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A Letter to Santa

Willow Scott

Dear Santa,

I never thought that I would bring myself to make such a request, but Len gave me the much needed boost in courage to do this.

For several years I have been in love with a tall, dark and handsome man. Unfortunately, my love for him has always gone on unrequited. In fact, he often pushes me away or runs in the other direction when he sees me coming. Every time I am about to give up on this love of mine, Len keeps insisting that he has feelings for me but is hiding from them. Though feelings is not something that many would associate with this man, those of us who truly know him know better.

I guess what I am basically asking for is a chance to get my man. My request is that you set us up on a blind date together, so that he will have a chance to get to know me and feel more comfortable around me.

If you could actually pull it off, I would be totally in your debt. However, I would also be amazed as this man would not probably want to go on a blind date. I suppose you need to know who it is. Of course you do, if you are ever to arrange it. All right here it goes ... the man is our First Officer, Mr. Spock.

If you could pull this off, it would be the best Christmas present anyone ever gave me.


Christine Chapel