The Stories of
The "R&R" Series
R&RRated NC17. After Platonius, Spock has reevaluated his feelings for Christine. During a maintenance layover on Earth, he invites her to spend time with him at Kirk's mountain cabin. Neither can anticipate how it will change both their lives.
DetoursRated NC17. Now pledged lovers, Spock and Christine are shocked to discover that she is pregnant, despite their precautions. They must now go to Vulcan and convince T'Pau to unite them as fully bonded mates.
AdjustmentsRated R. Her baby due soon, Christine can no longer stand living on Vulcan and she flees to Earth.  Her marriage crumbling, she must reevaluate her life and take charge of her own destiny.
The "Trust" Series
TrustRated NC17. Spock, Christine, Chekov and Technician Ellen Mead are captured by the Gorn and taken to a slave camp for a monstrous experiment -- the Gorn are breeding a new food supply..
Desert HeatRated NC17. Spock goes home to Vulcan to return the katra of a young woman he bonded with on the Gorn planet and Christine accompanies him.  There, on a sojourn in the desert, they find that the temperature isn't the only thing hot on this planet.
The "Survival and Promises" Series
Survival and PromisesRated R,   Spock and Christine crash land on a blizzard-swept planet and are only able to rescue one survival tent.  Forced to share a sleeping bag for warmth, they learn a valuable lesson in trust.
Promises KeptRated NC17. Spock and Christine cannot forget the night they spent together on the arctic planet awaiting rescue.  Now their bonding draws them back together and Spock proceeds to fulfill the promise he made to her there.
The "Diplomacy" Series
DiplomacyRated R.  An AU story.  Ten years have passed since Christine has seen Spock and the circumstances of their lives have changed dramatically.  They're about to change again.
Perchance to Dream. Rated NC17. An AU story.  As Spock and Christine come back into each other's lives, passion flares and he asks something of her that she never expected.
Stand Alone Stories
The Captain's WomanRated NC17Warning:  Contains graphic violence, language and sexual situations, including rape.  A "Mirror Universe" story.  Spock has assassinated Kirk and taken command of the ISS Enterprise.  There he begins a iron-fisted rule and initates daring changes.  But he has many enemies, including Marlena Moreau, who has been a Captain's Woman and is determined to be one again ... no matter who she has to kill in the process.
Chrysalis.   Rated NC17. Christine has moved on with her life and won her M.D.  Now she has a chance to be posted to the refitted Enterprise as its CMO.  But just at the wrong moment, Spock walks back into her life.
The Goodbye.   Rated NC17. By Sharron and T'Eros.  Christine is leaving the Enterprise to attend medical school.  Spock misses her goodbye party on the ship, but later comes to her hotel room to say a very special farewell.
Lay Down My HeartRated R. Tradition, logic and sex have very little to do with each other ... as Christine finds out.
Like a Virgin.   Rated NC17. Seventeen year old Starfleet Cadet Spock has never gotten up close and personal with a woman.  His roommates intend to remedy that situation.
Raw Naked DesireRated R. The answer to a story challenge that must includes things like "raw naked desire", "chocolate sauce" and "hotter than Vulcan".
The Road Not Taken.   Rated NC17. Contains graphic non-consenual sex.  An alternate look at the ending of "Amok Time." Spock decided to claim what is rightfully his -- T'Pring -- and brings her back to the Enterprise. There he learns the hard way that two wrongs do not make a right.
SanityRated R. Spock isn't going to make it to Vulcan, so Christine decides to do the logical thing.
A Vulcan LimerickRated PG13. It's that time again ... sigh ...
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