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Evil Twin


Obviously this situation must be rectified. After all even a Vulcan has a breaking point. The amount of stress I am under is tremendous. I am at a point that I have no idea as what the next step should be. SHE keeps entering my life. SHE keeps occupying space in my mind. SHE is all consuming in my thoughts. Why must it be this way? What have I done to deserve this? Why won't the Goddesses help me with this situation? I am at point that I am even contemplating praying to HER GOD to help me. I know that a Vulcan should not feel frustrated, but I do. Let me relate to you what happened.

Chris and I were working in the lab. I mean that Miss Chapel and I were working in the lab. We were working on the next stage of our experiment. We had made some promising advancements with this experiment. We were now at an important stage that required that we use the Diazon bugs from Delta Alpha 7. They excrete a honey-like substance when stimulated. This is a key element along with the essence from the flowers that were are using for the treatment for Kataythorax.

The only problem is that they are small, about the size of a tick, and they are swift moving and difficult to handle. They seem to have an infinity for human blood, and they can cause some unpleasant itching if they come in contact with human skin when they bite. They do not appear to like Vulcan blood so they are harmless to Vulcan. It was decided that I would handle the task of milking them.

Since we were working on this part of the experiment on our own time, we both were dressed casually. It was well past midnight and we were alone in the lab. Christine was about to bring me the container, when I heard the container hit the floor and then a squeal from Christine. That is when things began to get a little hazy. Everything happened so fast. It was truly unbelievable. I am still in shock. I never thought that something like this would ever happen in my presence.

I felt something hit me. I looked at it in my hands. It was her shirt. Then something hit me again. It was her shorts. She was standing there making moves I did not think that a human being could make. For a few seconds I could not move. The scene in front of me was stunning. The Diazon bugs were now crawling all over her voluptuous body. She was telling me to help her get them off of her. She was wiggling, scratching and doing some odd dance all at the same time.

I scrambled over to her and then told her to calm down and I would help her get them off. I gathered another container and some tweezers and approached her.

She was standing there in a purple bra and matching thong. I must say that she did present a rather fetching sight standing there in her womanly glory. Her cups definitely overflowed. I was quite sure that she could hear my heart racing in response to the display before me.

Get control of yourself. Get back to this log entry. Those remarks will be stricken from this log. They are totally unprofessional and unbecoming a Vulcan. She was standing there shaking and near tears. I must say that I really admire her fortitude not to just kill the precious bugs that we could not replace.

I told her that I would get them off her as quickly as possible. I started with her legs and removed those bugs there. Then I started on her long back. I put those bugs in the container also. Then I got the three on her side. She told me with acute embarrassment that she felt one moving in panties. I told her to slide down her panties in order for me to get to it. She said that she did not care at this moment and to please, please hurry. That it was itching really bad. I told her that I was not trying to make unwarranted advances to her. That this would require my touching her posterior in order to get a hold on the bug. She said with gritted teeth to just get on with it. As I eased down this lacy piece of nothing, then I noticed it. I know my hand started to shake and I could not get a good grip on the bug. There it was in full color. Something that will forever branded in my mind. It was a tattoo. The words SPOCK'S PLAYGROUND in the shape of a heart. I just froze. Her voice is what brought me out of my trance. I told her it would take a few seconds more. I got the bug and put it into the container. If that we not enough to put me into therapy for the next six months, there was more on the horizon.

As I turned her around, there it was looking at me. A Diazon bug had lodged itself inside her bra right next to her nipple. It looked like it was in a comfortable spot and had not intentions of moving. I really envied its position. I will strike that from this log later. I cleared my throat and told her she was going to have to remove her bra in order for me to extract the bug. She said that at this point it itched so bad that she did not care. I assured her once again that I was not trying to take advantage of this unfortunate circumstance. She almost growled at me and said GET TO IT RIGHT NOW! I know that it took me several seconds to remove her bra since she was holding the container. I am not in the habit of removing fellow crewmembers undergarments. As it fell to the floor her breasts fell into my waiting hands. They filled them just right. They were the perfect weight. As I reached for the bug, it decided that it was going to run for the border. She wiggled as it moved, causing her breasts to graze the top of my head. I got a grip on the bug after a run down her torso. That was a unique experience.

This is where things truly escalate. The last bug was lodged right above her evidence of her womanhood. It also was sitting in ANOTHER TATTOO. I had to blink twice when I saw this one. I know that a Vulcan is supposed to be calm in the face of danger. But this was a situation totally out of my realm of experience. It took all of my control not to throw her to the floor and ... and ... then ... and after we had rested a while to ... but I did none of these things. I took a deep breath and dived for it. This tattoo was also in the shape of a heart. It had these unforgettable words in red letters SPOCK'S GARDEN. I got the last bug and put it in the container and took the container from her.

She let out a deep sigh and scratched joyfully for a few seconds. Then before I could react she hugged me and kissed my cheek. She said that she owed me one for saving her. I turned my back as she grabbed her clothes and dressed. She asked me not to tell anyone about this incident. She said that she was so embarrassed that she dropped the container and that she would be teased relentlessly if anyone else found out about her impromptu striptease. I told her that I would not mention this event to anyone. She said that she was tired and was going to take a shower and go to bed. She then smiled at me and turned to leave. I watched her gently swinging hips as she left. I just stood there for several minutes in a state of shock. I am still in a state of shock.

I do not know what to make of these events. The fact that she has two tattoos that make a reference to me is ... I do not know if there is a word to describe how they make me feel. It took me fifteen minutes after these events to be able to make myself come here to my quarters. I can't believe that I actually touch her flesh in an intimate manner. I actually touched her firm posterior. I actually cupped her breasts, but most of all I got a close up of her ... her perfect... I am unsure as to what to do now. I am not sure as to what I should feel. Well, to be honest my body is giving me hard evidence on how it feels. I have got to find a way to resolve this situation. I am going to take some medication for this headache and go to bed. I will finish this entry in the morning.


What are we going to do? What does he mean what are we going to do? I, O.H.SPOCK, can tell you what I want to do. I want to make a little visit to Chris. As a fellow crewmember I just want to make sure that she does not have an itch that she can't scratch. I am just conscientious like a that. What kind of a prize fool is my other half? Can't he tell that all Chris really needs is a good gardener to tend to her. I am quite sure that I have the right equipment to fill her needs. I definitely want to trim her bush. I would take my time to make sure that her hedge is in good shape and well watered. I am just going to have to take things in my own hands. She really has a lot to fill these hands. It is amazing how she in all her glory fit into these hands. Yes, I am just going to have to water that garden with my hose. It is a good thing that my hose is long to reach all parts of her garden. Yes, it is time to see how her garden grows. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA