The Stories of
Caroline Nixon
A Foretaste of DeathRated PG.   Christine is leaving the ship and Spock has come to say farewell.
The Little SleepRated PG. Spock is dying of pon farr and there is no way to save him.  However, the mysterious alien they are transporting might have a solution.
The WakeningRated PG. The sequel to "The Little Sleep."  Jim Kirk has been killed and Spock is not expressing the grief he should be.  Enter Ijlal of Heyt, who needs Spock's help on a mission.
Nice While It LastedRated G. The planet seemed too good to be true, and Kirk's suspicious nature is definitely aroused.
A Policeman's Lot. Rated G. Strange things happen to constables walking a lonely beat ... and sometimes they're hard to explain.
Through a Glass ClearlyRated G. By Caroline Nixon and Karrakaz.  Spock and Yeoman Tina Lawton have a problem. They are stuck in a glass elevator ... sixty stories above the ground ... and everyone has gone home for the night.
The Ultimate Birthday PresentRated R. The Ruler always received lavish gifts ... but this one was something special indeed.
Who's Holding the Baby? Rated PG. By Caroline Nixon and Karracaz.  Kirk is left to watch a baby while the child's mother runs an errand. Naturally he calls on his First Officer when things get out of hand.
SeptennielRated G. A lovely poem for those beguiled by Vulcan eyes.
Sonnet to a Certain Part of a Certain VulcanRated PG. A poem that suggests a speaker and an action ... you decide who!.
Spock's DaffodilsRated G.   A poem in which Spock ponders on the verse "I wandered lonely as a cloud."
Spock's LamentRated G. A short poem about what irks a Vulcan most.
Vulcan WineRated G. A lovely song/poem set to the tune of "Maiden Wine" as sung by Spock in "Plato's Stepchildren."
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