The Stories of
Pat Foley
Change of CommandRated PG.   The new captain of the Enterprise is nothing like Christopher Pike and Spock finds that Jim Kirk is just a little too chummy for Vulcan protocols.
For the Good of the ServiceRated PG.   It's time for Christopher Pike to take that promotion and turn the reins of the Enterprise over to a new man -- Captain James T. Kirk.
Hearts and HandsRated G. Now that the shooting is over, McCoy has to get back to the business of treating all the other injuries among the ambassadors on their way to Babel.  And Amanda shows her mettle.
HolographyRated PG13. Spock is leaving home and Sarek is almost violently opposed to it ... and the elder Vulcan will go to just about any means to insure that his young son does not make the mistake of his life.
The Inevitable, Logical ResultRated PG13.   Living on Vulcan isn't easy for Amanda and sometimes it's harder to understand these people than she anticipated.
MilestoneRated G. Kirk has just become the youngest starship commander in Starfleet history. It's a time to celebrate ... and think about the future.
Officer MaterialRated PG.   Chris Pike has come across a remarkable young Vulcan who would be absolutely perfect as the first one of his planet to enter Starfleet.  Now it's just a matter of convincing him!
Seeking SurakRated G. There are many paths to logic and some of them are Human. But Sarek fails to understand that his son is half-Human, too.
SummationRated PG.   Spock has successfully returned Christopher Pike to Talos IV and the mock court-martial is over. Now Spock comes to Kirk's office ... bringing his resignation.
Two DrabblesRated G. Two ultra-short little stories -- one about Spock and the other about Sarek and Amanda.
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