The Stories of
Carol Hart
Father's DayRated G. When Amanda has to leave Vulcan and return to Earth, Sarek is left in charge of ten-month-old Spock.  It is an interesting time for both father and son.
Here Be DragonsRated G. Three-year-old Spock is faced with his very first problem in logic ... and, as usual, his solution is unique.
A Lesson in LogicRated G. Spock has been a very naughty boy, and Sarek makes him name his own punishment.
ParentsRated G. An overheard conversation between his parents has 6-1/2 year old Spock very worried indeed!
Turning PointRated G. The end of his schooling is near and Spock must tell Sarek that he does not intend to go on to the Vulcan Science Academy.  A confrontation with his father is inevitable.
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