Disclaimer: Star Trek is the property of Paramount/Viacom. This story is the property of Pat Foley and is copyright 2006 by Pat Foley. Rated G. These are two little drabbles I wrote for the ASCEML 100 stories in July challenge. I'm used to writing novels, not drabbles, so these are my first efforts :)


"She who is my wife"

by Pat Foley


She walks behind and not beside me.


And I do not give her name to strangers.


I speak to her in ways that humans sometimes find offensive.


I do not hold her hand in public. Much less engage in more extensive embraces.


My behavior is considered reprehensive by human standards.


Yet ... she smiles, laughs.


And if she does not take my hand in public, her looks alone say more than words could.


Enough to make even a Vulcan blush.


Much of her behavior is reprehensible by Vulcan standards.


Yet somehow, we find ways to meet.


It is more than enough.




by Pat Foley


Vulcans are renowned for loyalty.


I stole a starship, violated Starfleet directives, risked the death penalty, in loyalty to Pike.


I've risked my own life, repeatedly, for Jim.


I'd have let my father die for my Starfleet oath.




My first loyalty was to Sarek, my heritage, my childhood choice for Vulcan.


My father remains loyal to tradition. He's refused the parental relationship since I joined Starfleet.


Somehow, unintentionally, all sophisticated instrumentation aside, I've lost, mislaid, that first primal loyalty.


Forever roaming the stars, substituting one loyalty for another.


Until I rediscover my Vulcan home.