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I Love Christie

Cheree Cargill

"Christie - I'm home!"

"Spockie! What are you doing home from the bridge so early? I didn't expect you, dear."

"Oh, I'm jus' on a break. All these new shipwide functions ... these rehearsals are killin' me. I jus' came home for lunch."

"Good, then you can help me with a new recipe I'm trying. Here, you sit down right there, dear, and I'll bring it out."

"What is it?"

"Vulcan plomeek soup. Just like your mother used to make!"

"What? My mother never made plomeek soup!" [mutters in Vulcan under his breath]

"Now, dear, you just try it."

"Do you have *any idea* what plomeek soup does to me?" [stands with hands on hips, scowling]

"Welll ... I noticed you hadn't been eating and I thought with this new recipe..." [edges away

uncertainly with bowl of soup on tray] "And it's so good for you! This is a new kind -- made with


"Meat??!!! Christieeee ... you got some 'splainin' to do!"

"If you'd just *try* a little..."

[seizes bowl and throws it across the room where it crashes into the wall] "When I want any soup from you, I'll ask for it!!!"

"Waahhhhhhh!!!! You don't love me any more!!!!"

"Now, now, honey, I didn't mean that." [looks frazzled and goes off into a long rambling speech to himself in Vulcan] "Look, I've got to get back to the bridge. I'll get somethin' to eat in the mess hall. I'll see you tonight." [kisses her and exits]

[Uhura strolls in and views mess] "Christie! What happened?! Did Spockie blow his top again?"

"Ooooooo, he makes me so mad!!! Hey ... I've got an idea!"

"Oh, I'm leaving!"

"Uhura, you stop right there! I just thought of something! I have a friend down in the galley named Neelix! He's a whiz at all kinds of food! Uhura - you and I are going to take cooking lessons!"