DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. This poem is the creation and property of Ingrid Cross and is copyright (c) 1980 by Ingrid Cross. Originally published in Odyssey #4.


Ingrid Cross

Both of us need time, my love,

alone and separate for thought.

I require a space where I can breathe

and think of you without pain.

I have so much forgetting to do

before I can share your life.

I need to wake in the morning and find

that loving you won't hurt so bad.

When I can look at you and see a change,

find the woman I first loved;

Then I will be able to live with you again,

we'll rebuild from where it went wrong.

Until then, let our parting be easy,

wish with me that time flows smoothly.

When we meet again, let our bonds be tight

without draining love and hope.