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Evil Twin


Dear Journal, Dear Journal, Dear Journal. I can't believe the events of today. I don't know how or why God has smiled on me, but he has. I must be living right. I am so sure now that our relationship will never be the same again after this. I just knew that our working together so closely all these weeks has drawn us closer as people. I can tell that he has relaxed just a little in my presence. He has even slipped and called me Christine. I thought that he would never do that without my prompting him to do so. Yes, things are going so well between us. It might just work out after all.

I know that I am being evasive about why I feel this way. I know that I am having a hard time finding the right words to express myself. The imagery of what happened is still fresh in my mind. I keep reliving it over and over again. I am beginning to feel warm all over just thinking about it. I can also feel the migraine medication really kicking in. I feel a little dizzy. I am going to lie across the bed for just a second. It feels so good to rest for a while and relive this glorious day. Yes, it feels so good. I think that I am going to rest my eyes for a few seconds. Yes, just a few seconds...

* * *

Yeah, Christine, you are dizzy all right. You are ditzy too. I, Chris, am not dizzy or ditzy. I am going relate what happened today. I always thought that lava would burn. Well, I guess it is hot when it erupts. I digress.

Spock and I were working in the lab as we have been for these past few weeks. We were each working at our separate stations. It was very quiet since it was so late and we were all alone. We had skipped dinner and pulled out my stash of brownies. I had made these before I came to the lab. Brownies are my favorite treat besides a certain Vulcan. I had been nibbling on them off and on to keep from nibbling on someone. I casually put the plate within his reach. I said since he had skipped dinner, maybe he would like one to tide him over until he could get dinner. He said that he was not hungry. I then reheated the brownies. The smell permeated the whole lab. I put the plate right back next to him. I picked up one of the devilish delights and moaned as I bit into it. He then looked up from his work and said that having one small piece would not hurt.

That was not the piece I really wanted him to have, but that was the only one he was into at that moment. I know that chocolate has an unusual effect on Vulcans. So I was careful not to appear too eager and notice when he wolfed down two of them. I just smiled to myself. Things were definitely go my way. Time for part two of the days events to begin.

I waited for about another hour and then I noticed him moving in his chair a bit unsteadily. I asked if he was okay. He said that there was nothing wrong. He put his head down and went back to work. I brought him the test tube that he had requested. As I handed it to him, I accidentally knocked over his tea all over his lap. Silly me. Silly me. How could I be so careless (HMM).

Well, of course, I apologized and tried to wipe the tea off his lap. I told him that he could not possibly continue to work in wet, sticky clothes. I suggested that he go shower and change in the new coveralls that we kept in the shower room off the lab. I noticed that he was weaving slightly as he went into the shower. After a few minutes I thought that I heard a sound come from the shower room. He was in there so long that I knocked on the door to inquire if he was alright. He hesitated for a moment, then said in a low tone that he needed some assistance.

My heart raced as I went to open the door. Then I know that my jaw dropped open. There he was, as naked as the day he was born.

Perfect, Sound, Physically Fit and any other adjective you can think of. After I composed myself, I asked if I could assist him in any way. He just stood there with a deep dark green blush covering his scrumptious body. He said that it seemed that he was itching all over. I expressed my concern and said that I would be right back. I went to get my medical equipment and retrieved some anti-itch lotion. I hurried back to the room. It does not do to keep a naked Vulcan waiting.

I put my things on the bench nearby and ran my tricorder over his studly person. It showed that he was having an allergic reaction to the shower gel and the coverall that he had put on and just as quickly discarded on the floor.

I told him that I had something that would stop the itch. I grabbed the bottle of lotion and began my delightful mission of soothing his itch. It brought me supreme joy to rub my hands up and down his body. Again and again I smoothed the lotion into his skin. I made sure to cover every surface. I am a perfectionist and always try to do a through job. I asked if he had any place on him that needed special attention.

I could see for myself that he needed relief that only I could provide. It was pointing up right at me. I told him that if he was embarrassed, that he could apply the lotion himself. He raised a gorgeous eyebrow and said that Vulcan's do not get embarrassed and to proceed. Well, he did not have to say it twice. I slowly poured the lotion in my hands. It had a slightly sweet smell to it. It reminded me of chocolate. As I came closer after rubbing my hands together to warm the lotion up, I could detect a slight tremble running through his body. I asked if he was ready. I could see that he more than ready and eager. At least a part of him was eager.

He nodded and I began my journey into heaven. I glanced up at his face through my eyelashes and I could see that his eyes were closed. I could see his chest moving up and down as he took in each breath. He asked how much longer I would be. Looking at him I did not think that it would be long in coming. I told him that since the lotion was thick and that I wanted to make sure that it had thoroughly absorbed that it would take a few more moments. I reminded him that we would not want the itch to come back again. That was why I was being so thorough (HA,HA). Being a consummate professional I was aiming to make sure that I had accomplished the task at hand. When they say that it takes two hands to handle a Vulcan they were not kidding. I also had to make sure that his baby making storage containers were also given their fair share of attention. I went back to his missile projector and Surprise, Surprise, Surprise...

Mount Seleya erupted. It covered my hands and some even landed on the corner of my lips. Oh, Spock, how did that happen? Maybe I was too efficient, I said to myself with an evil grin. After he finished erupting, he proceeded to apologize profusely. I assured him that as a medical professional that bodily fluids do not disturb me.

As I turned my back to smile to myself and allow him time to clean himself up, I did something naughty. I was cleaning my hands with the dermacloth and then felt the fluid of life on the corner of my lips. Well, what was a girl to do but remove it. The only thing available was my tongue. Let me say this. Life tastes just like chocolate or was that a brownie crumb I was tasting (snicker,snicker).

When I had turned back around he had put the tea stained clothing back on. I asked if I had soothed his itch. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and proclaimed that he was sufficiently relieved. I said that it was my pleasure to be of service to him. He actually stunned me when he replied that actually the pleasure was all his.

I just stood there shocked for a few seconds as he turned and left the room. What a day. What a day. He was right in my hands. I must remember to pour out that shower solution in the lab shower room. I would not want anyone else coming down with an itch. It worked even better than I thought. I am a research scientist, you know. It is amazing what you can create in a lab these days. I had better erase the formula from Miss Goody Two Shoes' database before she wakes up. It would not do for her to know that I created that formula. I wonder what I can think of next. I am an EVIL GIRL aren't I? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!