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Watching a Wet Vulcan


The meadow was quiet, the only humming coming from the various flying insects that flitting around. The sun was shining and felt warm on the skin. Christine paused as she gathered the last of her samples. They had been here for two weeks now and soon the Enterprise would come to get them.

But for now the sun was warm on her skin and the meadow smelled sweet. They had come to study the flowers that dotted the meadow with their vibrant orange color but the real find here was the tall grass like plant. The plant gave off a scent that seemed to encourage a body to relax and calm down. Every part of this plant had some medicinal property from the roots thru to the tips of the leaves. What a find this plant was!

The sun was soon overhead and beat down rather uncomfortably for a woman accustomed more to the artificial light aboard a starship. So Christine moved off to the line of trees that bordered the meadow. As she walked into the shade a bit she saw not too far away a pond. Spock had mentioned the pond to her last night. If she remembered correctly, it was rather shallow and warm. Spock had tested it and it showed no life hostile to either humans or Vulcans. Maybe later she would go and swim but for now she was warm and relaxed. Maybe the best idea would be to lie down and close her eyes just for a minute.

Christine quietly awoke not really sure what had awoken her. As she slowly sat up she saw a flutter of white as Spock approached the pond. She stayed silent not really wanting Spock to think she had lain in wait just to spy on him. She was totally hidden from the pond and as long as she stayed quiet, Spock would never know she was there.

Spock approached the pond with his long graceful stride. Once he arrived he took off his long white robe. Christine was surprised to see he had nothing on underneath. He reached behind him into the bag she hadn't realized he had carried and watched him remove a tube of soap. She watched as he quickly and efficiently lather his body. When he was finished, he did a shallow dive into the pond to rinse off. He slowly stroked to the middle of the pond and then stood up. The water reached only mid chest to the wet Vulcan. Christine watched as he walked towards the shore. The water fell in droplets from his hair and she watched the droplets slowly follow the planes of his cheek where her lips longed to follow. She watch the droplets fall from his face to his chest to lose themselves in the dark fur. As he came from the water she watched those droplets creep along the flat abdomen. She watched him toss back his wet hair and she felt a strong surge of lust and longing all intermixed and hard to separate.

As he reached down into the bag and retrieved his towel, he turned away to dry himself. Never had she seen such a sight. From his hair to his heels he was simply a gorgeous sight. The strong back that rippled as he reached to dry himself, the narrow hips, the perfectly formed butt, the strong thighs. Even the back of his knees looked kissable.

Just when she thought she could no longer stay quiet, Spock reached down and took his robe. He unfolded it, quickly put it on, gathered his things and left the way he had come.

Christine leaned back and looked up into mostly hidden sky. She wondered how she would be able to face him tonight over their evening meal where they had been discussing their findings. Would she ever be able to look at him again and not see him dripping wet in all of his glory?