DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. This poem is the creation and property of Toni Cardinal-Price and is copyright (c) 1979 by Toni Cardinal-Price. Originally printed in Stardate: Unknown #5.

Illogical Thoughts of a Woman in Blue

Toni Cardinal-Price

Roger Korby.

Truly this is a man to be admired.

An accomplished scientist,

His records are required reading at Starfleet.

And yet...

Why do I experience a feeling of distrust,

When I think of him?

Surely she loves him.

Her face, when she heard his voice,


Like an exploding star.

It is admirable that she did not give up hope,

After long years of waiting.

So now he is found.

And they shall be together.

Illogical that this should disturb me.

Something is wrong.

I have spoken with the Captain,

Questioned him,

And he called me a name he would never say.

Not Jim.

I must beam down,

If only to reassure myself

That they are both all right.

It is over now.

Korby is truly gone,

'Though he was never really there.

Jim explained it to me

And I find it regrettable that such a mind was lost.

There was much knowledge

To be learned there.

Yet ultimately, it was his own choice.

Why do I find myself pleased?

I cannot forget the pain in her eyes;

The sorrow and emptiness still there

As she talks to the Captain.

She is staying with the ship

And that is good,

For she is a most efficient crewmember.


That I find myself content

Knowing she will remain.