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Evil Twin

"I have been waiting for this all day."

"I have too I couldn't wait to get to you."

"The question is are you going to share your goodies?"

"Of course, only with you. You show me yours and I will show you mine."

"Okay. " Sound of some rustling. Pulling it out for display. "WOW!"

"What a WIDE assortment you have got there. How did you keep all that in that little space? It must have been a tight fit."

"I can't wait to get a hold on that Long Boy or it is a Sugar Daddy. Oh, I see that you also have some

Sugar Babies over there or are those Squirrel Nuts. Were you trying to hold out on me?"

"No, You know I'm going to give them all to you."

"What do you have for me?"

"Well, let me see." Putting hers on display."I ve got two. Count them. Two Sweet Rolls for your enjoyment. Aren't they nice and soft. Please, don't grab at them so hard.. And last but not least, I can't tell you what to call this. Maybe you would call it a Mound or a Moon Pie? The choice is yours."

"I can't wait to dig in."

"Me, either."

"HMMM, Delicious. Payday, he said."

"AH, Good and Plenty she said rolling her eyes in bliss. We ought to do this more often . It is nice to share your goodies."

"Yes, Let us see what else our respective parents sent us in these goodies bags."