a moment. What is that would that I am looking for? It begins with a "N" and ends with an "O". Let's see that spells NO. What he doesn't know hurt. It least not much(smile). You know that EVIL Chris is my name. I try so hard to be true to myself.

Now to set the scene. I had to change before he got here. I needed a little mood music to play in the background for inspiration. Now I need to change into some, shall I say is more relaxing. That little nightie that I have in the back of Christine's closet should be perfect. It is sheer enough to give a peek then take it back depending on how the light hits it. He should be here in 5,4,3,2 and 1.

I knew that he would be punctual. I let in him. I had made sure to spread some of those leaves that give off that wonderful smell in some concealed places. He said that since I appeared to be dressed for bed that he would leave the report we had be working on. I told him that I was not going to bed right now. That I appreciated him bring the report to me since I had left it in the lab. I saw him sniff the air and pause for a moment. He remarked, "What is that smell?"

I said, "I don't smell anything", as I waved my purple stained hands in front of me and shrugged my shoulders.

I told him that I was sorry for trying to talk to him with my mouth full. I was just finishing up my last batch of triple chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies. I asked him to please try them. I told him that I had already eaten more than I should. I told him that I had to watch my figure as I put my hands of my hips. That caused my nightie to show off my body. He lifted his eyebrow at that comment. He began to nibble on the cookies. I really wanted him to nibble on me, but that would come later. I then asked if he would not mind waiting while I made some additional entries to the report. I told him that I had better wash my hands to get the residue of the plants and cookies off. "Oh, darn," I said. "I can't do that since I had already used my water ration for the day. We had all been on water rations since our filtration system went on the fritz. It seemed someone had not followed proper procedure when it came to disposing of some wormlike bugs that are native to the Delta planet. They had gotten into the water filtration system. I wonder if who could have made a mistake like that. I know that my plants had bugs on them. Those bugs could not possibly be the culprits. It just had to be someone else's bugs. My bugs were too well mannered to do something like clog the filtration system.

Now I well tell you how I, EVIL Chris, reeled him in. After he had eaten six of those cookies, I asked him if he would please do me a favor and help me with this bottle. He got up very unsteadily from his chair. He said slurring his words slightly that he would be honored to help me in my hour of need. I gave myself a secret smile while my back was turned to him. I turned around and asked him if he could please get this stopper out of this darn bottle. It seemed to be stuck. (The fact that I has super glued the stopper surely did not have anything to do with it being stuck, right?) He took the bottle from me and tried to get the stopper out, but it kept slipping in his hands every time he tried to get a grip on it. His hands were also getting a purple hue from handling the bottle. (Could it be that the bottle was so slippery because I had put some oil on it before he got here? Nah.)

I could see beads of sweat popping out on the top of his forehead, that was a good sign. His hands were trembling slightly. I told him that I would hold on to the bottle while he pulled on the stopper. I move a little closer. He pulled on the stopper and what do you think happened? You guessed it. The fluid flew out of the bottle and sprayed on both of us. There were purple drops all over my new nightie some even landed on his uniform pants. What to do? What to do?

Spock tried to brush off the droplets. Fortunately for me the droplets had landed on my pillows of womanhood. I being a helpful person that I am was trying to brush off the droplets that landed on the front of his trousers. I don't need to say that I got a rise out of this or should I say that he got a rise of this.

As I looked into his eyes they had dilated and turned from chocolate brown to black as coals. His chest was heaving as if he had been running in a race. There was a purple droplet that seemed suspended on my nipple. It seemed to be begging for attention. He said that his hands were too rough for such a delicate maneuver. I asked him how did he intend to remove it. It seemed as if you could hear both of hearts beating in unison. He hesitated and did something that I had only experienced in my nighttime fantasies. He bent down and put his mouth over my nipple. I could feel the heat of his tongue through my nightie and suckled me leaving a huge wet spot there where the droplet once was. That was one of the most erotic things I have ever had happen to me. The night was young and we had a long way to go.

He touched the straps on my nightie and said that if I didn't want this to happen he would leave immediately. I gave him my answer by unzipping his trousers and striking gold. Eureka! Like magic our clothing was no longer a burden that we had to deal with.

