The Stories of
Ronda Sexton
Bedtime ChatterRated PG13.  You know those little Valentine hearts with the sayings on them?  Well, here's what you get when you make a vignette out of them.
Cupid and His Arrow. Rated NC17. After Platonius, Christine doesn't even want to face Spock, but he has something important to tell her.
Christine's 12 Days of ChristmasRated R.  What does a Vulcan give his lady love for the holidays?
Hopes. Rated PG.  The answer to a story challenge about Christine and her hope chest.
It's Stuck. Rated PG.  The answer to a story challenge that must be in all dialogue and contain the titles of three TV shows.
A Nightmarish DiscoveryRated PG.  A short, short vignette based on "Spock's Brain."  Remember, it was Christine who found him.
Payback's a BitchRated PG13. Ever wonder how Christine and Uhura felt about being forced to perform for Parmen & Co.?
Private MessagesRated PG13. Spock and Christine are sending private emails back and forth ... and they're getting hotter and hotter.
Tomorrow and ForeverRated PG13. When Spock's consciousness was placed in Christine's mind to protect her from Henoch, something happened that none had foreseen.
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