The Stories of
Stand Alone Stories
AvellachRated PG. Spock and an Enterprise science team are sent down to the surface of an earthquake riddled planet.  Their plan -- to detonate a powerful explosion that may help release some of the geological tension.  But there's something about this planet they don't yet know...
Debt of DishonorRated R. A woman from Spock's past returns and leads Spock and the entire crew of the Enterprise into a desperate fight for survival.
Ghost in the MachineRated PG13. Spock is going blind from an incurable disease.  Only on the planet Wraith is there hope of recovery.  But Wraith holds many secrets and perils ... and Spock finds he must risk death to rescue Kirk before he can even consider his own needs.
A Logical ExplanationRated PG. Saavik has been accepted as a daughter by Amanda, but now that Spock's mother has passed away, Saavik finds she is having a hard time accepting Amanda's death.
Looped TapeRated PG. The fairybook kingdom has nearly crumbled to dust except for the mysteriour Sleepers.  Kirk finds that he is strangely drawn to one of them.
Ninety-Eight Point Four. Rated PG. Exploring a planet on the edge of Klingon space, Kirk and Spock are forced to pit their intellect and endurance against a relentless enemy ... a sentry robot that just will not give up.
One Thousand Steps to Koon-ut-katri-la.   Rated PG. It is time for seven-year-old Spock to be bonded to T'Pring ... but he's having definite qualms about the entire process.
Reflections.   Rated PG. Kirk is back in command of the Enterprise ... but things aren't the same as they were before.
The "Smoke and Mirrors" Series
Heat Haze.   Rated PG. Sarek and Amanda are on their honeymoon and touring Vulcan.  Sarek takes her to see one of the ancient wonders of his planet.
Steam.   Rated NC17. Sarek and Amanda are on their honeymoon and touring Vulcan.  But even as guests in a stranger's house, sometimes there are things that seem the logical thing to do!
Koan.   Rated PG. After a meal with their hosts, Amanda is treated to a side of Vulcans she's never seen before.
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