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It's Stuck

Ronda Sexton


"Damn it, Spock!! Be still!"

"Christine, swearing will not accomplish anything. Nor is not getting it out immediately going to cause us to have to go to the General Hospital."

"We are not going to the hospital for something I can take care of myself. I am one The Doctors on staff there."

"If we were both Young and the Restless sort of people, I could understand your attitude better, my wife."

"All My Children depend on me Spock, we have got to get it out."

"My wife, it will not send you into Another World to have to go to General Hospital."

"If you weren't on this Search for Tomorrow quest of yours, none of this would have happened."

"Christine, why do you use that term for my desire to know what tomorrow may bring? I wish to be a Guiding Light for you and All of My Children."

"Spock, none of this is going to get this unstuck."

"Our son, Ryan's Hope is in us getting it unstuck, as we have to be at his school for his Science Fair."

"This is all your fault, Spock. If you had not been in such a hurry to go to Peyton's Place for lunch, this would not have happened."

"Nonsense, Christine, how many times have I told you not to stick your hand all the way into the pickle jar to grasp that last elusive pickle?"

"Spock, I'm pregnant and I want that Pickle, and I WANT IT NOW!!"

"I believe if you simply ungrasp your hand, it will come out of the jar. Then I will retrieve the pickle with a fork."