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Timeline: All of the S/C courtship, wedding, and winter sportscamp happened in the same solar year as the SportsFest at Polaris (which was held that February). So we've passed the next games at Tahoe (Stark's home town!) and Portillo, Chile. Portillo's in South America (a popular winter sports resort there) and in the southern hemisphere winter happens in June, July and August.


KDC= Klingon Defense Corps KDCA= Klingon Defense Corps Academy. The age of entry is similar to that of Starfleet Academy. Loki is about two years older than Mogh and Kanou.


From the Mouths of Babes

Mistress V


            Almost seven years after the end of the first winter sports camp...


            It was a perfect early September San Francisco weekend afternoon.


            The fogs so common to the actual summer months had finally dissipated, allowing Indian Summer to come rolling in. To the residents who knew better, it was easily the best time of the year.


            Golden Gate Park was a pleasant mix of autumn color and greenery. The bike and skate paths swarmed with San Franciscans eager for physical activity. Far away, the ever present foghorns warned shipping of the bay's rocks, but today there was not a trace of fog to be seen anywhere. It was so clear that the UC Berkeley belltower was visible from the Golden Gate Bridge. That was clear.


            "Come on, Jim. There's a good boy. Straight to me!" Christine Chapel held the vidcamera with one hand as she waved to her son with the other.


            The just turned two year old toddler seemed uncertain of how to proceed. He grasped the handlebars of his training bike but did nothing else. The sun glinted off his safety helmet.


            "Go on, son. Go to your mother," Spock encouraged from behind, giving the young man the tiniest of parental shoves. A second later, he was pleased to see his son begin to pedal mightily.


            "Very good!" Christine welcomed the future Tour de France champion with a hug and a kiss. A moment later, her husband joined them and gave his son an affectionate pat on the back.


            "Yes, son. Very good."


            But the next Lance Armstrong wasn't accepting compliments just then. "Eat!" he said. "I'm hungry!"


            "I believe your son would like some lunch, doctor," Spock observed as he began unpacking the container he'd been carrying.


            "MY son? Let me explain something to you, captain...."


* * *


            "A most pleasant afternoon," Spock said as they strolled back to their home, which was in walking distance of the park. "With the start of the new academic year this Monday, I fear such excursions will be limited for the time being."


            "No kidding. I get to start physicals on the incoming class at 08:00 Monday morning. At least we have this last weekend to enjoy ourselves." Christine adjusted their sleeping son on her shoulder.


            "Speaking of ... enjoying ourselves..." Spock raised a now familiar eyebrow.


            Christine caught sight of the small key on a chain that he still wore after all this time, resting at the juncture of his collarbone where his ancient cambric shirt was unbuttoned. Except when...needed, he'd never taken it off since the night she'd given it to him.


            "May I remind you, captain, that I am a pregnant mother married to a Starfleet Academy Dean? And what are you doing in my shirt, anyway, sir?"


            "Only if I may remind you, doctor, of who got you into that predicament in the first place? And as I must routinely tell you, this is my shirt, which you pilfer from my closet on a regular basis."


            Game, set, match. Damn that man, Christine thought to herself, he was still good. And she wouldn't have it any other way.


            Their customary banter was interrupted by the sight of three teenaged youths hurtling down the fast skate path. Both of them stopped to admire the skater's form, which looked nothing their own skating trips. Spock had put their son on hockey skates for the first time the week before; rollerblades would be following.


            The trio braked to a flashy stop just yards from where they stood and removed their helmets and Vulcan Heat sunglasses.


            "Dr. Chapel? Captain?" Benny Childress asked.


            "Benny! Ellat! Leonard! What a great surprise! You looked pretty cosmic there," Christine said with a happy smile of recognition.


            "Gentlemen! A pleasure, but I was not expecting to see the new first year cadets until Monday morning," Spock replied. "After all, the Academy is not in session yet, you know."


            It was clear Academy protocol was not yet in force. The boys crowded around, exchanging news and gossip with the couple.


            "This is our son, James." Spock indicated the slumbering toddler.


            "We call him Jim," Christine clarified. "So what are you up to this last weekend of freedom, then?"


