Glimpses of a Life
by Cheree Cargill
This series of vignettes is set as entries in Spock's personal log. They are told in first person and I hope eventually to cover all 80 episodes.
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The Cage:  FreedomRated PG.  23 year old Lt. Spock is on his first deep space mission.  The limitless expanses of the Galaxy contrast dramatically with the close confines of Vulcan.
Where No Man Has Gone Before:  ChangesRated PG.  Gary Mitchell is dead and the ship needs a new First Officer.  Kirk makes a choice that surprises everyone.
Mudd's Women:  Detours and BeginningsRated PG13.  The three beautiful women brought aboard by Harry Mudd are having a strange effect on all the crewmen ... and even Spock finds that he is not immune.
The Corbomite Maneuver:  ContactRated PG.  The little alien who captains the First Federation starship Fesarius makes a request that catches Kirk completely by surprise..
The Man Trap:  Remember the BuffaloRated PG.  The murderous alien creature they found on M-113 is the last of its kind ... and Spock finds that he is feeling intensely guilty about its death.
Charlie X:  When I Was SeventeenRated PG13.  The strange young man they have brought on board disturbs Spock and he begins thinking back to when he was an adolescent.
The Enemy Within:  Duality. Rated PG13.  When Captain Kirk is split into two people by a transporter malfuncion, Spock ponders what would have happened had it been himself who had suffered such a fate.
The Naked Time:  SorryRated PG.  With only minutes left before the ship burns up in the atmosphere of Psi 2000, Spock battles the effects of the water-born virus that is ravaging the crew.
Balance of Terror:  The SunderedRated PG.  The first sight any of the crew has of Romulans is stunning ... and moreso to Spock, who suddenly remembers an ancient Vulcan legend.
The Squire of Gothos:  ContinuumRated PG.  Spock learns that they may not have seen the last of Trelane.
Patterns of Force: The Healing TouchRated PG.  Returning from Ekos and requiring medical attention because of the beating he and Captain Kirk sustained, Spock learns something very special about Nurse Chapel.
What Are Little Girls Made Of?:  BetrothedRated PG.  After failing to find Dr. Roger Korby alive on Exo III, Spock learns the meaning of human grief from Christine Chapel.
Miri:  Sexual PoliticsRated PG.  After returning from the duplicate Earth populated by feral children, Kirk has something very different to discuss with Spock ... a new yeoman. He wants Janice Rand transferred immediately.
Dagger of the Mind: A Terrible EmptinessRated PG.  The mind meld with Simon Van Gelder had disturbed Spock more than he was prepared to deal with. In desperation, he turns to his Ancestors for help.
The Conscience of the King:  Merely PlayersRated PG.  The presence of the Karidian Players on board the ship has left a surprising legacy.
The Galileo Seven:  Command DecisionsRated PG13 The mission to study the Murasaki Quasar had been a disaster ... and now Spock is called before his Captain to account for himself.
Court-Martial:  Points of LegalityRated PG. Kirk has been brought before a board of inquiry for perjury and has been exonerated.  But Spock cannot put from his mind things about the trial that were extremely irregular.
The Menagerie, Part One:  The Needs of the OneRated PG. What Spock needs to do is not logical. Indeed, it is suicidal. But he knows that there is only one hope for saving Captain Pike ... returning him to Talos IV.
The Menagerie, Part Two:  Old Friends, Long Past. Rated PG. After the mission to Talos IV, Spock finds himself thinking back to friends he know long ago ... and especially on one extraordinary woman.
Catspaw:  The Willing Suspension of DisbeliefRated PG. Following the events on Pyrus 7, Spock ponders the cause of Crewman Jackson's death ... and debates McCoy on faith v. logic.
Shore Leave:  All Work and No PlayRated PG.  There was a time when a  Vulcan child was taught how to play ... and Spock looks back on a brother lost.
Arena:  To Serve Man. Rated PG. There were almost no survivors of the attack on Cestus III.  Spock suspects something too terrible to contemplate.
The Alternative Factor:  Face in the Mirror. Rated PG. The encounter with the strange man named Lazarus has led to the confirmation of a parallel universe. Spock ponders whether there could be another Kirk, another McCoy, another ... Spock?
Tomorrow is Yesterday;  Little Green Men. Rated PG. Captain Christopher did not believe in little green men, but Spock did.  He knew a whole lot of them!
Space Seed:  Queen of Hell. Rated PG. Lt. Marla McGivers is undoubtedly a traitor and a mutineer ... but she is also a woman with a terrible secret in her past.
The Return of the Archons:  the Good of the Body. Rated PG. Landru has controlled his peoples' minds for thousands of years by the use of a super computer. But Spock understands something about him that others might not.
A Taste of Armageddon:  A Pale HorseRated PG.  The war between Vendikar and Eminiar 7 had gone on for 500 years and had become the accepted way of life there.  Three million Eminians died each year, but it was clean, sanitary and nobody minded very much.  That is, not until the Enterprise arrived and someone took a different look at things.
The Devil in the Dark:  A Voice in Rama. Rated PG13. Mind melding with the Horta had reminded Spock that this was not the only time a mother had been forced to defend her children ... no matter what she had to do in the process.
Errand of Mercy:  Mind Ripper. Rated R. It is the first time that Kirk and Spock have had face to face dealings with the Klingons ... and on Organia they learn that the Klingons' reputation for ruthlessness and cruelty is well deserved.
The City on the Edge of Forever:  Islands in the StreamRated PG.  In Earth's distant past, Kirk and Spock patiently await the arrival of the Cordrazine-maddened Dr. McCoy.  Meanwhile, working the mission's kitchen, Spock meets someone that seems eerily familiar.
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