He placed his fingertips on the pressure points on my face. I finally found paradise with him. I was now one with the universe and him. I had no idea the intimacy that one could experience like this. I was now truly naked with him.

The force of our desire carried me to the edge of my desk. The hard surface of the desk was not the only hard thing I was feeling. He asked me if I was ready. As I looked down at my lover I commented that I looked like to me that the train was ready to pull out the station. I said, "ALL ABOARD! LAST CALL FOR HEAVEN AND BEYOND." I asked him breathlessly if we gave his train more power would we arrive at our destination on time? He said as he has moving within me, "Why don't we see if it is possible to go any faster." The cup that was on the edge of the desk crashed to the floor from our vibrations. The chair flew from nearby the desk to across the room from the force that he was applying. "MORE POWER!", I cried. "MORE POWER!"

He started chanting " I THINK I CAN! I THINK I CAN! I THINK I CAN!"

I screamed, "I KNOW YOU CAN! I KNOW YOU CAN! I KNOW YOU CAN! CHAGA, CHAGA, CHAGA, WOO! WOO! OH, YES!" I can feel that we are moving down the tracks. OH MY GOD! We are going down a hill and WHOOSH! We pulled in the station together. WOW! WHAT A RIDE! The sweat was glisten off our bodies. He whisper in my ear are you ready for another ride?


I went into the bathroom to cleanse myself with a damp cloth that I had placed over the shower curtains. As I was using the cloth, Spock entered the room. He said that he would consider it an honor to clean up the mess that he made. He took the cloth and moved slowly down my belly and near my love canal. He almost touch it, but he slowly move upward again. He moved back down my belly to between my legs. The sensation was unbelievably erotic. I told him that I did not think that I could stand it anymore. He asked was I sure that was so, as he slipped his finger inside my warm wet cavern. My legs began to tremble from the ecstasy that he was giving me. I started kissing his face, his ears and around his lips nipping as I went. I was almost frantic with need for more.

He told me to grab hold of the pole for the shower curtains. I asked him, "You want me to do what?" He commanded me to grab hold of the pole with my hands as I was facing him. I asked him why did he want me to do that. He said that he wanted me right now! I said why don't we go into the bedroom. He said that he could not wait that long. I looked at the bar and it looked sturdy to me. So I did as commanded. You know that I always obey a Superior Vulcan (smile). He lifted me while he kissed my neck and sucked on it gently. He told me to put my legs around him. He then teased my opening for a moment. I was beginning to sweat. He then parted me and slid home. I wrapped my legs even tighter around him. He began to drive furiously inside me. It was so difficult to hold on to the bar. The rocking motion was unbelievably sensuous. I started to moan loudly.

He whispered in my ear, "Who is your Daddy?"

I said, "Who is my Daddy?"

"Yes, who is your Daddy?" he said.

I said in a soft voice, "You are!"

"I can't hear you! Who is your Daddy?" he said as he punctual each word with a forward hard thrust.

"You are!" I said more loudly.

"I still can't hear you! WHO IS YOUR DADDY?", thrusting so hard that I almost let go of the bar.

"You are!!" I screamed with ecstasy. Then a blinding wave of pleasure shot through me and filled me with pleasure. I felt him reach the peak of pleasure at the same time yelling my name. I couldn't hold on to the bar anymore and dropped my arms which felt like jelly on his shoulders. This pleasure was so intense I don't know how we both survived it. We both slumped to the floor too tired to move.

He then looked at me with a gleam in his eyes and said "Now, who is going to clean up the mess you made?" I just gave him an EVIL grin.

Clean body. Clean Mind. NOT! Since I had made such a mess on my T'hy'la, I felt that it was only fair that I give him a through cleaning. Too Bad or is that Too Good that I did not have an access to water? What to do? What to do? Should I use a cloth? Nah. Should I use a towel? Nah. I know. I will use my lips licker. Yes, that is just the ticket. I guess I had better put some lip balm on my lips. I would not want to have chapped lips when I do my duty(snicker).

