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Watching a Wet Human


He watched her hurry away right after dinner. It was unusual but she seemed disturbed by something. She had been uncharacteristically silent throughout the meal. Humans were at times a confusing race, especially the females.

As he cleaned up from his meal, he decided he had enough time to get one more sample. It was dusk and he wished to return before the sun set and analyze this last sample. He gathered the necessary supplies and headed down to the pond he had tested the week before. This final set of samples would be used as comparison against the first set. He took samples from various areas around the shoreline. It had taken him longer than he had anticipated due to the dense foliage surrounding the pond. He was at the last collection site just as the double moons rose over the water.

This last site was in a secluded spot where the tall grasses were particularly heavy. The reflection of the moons upon the water, the sweet scent of the grass and the gentle hum of the evening's insects leant a quiet tranquility to this spot so he paused after he secured the last sample to watch the moons rise.

Just as he was about to leave he heard something approach the water. He did not move hoping to catch a glimpse of what ever night creature approached. As the creature came to the pond's shore, it became quickly apparent it was Miss Chapel. He was about to make some kind of noise to alert her to his presence when she dropped the robe she was wearing.

Instantly his throat went completely dry. The moons' radiance gently followed her naked form, spilling over her breasts as she reached up to release her hair. Her hair turn silver in the moons' caress as she shook it out to flow over her shoulders. She grabbed her cloth and some soap and quickly stepped hip deep into the water. He watched as the cloth moved over her body leaving a path of lather. He watched her as she slowly lathered each part of her body. By the expression on her face and the way her head tilted back exposing her long graceful neck, he could tell she enjoyed the passage of the cloth. He was startled when she gracefully dove into the water to rinse off the lather. She looked like one of the old earth legends as she played in the water, perhaps a water sprite or a mermaid as she gracefully flipped and turned. The moonlight would reflect glimpses of her body, a hip here or a breast there, until she finally slowed down. She finally came to a complete stop and lay there floating in the middle of the pond. The moonlight danced over her form turning her into the perfect image of the ancient Vulcan Goddess of Life, the Bringer of Water.

The female floating in the water and the male watching from the bank seemed frozen in time, neither moving until a cloud drifted over moon casting a dark shadow over the area and he lost sight of her for a short time. After the cloud passed and the moons' glow once more danced upon the water, she was gone from the pond. He was surprised to feel the deep sense of loss her absence caused. His sharp eye caught sight of movement once more as she struggled to get the robe on her wet body at the shoreline. He was amazed at the flush of arousal that course through his body. He struggled with the urge to step out and claim this female as his. To stop her struggle with the robe and to lay her down on the sweet smelling grass. To allow his lips and tongue the pleasure of following the path the cloth had taken on its trip across her moon-kissed form. He was about to step out and stop her when she quickly picked up her things and left for the camp.

Spock watched her hurry up the path. He decided not to follow but to spend a moment to gather his thoughts and to center his being before slowly gathering his supplies to follow Christine back to camp.