The Stories of
Ingrid Cross
After Image.   Rated PG.  McCoy thinks he's gotten over the traumatic trip to the Mirror universe ... but he can't erase from his nightmares what that other Spock did to him.
By the Waters of Babylon.   Rated PG.  It is time to leave the idyllic planet where Kirk knew happiness for too short a time ... and it's time to say goodbye to Miramanee as well.
Duet.   Rated PG.  An evocative pair of little vignettes centering around grief.
Encounter.   Rated PG. By David Goodine and Ingrid Cross.   Jim Kirk's death has been a terrible strain on Leonard McCoy, so he decides to go home to Georgia to rest.  But rest isn't exactly what he finds there.
Home.   Rated PG.  McCoy has watched Jim Kirk grow more restless behind an admiral's desk and gradually he comes to realize where he really belongs, too.
Home is the Sailor.   Rated PG.  Christine Chapel has returned from Exo III devastated, but McCoy may have the medicine to make her feel better.
Journey's End.   Rated PG.  Both Jim Kirk and Spock are dead and Leonard McCoy needs to find a place where he can grieve and decide whether he wants to go on.
No Time for Past Regrets.   Rated PG.  By David Goodine and Ingrid Cross.  It's McCoy's first day aboard the Enterprise and it's not exactly smooth sailing.
The Taste of Sunsets.   Rated PG.  Stranded on a desolute planet, two of the Enterprise crew ponder their fates.
A Warrior's Death.   Rated PG.  Captain Kirk has been critically injured in an ambush by the Klingons and is now on life support.  Spock and McCoy have a critical decision to make..
Areel.    Has Areel forgotten Jim Kirk?
Farewell Embrace.   You be the judge on who is speaking here...
Song for a Kinsman.     A lovely poem paying homage to James T. Kirk.
Uhura.     Future thoughts for a modern warrior in peacetime...
Untitled.     Goodbye to one's first love.
Untitled.     A sleeper dreams in the deserts of Gol ... or is it real?
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