            "Officially we're at the embassy till school starts," Ellat said. "Mom insisted." He made a face, as did his two friends.


            "After she talked to MY mother," Leonard offered. "I guess she doesn't trust us completely..." It was clear the Dowager Empress of Troyius and the Teer's Regent had much in common where maternal radar was concerned.


            "Yeah, remind me to thank you," Benny laughed. "Then they BOTH talked to MY mom. You'd think we were six. It's a miracle we could ditch the minders today, Ellat sent 'em off to a baseball game with some of the embassy staff. Anyway, we're heading off to Jimmy's loft later to see what he's been painting and hang out for awhile. We're gonna try to connect with Silok on a subspace vid, too, if we can."


            Jimmy Sanchez had been awarded a scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute where he was doing a degree in fine art. Silok was now studying aerodynamic design at the Vulcan Science Institute.


            "Did you see Kanou skate in Portillo last month?" Ellat whistled. "A bronze, her second time out. They say she might be a gold medal contender at Temoria. And Mogh! A bronze in snowboard cross!" He grinned proudly. "We knew 'em way back when."


            "Yes, we watched the whole sportsfest, from beginning to end." Christine said, resisting the temptation to mentally smack her husband one for rolling his eyes so obviously. Well, obviously for a Vulcan.


            "Kanou will compete here this January, in the Golden Gate Cup, perhaps we could all attend and show our support for her," Spock suggested. The Klingon girl was a regular visitor when she was in the area, often in the company of her best friend T'Mara. At almost sixteen, both were maturing into their disciplines very well, in addition to turning adolescent male heads wherever they went.


            "How about all that talk about her and Mogh taking the oath? What a load of junk!!! Mogh's already got a girlfriend, anyway," Benny added. "He starts the KDCA this month, a cadet just like us. Oh, and Loki's in his third year, the flyboy. Says it's hard but he likes it. The food's pretty awful, though, according to him."


            A look of distaste passed from teen to teen. Starfleet Academy food was not rumored to be of any great culinary merit, either.


            "Speaking of food, Stark and T'Lara are having dinner with us all tomorrow," Leonard said. "It'll be cosmic to see them again." The Teer of Capella IV had attended the second sportscamp in Germany with Jim Kirk's encouragement, and excelled in hockey. He'd also developed a fondness for what his mother refers to as "non nutritional food".


            "Now that they've officially retired, they're busier than ever, with the whole Vulcan Heat corporation and all," Ellat continued. "He and T'Lara are expecting their second baby in April."


            "We are in February," Spock said placidly, giving a special look to his wife.


            "Be careful or you'll all be godfathers before you know it!" Christine warned happily.


            "And I shall expect you at team trials next week, then, gentlemen," Spock intoned with mock seriousness as his future pupils prepared to depart for more skating. "We need hockey players."


            "Aye, sir!" came the chorus.


* * *  


"Who would have thought all those years ago that we'd get three cadets out of the first few sports camps?" Christine mused later that evening.


            "That aspire to be a geologist, a stellar cartographer and a physicist. Yes, an excellent addition to the entering class." Spock placed an affectionate hand on his wife's small but growing bump. "And who knows what awaits her?"


            "Mmmm. Maybe a fast talking Starfleet type will sweep her off her feet and show her the galaxy someday."


            "Not unless he gets past me. To quote your former superior, I shall be waiting on the porch with my shotgun." He gave his wife a stern glance, meant to scare off potential Romeos.


            "Oh Spock, you still slay me," Christine snickered.


            "As I intend to every day of our marriage. Now about enjoying ourselves before the horrors of another academy year are upon us, doctor?"


            "I believe I have just the prescription, captain. A...swimming lesson."




OK. An update from MY universe...


            Spock has been promoted to Captain (with a view to Admiral soon) and is Dean of Intercultural Relations at the Academy. In other words, he helps the growing number of non Terran cadets assimilate into Starfleet (a luxury he likely never had in his day), teaches several courses in this area, and leads the odd training cruise (fear not, ST II does NOT happen here). He is so busy his wife threatens to clone him.


