Disclaimer: Star Trek is the property of Paramount/Viacom. This story is the property of and is copyright (c) 1976 by Karen Fleming. Originally published in R&R #5, Johanna Cantor, editor. Rated R.


Karen Fleming

Jim Kirk was running in slow motion down the curved corridor of a ship that he didn't know. The air was thick around him and his boots made no noise against the lush, growing carpet.

Around a bend, he came to a large, open room filled with people he knew instinctively to be his crew, yet their faces were all unfamiliar to him. They beckoned to him and he collapsed willingly into their outstretched arms. Around him they gathered, lovingly, tenderly -- soothing him with their caresses.

As he lay on his back on the sweetly scented, flowering carpet, a form bent over him that he did recognize. "Bones!" The grin spread across his face at the sight of his well-loved friend.

"You enjoyin' your bachelor party, Jim-boy?" Bones smiled warmly, his eyes crinkling into crowsfeet at the corners, his voice soft with the joy of the moment.

Without further ado, Bones began to slip the clothes from Jim's body -- very slowly, very lovingly -- and the air grew thick again with affection in the faces of the crowd.

Laughing deliriously, Jim gulped in that air, his staff of life. He was bare and open to the world ... so open and free that it was the beginning and the end of life all tied in one package.

Caressing hands lifted him, stroking him in ways he'd never believed possible, carrying him off again down that long, curving corridor. The air grew warmer and thinner, cleansed by salt spray. They laid him down on warm sand within a stone's throw of thundering surf, waves dancing on the fine grains.

Jim moved to sit up -- to get on his feet and rush down to the sea. But his head began to spin as the world tilted crazily beneath him.

Bones gently pushed Jim down onto his back again. "It's okay, Jim," he whispered, "I'm going to take care of you." He moved aside, making way for Spock who had emerged from the crowd to stand towering over them.

Down bent Spock, down, down, for what seemed an eternity -- to trace the imaginary line down the center of Jim's body with hands as hot as coals. Jim shivered under the gently teasing caress and opened slightly to his lover-to-be.

All around them the crowd swirled, whispering cooing, waiting in hushed anticipation. Bones dropped down just above Jim's head. "I'm here, Jim," he crooned, wiping away a tear that had begun to trickle out of the corner of Jim's eye. He took both of Jim's hands in a gentle, reassuring caress and settled down in a silent vigil.

The movement of Spock's hands over his body was causing a great ache to grow in the chasm that had contained Jim's heart. A shuddering seizure shook Jim -- tearing sharp cries from his throat, spewing blood from his mouth and letting it flow down his cheek to taint the sand beneath him.

Lips to lips, Spock caressed the wounds with his tongue and the outpouring subsided. Shivering against Spock, Jim stroked Spock's tongue with his own, suckling it as it swelled and grew to enormous proportions.

Abruptly, Jim found himself on his side -- Spock now kissing, stroking the sensitive organs between Jim's legs until he opened himself completely. Very gently the alien thrust his enlarged tongue inside Jim, feeling him shiver more violently as it continued to grow. As Spock moved within him, small, shuddering sobs swept through Jim's body. Tears welled in his eyes and washed down his cheek to drench the sand.

Bones cradled Jim now, kissing his face and eyes and cooing softly to him. A sharp pain was growing in Jim's belly, which had begun to swell to unnatural size. The pain was becoming more intense, coming in spasms that caused Jim to gasp, clutching at Bones for support and comfort.

Still, Spock's tongue grew within him, moving caressingly, sending violently pleasurable shudders up his spine. The pleasure and pain washed together in a crescendo of waves crashing inside his skull, damping consciousness to all but the presence of Spock and Bones and the growing shocks inside him.

Suddenly he lurched, screaming, as white-hot pain seized him, washing out his vision with a white, obscuring haze. Again and again he screamed as the pain and convulsions squeezed a tiny, living being from his navel.

He sank back in Bones' arms, feeling tired and smaller than he had been a few minutes earlier. Gently, Bones lifted his head so he could see what lay quietly on his belly. A tiny, pinkish baby with pointed ears and hazel eyes in pink Starfleet pajamas blinked back at him.

With a sigh, Jim smiled and lay back in Bones' arms as the baby was handed into the crowd. But the white-hot pain seized him again, shaking him like a rag doll, and leaving him trembling and sunken in Bones' grasp again as another little bundle in a pale blue version of the Starfleet pajamas oozed from him. It too disappeared into the eager crowd.

Again and again he was shaken and torn and reassembled by the creation of new life ... each time wearing him down more than the last until he suddenly realized that the newest baby was almost as large as he was.

One last time the seizure rattled him, almost tearing him limb from limb, and he lay back exhausted. "This one's as big as I am," he mused, then noticed that it fit very neatly in the arms of a person from the crowd.

Very gently, Bones picked Jim up and cradled him in his arms. His eyes large with wonderment, Jim reached up with one tiny fist to touch Bones' chin. Bones lightly tickled Jim's cheek with a finger, cooing at the newborn and laughing as he gurgled back.

Getting up from the sand to come and stand beside Bones, Spock put an arm around him. Together they peered down at the chubby, little baby that was left of their good friend.

"Thanks, Spock," said Bones. "I always wanted a son."