Legalese: Copyright Mistress V 2006. Paramount owns, I borrow, and I know, you know, and THEY know. This is a G rated story, about Sarek and Amanda and Spock and Christine. Rated G.



Mistress V


Amanda looked out at the snowy scene that greeted her from the balcony of the hillside Gasthof she and Sarek were occupying. It was midafternoon and the sun, already in its downward arc, was bathing the craggy Alps in golden light.


She adjusted the scarf around her mouth, her breath puffy clouds of white. Despite the chill, she still loved winter in all its magnificent glory, and you couldn't get more glorious a setting than this (in her modest opinion). Far below, she could make out the figures of Sarek, Stark and Sierra the dog as they walked around an ice covered pond.


Hockey players from the camp were busily practicing their best slap shots on the unfamiliar surface of natural ice. Volunteer Vulcan IGHL referees were overseeing the enthusiastic throng. The Gorn twins were surprisingly light on their feet and talented to boot. Amanda watched as they both called out and saluted the travelers as one. Such nice boys, and so well mannered. She could hardly believe that only a few years back, their world and the Federation had been at such odds. Sarek had been correct. The logical outcome did prevail.


Stark paused and threw a stick into the snow, which the dog loped after. Sierra brought the prize back quickly and did a neat little bow. Both men gave the canine a well deserved pat on the head, then returned to their walking and talking. The youth had been thrust into the intergalactic limelight quite unexpectedly with his win at Polaris, and now enjoyed the rarefied air of one who was a superstar. But he never forgot his Vulcan roots and, with the assistance of her husband, was dealing with all of the many positive side effects of his victory, including his charity work with the children of the quadrant. He had almost become an errant, eager foster child to the family, and both her husband and son worked to counsel him in whatever way they could. Amanda didn't mind. It was nice having a second son, of a sort.


It was getting cold. The Gasthof was on the shady side of the hill, and the evening chill came swiftly. She reluctantly made her way inside the sturdily double glazed doors, but her mind was elsewhere. To a not unfamiliar scene, except it was set against Vulcan's shimmering heat. And the characters were Sarek, Spock and I-Chaya, on their way into the mountains for some adventure. Long before the alienation between them, back when there was father son interaction of a positive nature.


Had so many years passed since that first day she and Sarek had met, thanks to an ill timed turbolift door closing? And the changes she'd seen since then almost defied the imagination. She ordered some afternoon tea for when Sarek returned, then got a spiced Gluhwein for herself and sat down in front of the fireplace, hypnotized by the flames.


Earlier, she'd been speaking with her daughter in law, who they'd see a few days later in New York. Christine's face had been aglow with that special light of a woman who was very, very happy. Amanda remembered the way her nose had crinkled when she smiled, such an endearing thing to see. The fact that her son, the previously staid, emotionless lover of computers and Starfleet, was probably the cause of the smile almost seemed unbelievable.


Had she even thought such a thing possible? The hopes she harbored after Babel, when it seemed as though a family bond might resurface from ancient ashes, had been dashed when Spock announced his decision to pursue Kolinahr at Gol. It was, he stated, for the best where all parties were concerned. Sarek had merely replied, "Of course," yet through their bond, she felt his dismay and disappointment at losing the son only so recently found. But he'd gone off to a diplomatic conference on Altair VI and she was left to grieve in private.


And she had. The unheeding Vulcan stars heard her weep inconsolably, night after night. To her, it was as though Spock was denying her, his mother, with his choice. That the mere thought of being half human repulsed and sickened him. She cried and cried, until there were no more tears left, then begged and prayed that somehow, the pain she was feeling could be lifted from her heart. Jim Kirk had arrived soon after that, for a brief visit, clearly confused about his friend's decision. They consoled each other as best they could, but ultimately (and logically) decided to let fate run its course.


As often happens, prayers are answered, though in a slightly different way than requested. Amanda only hoped to come to terms with her son's choices. She'd been downright floored when, almost miraculously, he appeared, shaggy, unkempt and clearly disconcerted, at their door some months later. They had all talked about things, and both she and Sarek agreed with his decision to return to the Enterprise. Amanda was merely grateful that her son seemed to have returned to them both.


Then the second miracle happened.


She was now a mother-in-law, and her son was clearly besotted with his wife. Their marriage was now in its second year and seemed to be ramping up instead of cooling down. In a few days, Jim Kirk, Leonard McCoy and Tom Jackson would be arriving for a visit to the camp. And to discuss the proposition Tom had put to the couple, to be at the forefront of dealing with emerging Federation members, yet allowing them time to be...husband and wife. As in having a family, which they both indicated was what they wanted. Sarek himself had come up with the idea though he insisted it be kept secret. If someone did not show the couple another way, he reasoned, they might wander in the stars forever for no logical reason. Sarek felt that somehow, this wasn't quite what they wanted to do.


And then they'd be off to New York, for hockey and a Klingon wedding. At which her son and daughter in law served as attendants. Amanda laughed out loud. Who in their logical mind would have predicted this? When she married Sarek, she'd known he had a special Klin friend, though the preposterous tale he'd told of their meeting had left her astonished. The ever increasing hostilities meant the friends were reduced for years to underground communication. There had been times, at the height of turmoil, where Sarek and his friend had been quite saddened by the illogic of their governments, but they vowed that such stupidity could not destroy what was logical. Their friendship.


Once the Organian treaty was about to be signed, Amanda herself was in the kitchen when, unexpectedly, a cowled figure had materialized there. Sarek had rushed in from his study to make an introduction of his excellency, Kl'o'rox, of the Klin diplomatic corps, who was secretly visiting before they both went off to treaty formalities at Babel. She'd been speechless. A Klingon, in her kitchen? But the man had clicked his heels and bowed formally, addressing her as the Lady of the House and the mate of his esteemed friend.


She liked him.


And now, as formal diplomatic relations moved logically forward, Kl'o'rox headed the first 'for show' Klingon embassy, on Vulcan. She and his wife had become friends and both of them were eagerly anticipating the couple's first visit to Terra. Lady Kl'o'rox had suggested Las Vegas, and she and Sarek were quick to agree. A wonderful spot to have fun and see what Terra was its extreme. Time enough for diplomacy later.


It was almost time for Sarek to return. She glanced out the window and saw Kanou and her coach doing some final moves on the ice as the last vestiges of light faded. Next year, the Klingon skater would debut and hopes were high for her future. Amanda smiled as she recalled seeing the girl when they'd first arrived, and handing over the special parcel of Vulcan cookies and other goodies she'd been asked to courier.


T'Ann had contacted her on T'Mara's behalf. Kanou's friend was obviously aware of the problems her parents had with the clan years back, but Amanda realized she could not hold a child responsible for what, she realized, was long ago and finished. Even Sarek had agreed. So she'd gone to the Shi-Kar School of the Arts and gladly accepted the gift T'Mara wanted to send her friend. Amanda somehow felt those two would be preforming on an intergalactic stage someday, so the request was a pleasure. The look on Kanou's face when she received the special cargo was worth everything, Amanda decided. And, of course, she' be taking a package back to Vulcan.


Amanda moved to the replicator and finalized her order. A moment later, Viennese styled coffee---rich with cinnamon and whipped creme---and Sacher Torte appeared. She artfully arranged the treats on the lounge table just as the door opened.


"Greetings, Aduna," Sarek said as he dusted the snow off his outer garments. "Did you have an enjoyable afternoon?"


She accepted the two fingered embrace of his people, aware of his love for her coursing through their bond.


"I did, husband," she replied with a smile. "But it is now more enjoyable that you are here with me."


Sarek kissed his Vah'ren.