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Good Twin

Dear Journal:

Today's entry is not about me. How could it be about me? As I sit here in the shuttle bay called CHALLENGER-COLUMBIA SHUTTLE BAY, my thoughts could not possible be about me. It is so quiet here. You can hear the silence and recognized that just the privilege for me to be in here had a very heavy cost. Those who soared before us gave their all. They gave their most precious possession, that is, their lives.

What can I say when I think about that ultimate sacrifice? It humbles me everytime I come here. It makes me think about what a privilege it is to be able to race across space and time. Those dear ones had the same dream that I have the privilege to live. I hope that I never think that is a right that I have to be here. That this PRIVILEGE is no big deal. It is a BIG DEAL. It cost so much to so many this thing that we call space exploration. While it is so exciting, it is also so dangerous. I hope that as I look at the stars that I really appreciate the privilege to be able to soar among them. That as we travel farther and farther out into this vast darkness. That those who soared before us will let their memories soar with us. That we take that special wonder and eagerness to see beyond the stars with us always. I know that to have a plaque or a memorial or a dedicated area on a ship is a small thing, but when we see solid reminders of those that soared before us, I hope that we will pick up their dream and carry it with us. As we hope that those who come behind us will do the same.

Dear Journal, I am so grateful to their families, coworkers, and devoted friends who were willing to support the dream of those brave dear ones. They too paid a heavy cost. I am going to try with all my might to not take for granted all that was done in the name of LOVE. Love of life, love of space, love of the zeal to know what is over the rainbow, love of seeing the twinkling of the stars. May we never put out that fiery zeal that they display. May we always, yes always remember THOSE WHO SOARED BEFORE US.