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If Walls Could Talk...


They wouldn't have much to say about their new occupant. Christine had unpacked all the clothes, settled them into the semi-round wardrobe, found all the little hidden holes to put things in, and had tried placing her pictures and other small mementos of home that she had brought around the room. Now, she waited. Spock was due to pick her up in 20 more minutes. If she knew Spock from her previous experience with Vulcans, she would not have to wait one more second past 6 to answer the door. In fact, she could probably set her watch by him. With a sigh, she fingered the oddly made reddish orange coverlet that the bed had been provided with and wondered if she could substitute it for something a little less ... orange. She was not fond of the color scheme in the hot tones and could do wonders with a simple section of material and a tablecloth in a nice soothing lavender or pale green. Still, she didn't hope to spend a great deal of time in this room. It would be nice to change clothes in and to sleep in, but she didn't feel like holing herself up in such an airtight space. Although her little cottage that she had to have was open and airy, she found it constrictive and like a dungeon after Roger had disappeared. She spent the most of her time at work with people around her.

The door buzz startled her. Checking the chronometer, she smiled. As she allowed the door to slide open to reveal Commander Spock, she was shaking her head. "I was just thinking I could set my clock by your appearance. I was right."

Spock bowed his head slightly. His hands were clasped behind his back, and he did not step into the room. "I see no reason to be tardy for appointments."

"Well, shall we get going? Do you want to eat first or do the tour?"

Spock waited for her to exit the cabin. They began walking down the corridor slowly. "It is usually quite crowded at this particular time of the shift. If you would wish to begin the tour, the recreation rooms thin out in about an hour."

Christine considered, "All right, whichever is best. I'm not really that hungry anyway, the walk will help dredge up an appetite."

Spock began with sickbay and the labs. The entire deck was heavily occupied by medical chambers, and Christine found herself quite impressed. She had, for some unknown reason, pictured the sickbay as a slightly upgraded first aid station. "I suppose I've been watching too many submarine movies," she mused as they left the last of the labs and started for another deck.

"How so?" Spock asked completely confused as to why she would mention such a thing.

"It's just that the medical section is so large. I had pictured something much smaller and less advanced. More like a submarine would have or an old seafaring destroyer. They were long on military and short on science," she explained.

"This ship is a military vessel, it is true, but we spend the bulk of our time in research and scientific study. It is not only a starship to guard Federation space but to explore it as well," Spock answered as he had tried to explain to his own father many times.

The tall nurse smiled, "Is that why you are aboard? I did wonder why a Vulcan who was dedicated to peace would be a permanent member of a ship capable of destroying others."

"Yes, I find that the possibilities of scientific research and exploration far outweigh the dangers of attack and defense. This is the main access to the computer core..." he began and reminded her that they were on a tour not a question and answer session about his lifestyle choice.

Finally, he brought the tour to an end two hours later and they went into the main recreation deck that also housed mess facilities. There were still crewmembers milling around, eating, and enjoying their off hours. Over in one corner, a dark skinned woman in red was entertaining a group of fellow junior officers. She immediately noted the entrance of her stoic superior and a very tall pale blonde. "Who's the woman?" came a question at her elbow.

"Hmm, must be the new nurse that came aboard," Uhura answered. Without meaning to, Spock and Chapel became the center of the room's attention. Uhura immediately went over to introduce herself.

"Mr. Spock, good evening," she said with a questioning smile.

"Miss Uhura. May I introduce you to the new head nurse, Christine Chapel," he replied knowing why she had come over.

Christine grinned. It not only brightened her face, it brightened the room. "Hello, Miss...?"

"You can call me Nyota," Uhura answered already liking the woman. She had this ability to make people at ease with her smile. "If you'll excuse me, I'll go back and let you two eat in peace. If you'd like to join us afterwards, please do."

Christine nodded slightly. Looking over at the other group, she caught the eyes of an oriental man in gold and another woman in red with blonde hair and blue eyes. They exchanged smiles but waited until Uhura came back to the group to ask her the questions.

"Well, shipboard gossip is alive and well, I see," Christine laughed softly.

Spock looked up from his meal. "Yes, shipboard gossip does travel quite quickly. Miss Uhura is the ship's chief communication's officer. I can reliably state that if you wish to know anything about anyone, she will know."

They ate in silence for the rest of the meal. Spock was eager to attend to a problem he had been working on before meeting Christine for the tour and dinner. "I wish to check on a series of tests that I am conducting. Do you wish an escort back to your cabin?" he asked politely.

"No, I'll find my way. Besides, I think I'd like to take Miss... Nyota up on the offer to visit," Christine said. Spock nodded his parting and left her to find new friends on the ship that was going to be home for a while.

With a slightly hesitant sigh, she got up and headed over to the group. She smiled, " Hello. I'm Christine Chapel, the new head nurse."

"Janice Rand, Captain's yeoman, pleased to meet you," the other woman in red answered.

The oriental officer appraised her and flashed her his own dazzling grin. "Charmed, I'm sure... Hikaru Sulu, navigator."

"And all around Lothario," Nyota and Janice laughed. Christine chuckled. They were already at home with her. Yes, it would be a nice place to stay for a while.