DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The poem is the creation and property of Good Twin/Evil Twin and is copyright (c) 2002 by Good Twin/Evil.

Mind Voice

Good Twin

I love your mind voice. I never thought that such a sound in my mind could be so beautiful.

To share consciousness with you is an enlightening experience.

I was so afraid to let you in. Now my life would be over if I let you out.

To hear that silky smooth mind voice of yours with all its unique qualities makes me regret that I waited so long to be one with you.

That tempting sound that is your mind voice is pure magic.

To hear it.

To feel it.

Makes my heart beats faster. My pulse to race.

That mind voice that is you.

Makes me feel so secure. That at anytime or anyplace, I am no longer alone.

I finally have a home. Here with you.

That mind voice is you.

They say home is where the heart is, if that is so, then I will never leave this place. I have come home to you.

Your mind voice allows me once and for all to be truly me. The only one you that are allowed to see.

That mind voice is you.

Here together with you there is no shame, no one to blame.

Only freedom.

Here I can float above it all with you.


Only you have set me free.

That mind voice is you.

You are the one. The one that is my sun in the starless universe. At last I am at peace here in my mind with you.

That mind voice is you.