Disclaimer: Star Trek is the property of Paramount/Viacom. This poem is the property of and is copyright (c) 1980 by Ingrid Cross. Originally published in Personal Log #1, Vicki Ashe, editor.


Ingrid Cross

Future thoughts for a Modern Warrior in Peacetime

Someday I, too, shall wander among the stars,

glide between the lights,

carve my fortunes on hostile worlds.

My wars shall be fought with the heart,

I shall replace the Spear with love,

use a smile as my war-sign.

I shall fight for myself, not only for my kin,

My own desires shall be dealt with

according to traditions I create.

Mine is the heritage of communal spirit.

It rears its head in a final plea,

a last beckoning toward a proud unity.

In rejecting it, I will find my joy.

In fighting for myself

I will make life more dear.