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Back to the Present

Mistress V


And so the time passed after the happy reunion on the holodeck. Spring melted into summer. Spock's quasi brush with fame came and went with the crew shooting the calendar. Greg Dillon left the Enterprise for the Fleet maintenance base in New York and would be regularly working at Earth Station McKinley. Kevin Riley threw a two day farewell bash for his friend and the attendees still could not recall precisely what was in the drinks, but man, they were good.

Regular Starfleet duties took up the slack and the months rolled by. The Enterprise ferried ministers to Parliament for an important trade tax amendment debate. Several colonies needed routine supply and medical visits. The odd skirmish with desperado mercenaries kept everyone on their toes, but no major disasters befell the ship. In hindsight, it was just a very busy, quite unremarkable six months or so. No interesting shore leaves, no opportunity for much rabble rousing.

But no one minded. In a few more months, the ship would be at San Francisco for its mid-mission maintenance, and the entire crew had just over two week's leave. Subspace chatter hummed with plans being made. Everyone was headed somewhere nice, it seemed. In the middle of it all, Kala and Greg were getting married in New York in a traditional Klingon ceremony.

And then one day it was October. Christine knew because Corazon Jodriguez brought in a large, plump pumpkin, grown especially in experimental horticulture for the upcoming holidays. They all debated endlessly over what face to paint on it and finally decided on a version of Frankenstein. Christine promised to turn the squash into chocolate chip bread after Halloween.

"So, where are you and Spock headed for leave?" Nyota asked on the way home from yoga one Friday night. "Ade and I are taking a week in Zanzibar, then off to New York."

"Spock said he'd plan everything," Christine replied a bit hesitantly. "He insisted, his treat. We'll have a week in New York too, for the wedding, plus he wouldn't miss the hockey for anything. His parents are coming in for the nuptials and tournament too. But I don't know. It's his first trip there, I can't see him doing the Manhattan thing, can you?" She pictured her husband spending his free time visiting every science institute in the area, plus the Fleet Yards. In between hockey matches.

"Oh come on, Chris!" Nyota gave her friend's arm a punch. "I don't even remember the old Spock since you two got together. He's still Vulcan, that's for sure, but you've had a great effect on him. I think he'll enjoy New York a whole lot. In fact, he'd enjoy a trip to Antarctica, so long as you're with him."

Christine wondered if her husband had planned a trip to Antarctica. Vulcan was out of the question, they'd been twice in a year and besides, the ship was due back for three days when Stark and T'Lara bonded the following summer. Maybe the Kalahari desert? The Amazon? Australia? After all, science was his thing and he was particularly fascinated with Terran natural science.

"Chris?" Nyota's voice jarred Christine out of her daydream of just what kind of Terran natural science Spock enjoyed. It involved the study of human mating practices and all their infinitely diverse aspects.

"Sorry, Ny. Just wondering where we'll end up. Probably in San Francisco so he can take some extra courses during the break. Oh well, I can visit my mom, she's back." Spock had been very mysterious about his plans for them. She knew he would take her consideration into account, but she somehow felt this wasn't exactly going to be their honeymoon. Even though the amount of...scientific research they participated in had grown, not diminished, since their wedding. That was fine. Their honeymoon had been her planning. Now it was her husband's turn, and given his usual methodicalness, the trip was bound to be well thought out.

A darker memory flitted across her mind. In December it would be a year since that disastrous attempted mutiny aboard the VSS Xir'Tan, the one that very nearly had horrible consequences. The memories were by now almost gone but Christine still had the odd shudder now and then, wondering what might have happened. The event had put a huge damper on their first Christmas as a married couple, but they soldiered on and enjoyed the holiday as best they could.


* * *


Their quarters were a bit of a mess. The ship had hit the tail end of an ion disturbance that morning and anything not nailed down ended up on the floor. The contents of the closet were in a mishmash but fortunately, her husband had the foresight to secure the many knickknacks from their travels with strong adhesive. Christine spent a good twenty minutes re-arranging everything, then had a shower. Spock was busy with an inventory of new scientific supplies on the cargo bay and would likely be very late. It was the weekend, though, and both of them actually had the time off together -- for the first time in weeks.

Christine was just exiting the bathroom when she ran smack into six foot plus of randy naked Vulcan. Before she could say a word, he'd slipped the robe from her shoulders and carried her back into the shower. Intensely erotic activity was quick to follow. By the time they made their way back to the sleeping chamber, both of them were so clean they positively squeaked.

"You Vulcan animal," Christine sighed contentedly into her husband's chest.

"Colloquially put but essentially correct, my wife," he replied as he let his hand caress her rear end, something he'd never tired of doing. "It was most fortunate you were in the right place at the right time, so to speak." An eyebrow raised. Vulcans did enjoy water, as Christine was quick to remind him. She swore just seeing a glass of it on a table caused him to start thinking naughty thoughts.

"Well, it isn't precisely Majoricia but it'll do for now." Or any one of a dozen spots they'd discovered since they became a couple. Spock had finally concluded it was indeed possible to make love under water, on water and next to water but still insisted the hypothesis needed further, regular testing.

"Speaking of Majoricia," Spock fairly purred as he placed his wife's hand on the key he wore around his neck. "I've been researching where we should take our first week's leave. I believe I have found the perfect journey for us to undertake."

"And where would that be, husband?" She nipped at the juncture of his collarbone where the key rested.

"Somewhere I have always wished to visit when I was younger but never did."

Christine gave a mental sigh. It probably was going to be Antarctica. Well, marriage was about give and take. They'd been learning that.

