The Stories of
Cheree Cargill
Time's Warrior
Prologue.  .Rated PG. A rogue Vulcan scientist travels back into Vulcan's distant past with the intention of wiping out Spock's entire family.
Chapter 1.  .Rated PG. Finding himself someplace in the Vulcan desert, Spock must find civilization or die of thirst and hunger on Vulcan's Forge.
Chapter 2.  .Rated PG. Kirk discovers that Spock and S'Von have changed the timeline by going back into Vulcan's distant past.  Now he has to figure out a way to fix things.
Chapter 3.  .Rated PG. Spock finds a dead man lying on the side of the road, killed by a lion-like creature, and undergoes a strange transformation.
Chapter 4. .Rated PG. S'Von begins his conquest while Spock ponders where and  when he is.
Chapter 5. .Rated PG13. Spock is dicovered by members of his clan.  Meanwhile, Kirk begins the search through Vulcan history to find his first officer.
Chapter 6. .Rated PG. Spock iis taken to his ancestral family holding ... there to be accused of murder and theft.
Chapter 7. .Rated PG. Spock  is forced into life or death combat in order to prove that he is not a murderer.
Chapter 8. .Rated PG. Spock meets a beautiful young woman at his family's Holding and is immediately attracted to her ... but she is already betrothed.
Chapter 9. .Rated PG. Spock learns the reason he has been led to Shar'ram ... and the story behind the events that are unfolding.
Chapter 10. .Rated PG. Spock learns what may lie behind how he came to be in the time and place where he has landed.
Chapter 11. .Rated PG. War plans are drawn up ... on both sides.
Chapter 12. .Rated PG. Spock and T'Preve find themselves in a quiet moment ... and sparks begin to fly.
Chapter 13. .Rated R. Spock relates a tale of Old Vulcan which he'd always thought was true.  But is it ... and if so how?
Chapter 14. .Rated R. Things come to a violent and bloody climax between Stefin and his captive wife T'Kaela.
Chapter 15. .Rated PG13. Spock and T'Preve finally realize the passion they share for one another ... despite the fact that Stahl will kill Spock if he finds out.
Chapter 16. .Rated PG13. S'Von takes control of the D'Kahli forces after a night of terror.  Meanwhile, Spock and T'Preve have bonded and she has a strange vision.
Chapter 17. .Rated PG13. Stahl takes his revenge on Spock and T'Preve for betraying him with their affair.
Chapter 18. .Rated PG13. Spock challenges Stahl to combat to the death for possession of T'Preve.
Chapter 19. .Rated PG13. Spock goes to war and leaves his pregnant wife behind.
Chapter 20. .Rated PG13. S'Von gains an ally ... the banished warrior Stahl whose only condition is that he gets to kill Spock with his own hands.
Chapter 21. .Rated PG13. The night before the battle, Spock destroys his present day possessions and says goodbye to his old life, prepared to die.
Chapter 22. .Rated PG13. The climactic war begins with Spock in the thick of battle.  Meanwhile, a secret attack on Shar'ram is taking place.
Chapter 23. .Rated PG13. Spock leads a  team of warriors to retake Shar'ram, but there he finds himself in a battle to the death with Stahl.
Chapter 24. .Rated PG13. Spock and S'Von confront one another in their final battle.  And a rescue comes from a source Spock wasn't expecting.
Epilogue. .Rated PG. Back home, Spock finds himself searching through Vulcan history, perhaps searching for an answer...
The Castaways
Rated NC17Must be 18 to read this story. Access the entire novel by clicking here.
Kidnapped by vengeful Romulan agents and left to die on a primitive planet, uninhabited planet, Spock and Christine have no choice but to learn to survive and hope for eventual rescue.
Going HomeRated PG.  A sequel story.  Spock and Christine have lived with their family on Vulcan for nearly five years now, but not everyone is happy.  And one member of the clan decides to take matters into his own hands.
LeavetakingRated G.  It's time for the family to depart for Avalon but saying goodbye is the hardest thing they have to do.
