DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The poem is the creation and property of Good Twin/Evil Twin and is copyright (c) 2003 by Good Twin/Evil.

Why Did You Make Me Love You?

Good Twin

I didn't have a choice.

I was lost the moment that I saw you and heard the lilt in your voice.

I did not have any means of protecting myself from the intoxicating effect of your smile.

I did not ask for this assignment. It was given to me by you.

My heart beat sped up. My pulse raced. I felt as if I was in a hurricane.

Being picked up by the winds and being battered on all sides.

A hailstorm of feelings that I had never experienced before. I was totally unprepared for this.

I did not stand a chance once you looked in my direction. The disease that I caught has no cure.

There isn't even any research that has been done in this area. I am hopelessly condemn to love you forever.

Everything you did or said just solidified that I was hopelessly lost.

There is no road map out of this.

You didn't even leave me a trail of breadcrumbs to find my way home. You just left me stranded.

Where was I to go? What was I going to do? All my choices depend on you.

Every time I thought there was a chance for us. You pushed me away from you with a thrust.

Taunting, Teasing.

Never Pleasing.

One step forward. Two steps back.

Yes. No. Maybe So.

Not today, maybe tomorrow.

I knew that loving you was going to bring me such sorrow.

The prison with no bars would be my punishment with no hope of a pardon.

No key would be used to release me. This sentence would have no chance of being appealed.

The highest court being ruled by you upheld your conviction. Guilty as charged.

Loving you was my punishment. I gladly except my sentence, if you will promise that I could occasionally have you glance in my direction. It is such a small request. I will treasure anything that you can give.

You are my everything.

You are my hopes and dreams.

You are my highs and lows.

Maybe there is a chance that one day you will be able to see what I feel for you. Maybe the scales of justice will balance in my favor. Maybe just maybe I will be reprieved from this eternal anguish of not having you as the mate of my heart.

I await you at the appointed place.

Let me be the rain that nourishes the fertile soil of your love.

Let me be the treasure at the end of your rainbow.

Let me you love as you deserve.

I will await you at the appointed place to be a refreshment for your soul.