            Christine is now ACMO of the Starfleet Academy Hospital, working with her old pal Te'lloa. Her specialty is still emergency medicine but she does a whole lot of sports related treatments on all the injured cadets that come limping into the ER. ;-). She, Spock and James escape down to her mother's home in Avila Beach whenever they can where granny spoils her grandson rotten and puts her son in law happily to work on various DIY projects. Christine swears James was conceived during a hiking stop on a drive up the See Canyon Road, but Spock will not comment on the matter (although if you look carefully, his eartips are definitely flushing).


            They partake of sporting activities and...other things on a regular basis, and visit Vulcan when their schedules allow. Their somewhat irreverent banter is still very much a part of their relationship. The couple and their son reside in a Victorian home halfway between between Golden Gate Park and the Academy. Two cats share the residence. By the way, Spock made good on his promise. A huge marble tub (which could double for a training pool) graces the master bathroom. It gets....a great deal of use.


            James likes chocolate and plomeek soup equally. Genetically, he's much like Stark---Vulcan on the outside but the innards in his case are all Terran. He does not suffer all of the problems his father did on account of the mix. He's blonde, though, as his grandfather was, with Spock's dark eyes. The females of the galaxy will have a new pinup in a few years (just kidding, Spock, please put that shotgun down!). Stark has promised that next winter he'll teach his godson how to snowboard.


            With all the talk about JJ's next script of ST, I could not resist an academy angle of my own. Why not? A whole lot of amazing talent assembled for the first sportscamps, so it's only logical to think some interesting careers may have been launched.


            No, Elaan never remarried, but she keeps company on occasion with a handsome Minister of Sport and Culture from Troyius. Hockey, land and ice both, is the number one sport on Troyius and Elas thanks to her son's efforts. She and Kirk remain friends. Yes, he went to Risa. Several times! :-).


            Ellat now officially uses that name. His stepsister is still ruling the homeworld, guided in part by Elaan's advice, and the Dauphin is happy about that. He wants to explore space for now. Someday he might be Emperor, but he's just as willing to let his stepsister's son, or perhaps his own should he have one, to ascend without his ever having to rule (rather like the whole Charles-William speculation in the UK).


            Leonard James Akaar learned about the sports camp through his regular correspondence with Kirk. Capella IV is developing under Federation guidance. Eleen, naturally, was quite concerned about her son's plans for attending Starfleet Academy. Kirk arranged for both mothers and sons to meet one summer at the Troyian guest complex on Risa, along with Ellat's pal Benny. The matter was discussed thoroughly and approved, and the boys all became friends. Leonard is therefore being watched by Ellat's watchers, though they try to ditch them as often as possible, usually with Benny's help.


            Benny's parents and brothers live on Fuega, where Ben is now overseeing the entire mining operation. In other words (his), he's a "suit". Evie is still teaching, at Fuega's new college.


            Stark won his second gold medal---a Vulcan sweep, actually---at the Lake Tahoe Games. T'Lara got a silver in ice sailing. They're retired from competition but still active in other areas. Vulcan Heat has made the couple multimillionaires several times over; they invest much of the company's profits into sportscamps, competitions and sporting facilities all over the quadrant. They have a daughter, T'Crisa, and are expecting a son in the spring.


            Selek and T'Lea finally won that elusive gold medal in ice dancing at Lake Tahoe, which was a very successful overall games for the Vulcan team. They retired to coach and have been busily grooming the next generation of Vulcan skaters.


            Stark and Chula are in regular contact despite the differences between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire. As history has shown us, change is inevitable, and the new generation is usually the first to embrace it. Chula is at the university in the capital city, studying law and intergalactic relations. She snowboards and sandboards for the university's team. Romulans still do not compete outside of their empire, but Chula hopes she will see the day when the first citizen competes intergalactically.


            Sierra has just become a grandmother. Her daughter, Sierra II, has learned all the tricks her mother used to do. Sierra's offspring are in high demand, and one of the proudest owners of a puppy is Ambassador Sarek. Of course he claims he got the dog for his wife, but Amanda knows otherwise. Put Sarek, Spock, James and the dog together and you'll likely not see them for the rest of the day (which the ladies don't mind a bit).


            Oh, and if you think some major players might be missing from this postscript, just stay tuned.