Glimpses of a Life
Vignettes from Spock's personal log, in star date order, covering all the episodes.  Currently we are in the midst of the second season, but eventually all 80 episodes (don't forget "The Cage") will be covered.  Click here.
NOTE: If you're searching for Cheree's other, more adult stories, they are now posted under her pen name, T'Eros.
Stand Alone Stories
The Best Medicine. Rated RBy Lilith Sedai and Cheree Cargill.  Spock and Christine are stranded on a primitive ice-age type world where they must learn to survive among savages.  And there they learn that fire can exist in the midst of ice.
A Can of SpamRated PG13A hacker has managed to break into the ship's communications system and everyone on board is inundated with unwanted email.
CharismaRated PG.  The Enterprise rescues an incredibly beautiful woman from a derelict Klingon ship, but she isn't quite what she seems ... as Spock soon discovers.
DaavaRated PG.  Stranded when the ship is forced to leave orbit because of an ion storm, Kirk discovers the dangers of the planet he is on ... as well as its delights.
DecisionRated G.  Sixteen year old Spock has made a decision that will change his entire life.  Now he just has to tell his parents.
Family TiesRated PG.  Spock's human grandmother is dying and he returns to Earth with Amanda. There he finds that he is not welcome because of his Vulcan blood.  Can he make peace with his family?
Incident of the Oiseau d'Or by Kay Bradford and Cheree Cargill.  Rated PG.  The Enterprise rescues the crew of a crippled liner ... and it isn't long before one of the passengers targets Christine Chapel as his new conquest.
Journey to MalakeshRated G.  A group of fanatical missionaries is on its way to a non-Federation world. It's up to the Enterprise to stop them.
Meeting in a Bar.   Rated PG.  Long after the crew of the Enterprise have gone their separate ways, Chekov unexpectedly runs into Sulu in a bar.  There, the two old friends catch up on things.
Nothing Says LovingRated PG.  Ever wonder what happened when Christine brought Spock that bowl of plomeek soup he asked for?  A little vignette from "Amok Time."
Parting WaysRated PG.  When it comes time to turn Kang and Mara over to the authorities, Kirk finds he has mixed feelings about it.
Plato: EpilogueRated PG.  Following the incident on Platonius, Spock comes to Christine's cabin to assure her that there were a lot of emotions at play ... on both their parts.
ResolutionRated PG.  Christine's nightmares had gone away ... until the events on Platonius.  Now the only solution she can find is to transfer off the ship and away from Spock once and for all.
The ShirtRated PG.  Laundry duty is the pits ... until a lovestruck crewmember comes across a certain blue tunic in the wash and decides to keep it.  Then all hell breaks loose on the Enterprise!
Star StruckRated PG.  An exceedingly silly parody of TOS and, actually, one of the firsts, if not THE first, Trek story Cheree ever wrote!
Two Pon Farr ScenariosRated R.  Two silly versions of fannish looks at when Spock gets hot to trot.
Turn, Turn, TurnRated PG.  The ship's five year mission is over, but before they head back to Earth and reassignment, Spock has something he needs to ask Christine.
WindRated PG.  Rigel 12 isn't all that it was cracked up to be and Eve McHuron Childress has had it with the desolute planet and the "wealthy" lifestyle that Harry Mudd sold her.
Poems and Filksongs
Dimensions.   A rather surreal poem.
Dying.  Mr. Flint looks back at his extraordinarily long life.
Home Thoughts.  A poem reflecting a traveler's memories of home.
Spock: The Naked Time.  A filksong set to the tune of "Like a Rock" by Bob Seger.
Story Challenges
Flower ChildRated PG. Just what did Spock see in Droxine, anyway?
Hotter Than VulcanRated PG. It's a holiday on Vulcan and Spock is cooking!
I BurnRated PG. Response to a Bulwer-Lytton bad writing contest ... Star Trek style.
I Love Christie. Rated G. He's a Vulcan bandleader and she's a kooky redhead.
Last KissRated PG. A vignette with a distinctly barbaric feel to it.
The Last Worthless EveningRated PG. A filksong set to the tune by Don Henley.
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