The Stories of
Cindy Devoe
All That I Am. Rated NC17. Following the incident with V'Ger, Spock finds himself doubting his purpose in life.  Like V'Ger, he must ask himself, "Is this all that I am?"
Half-Breed.  A filksong set to the tune sung by Cher.
Kal-if-Forr. Rated NC17. A retelling of "Amok Time" from a different point of view.
Last Hand. Rated NC17. In a winner-take-all poker game, Spock has the winning cards over Christine's final bet -- a full body massage whenever he wants it.
Lessons LearnedRated PG13. Live your life as if there were a open intercom near you ... because there might be.
Searching for CamelotRated PG. On her first night aboard the Enterprise, Christine writes a ltter to her long-lost fiance, Roger Korby.
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