I lingered over the most delicate part of his body. I paid tribute to such a marvelous example of maleness. I could tell from the size of this particular weapon of pleasure that I would be a while. You know that thoroughness is my trademark. I was so enraptured by the strength and stamina displayed before me. It waved in thanksgiving for the attention I was paying it. I could see that my prize stud was most assuredly enjoying my attention to detail for all portions of his nether region. I could see the perspiration forming on his upper lip as I enjoyed the scenic route or should I say root. I paused here and there. Sometimes going fast or taking a long walk in the park depending on my mood.

"You are so beautiful to me," I said as I paid homage to his life giver. I was rewarded with a single drop of life that escaped his control. Passion would not die with such a small sample of how good it could be. To think that now I could touch my love as much as I wanted. "Oh, you spilled some more nectar. Shall I clean up that spill also?" I asked. He response was a low moan. I circled his display, tasting him, testing him for quality control. "Yes," I said. "This is grade A material all the way. My compliments to the chef. It was delicious."

He pulled me to him in the chair. He then pulled me over his legs unto his lap until I was facing him. He told me that now was the time to pay for the torment that I inflicted on him. I asked him how would I do that. Before I could blink he was inside the cave of ecstasy. He filled me so completely. He told me that I had control of the reins. That I could ride to my heart's content. It was so pure, so deep. I closed my eyes to the pleasure.

He said, "Open your eyes."

I said, "Open my eyes, why?"

He said, "I want to see you reach the plateau of pleasure. Your pleasure is my pleasure."

I opened my eyes and he was staring at me.

"Yes! Yes!" he exclaimed as he grabbed my hips even harder. "THAT IS IT! GIVE IT TO ME! I WANT IT ALL! YOU ARE MINE!"


"Don't be frightened," he said. "I won't let you fall. I will catch you. Trust me! Feel me! Know me!"

I let out a scream of pleasure and laid my head on his shoulder. I could feel life spurting inside me. My heart was racing. He was kissing my ear and running his hands down my back holding me close. I wanted to get up from him. He just held me even closer. He stunned me when he said that he had never deliberately given the keys to life to anyone before. He said that he chose to give them to me. He said that he wanted me to stay like this because he wanted his seed to stay inside me a little longer, that he hoped it would bear fruit. I just smiled. He knew that with those words he had my heart for an eternity and a day.

We eventually moved off the chair into my bed. He pulled the sheet over the both of us. We just lay there quietly.

I said that I had something to tell him. I told him that I had not been totally honest with him. I told him that there was something about me that he did not know. That once I told him that I would understand if he did not want to be with me. My heart felt like it was in my throat. I started to tell him about her.

He put his finger over my lips to still my words. "I already know about her." My eyes dilated and I sat up and stared at him in amazement.

"How could you know about her?" I asked.

"Remember we are now bonded. We have no secrets from each other," he said.

Tears of relief began to roll down my cheeks. He gently kissed them away. I had been so afraid. " I thought that if you knew about her that you would not me anymore. She and I ...We are...I don't know how to put this into words. We both love you with everything we have."

He then took my hand and kissed my fingers. He told me that he a confession too! He then looked me in my eyes and said that he too had another side to him. He told me that if I could live with his other side, then he could live with mine. I warned him that my other side could be extremely innovative. He said his other side was definitely equal in his uniqueness.

As we both lay there absorbing all these revelations. He turned my face toward him and looked me in the eyes and said that there was something else I needed to know.

He said that chocolate does not get Vulcans drunk.

I swallowed hard and squeaked, "It doesn't?"

"No, it does not. My mother raised me on chocolate. She loved the stuff. I used to help her bake chocolate chip cookies. AND for your information those plants on Delta and their secretions DO NOT WORK ON VULCANS!"

"Wait a minute! Then how do you explain all of this?" I asked.

He paused for 3.926 seconds and said, "I just wanted a reason to GET SOME! WET YOUR WHISTLE! JUMP YOUR BONES!..."

My jaw dropped and I just stared at him. Then he started to laughing evilly and I did too! I wonder if we will have TWINS? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA