The Stories of
Karen Fleming
At Odds:  Christine Chapel, the Original Hard Luck KidRated G. A defense of Christine Chapel and the beating she's taken at the hands of fan writers and pro writers alike.
Bridge Between SoulsRated PG13.  Spock is dying from an unresolved pon farr and McCoy is desperate to help him.  He assigns Christine Chapel to watch over the Vulcan, unaware of the consequences he had unleashed.
NatiraRated G. A poem that takes a critical look at the High Priestess of Yonada.
Only a DreamRated NC17.  K/S Captain Kirk has a dream that just weirder and weirder the longer it goes ... and it involves Spock.
Uhura's FantasyRated R. It's a dull, dull day on the Bridge and Uhura passes the time by fantasizing about a certain captain she knows...
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