"Do you not trust me?" Spock asked softly as he pulled his wife closer. "Did you think I would force you on a primitive wilderness adventure over your Christmas holidays?"

She was ashamed of broadcasting her thoughts so openly. "I'm -- I'm sorry. It's just that until now we've gone to places I've pretty much chosen. I really have no idea what you'd prefer to see, except that you said you like interesting natural locations or scientific opportunities."

"That is true. Although in my youth I preferred the more adventure type holiday, in my old age I have come to appreciate the fact that one can have these adventures during the day while still enjoying all the proper creature comforts the rest of the time. As we did on our honeymoon. And at Kwil'nor." Spock kissed his wife, letting his love for her flow across their link. "I wish the holiday to be perfect for us. To make up for that which we were almost robbed of last year." He pressed a finger across her lips. "Let us not think of it, my love. This Christmas will be all about us, I promise."

Christine said nothing for some moments as she enjoyed the closeness they shared. And he was right. They really didn't have much of a real holiday alone together, not that the sportscamp hadn't been a great deal of fun. Tiring, fun, but busy. A snicker escaped her as she skirted a hand across his sharply defined hipbones. "Old age? Who are you trying to kid? OK then, calendar man, where are you taking me?" She watched his eartips turn a bright shade of green.

"I was an aficionado of your author Ernest Hemingway during my academy days. So I thought a trip to Florida might be nice. Key West, to be precise." His hand stroked his wife's chin reassuringly. "And then, perhaps, a roadtrip north?"

"A roadtrip? You like that?" Christine always wondered if their wild west adventure honeymoon was a little over the top for Vulcan sensibilities. Spock had once said Vulcans preferred to meditate rather than take vacations, but now insisted that was part of his swine-headed youth phase and that holidays with the proper companionship were ... stimulating. But another road warrior journey?

"Indeed I do," Spock replied as he gave her ribcage the gentlest of tickles. "Your enthusiasm for such travels has rubbed off on me. We can spend a few days on Key West doing, as you Terrans say, nothing. Then a ride up the Keys Highway to the Everglades. From there we could base ourselves near the Crystal River to view the manatee migration, and visit the facility at Kennedy Space Center ... and also Orlando. After that go on to that place you have told me about, called the 'Flora-Bama' Lounge? From there we can get to New York easily via the Pensacola starbase shuttleport."

"Orlando?" Christine was beginning to think she was hearing things. Vulcans in Florida? "What do you know about Orlando? It's an illogical place for displays of tasteless human emotion!" But then she remembered the Vulcan family from the Martian Colonies, who were absolutely thrilled at their upcoming trip to Disneyland in California. Could Spock actually want to visit Disney World?

"I did my research when I was younger. My parents planned to visit Orlando after we saw my mother's cousins in Cape Cod. I was eight at the time. Unfortunately, a hurricane caused our plans to change. We went to Paris instead, which was quite enjoyable. But we never managed to get back to Orlando." Spock's reply was placid but the amusement was just under the surface. He knew his wife would react. She did.

"PARIS???? You've been to Paris?" She hadn't even dared to suggest going there, but it was on her list of places to show her husband someday. It was one of her favorite places anywhere, in fact, most of France was high on the list.

"Must you restate the obvious? I just said that." The tickles grew more intense. "Yes I have been to Paris, so perhaps on another leave we might take a trip to France together and show each other our most favorite sights? And as for your surprise regarding Orlando, if you recall, I have rather a fondness for roller coasters. I would like nothing more than to kiss you on that ride called 'Space Mountain.' But for now," he continued with a growl," there is somewhere else I would enjoy ... kissing you."

* * *


"And what about New York?" Christine asked much later.

"What about New York? It is part of your Terran States of America, its capital is..."


Spock laughed and pulled his wife astride him so they were face to face once more. "My parents have graciously agreed to lend us the Vulcan guest flat in Lower Manhattan. They shall stay at the Pierre, with the other ambassadors and officials for the upcoming hockey tournament." He raised an eyebrow. "You do know Ambassador and Lady Kl'o'rox will be attending as part of the Klingon team's official entourage?"

"So Kala says. Lady Kl'o'rox is absolutely beside herself. She also said the team might be at the wedding! They want a traditional four day Kal'Hyah, not the abbreviated version that's planned. Your work's cut out for you, Mister Tawi'Yan. Though her father insists they've has been threatened mightily with severe punishment if they...misbehave." Christine giggled as she recalled Kala's last vid.

"As visiting teams have been threatened since teams began playing outside their home worlds," Spock replied. "The first time Soviet teams visited the USA, there were similar threats, I am sure. Yet all parties managed to enjoy themselves. Such visits have happened for centuries."

"Stop changing the subject. What about our leave in New York? What do you want to do? It's your first time there, you know?" A virgin Vulcan in Manhattan. Now THAT was the stuff of pulp vids. "There are plenty of museums and institutes you could visit."

"There are museums and institutes everywhere. This is New York. I shall read the appropriate guides and make a selection of things we might do. But I would really simply enjoy having you show me around." A hand stroked her backside, indicating more fun might be on the way sooner, not later.

"It'll be snowing, you know. Cold." She returned the caresses.

"We have been in cold climate before. If there is a blizzard, we shall simply remain indoors."

"You mean in bed." Her fingers closed over something and a sharp intake of Vulcan breath was heard.

"I just said that, Doctor. I really must silence these constant repetitions that you learned from your superior. A most annoying habit." Spock was enjoying the banter as much as his wife. It was part of their foreplay.

A moment later, there was no more discussion of anything remotely related to New York, or anywhere else for that matter.