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February 15

Mistress V



00:05, Spock's quarters


Spock and Christine had just finished the remnants of the mud pie she had made for his Valentine's Day gift. His present to her, a beautiful silk negligee set, was lying on the floor next to the bed, where it was dropped by Spock, who removed the garments from her approximately 3.76 minutes after she came out of the bathroom wearing them. A handmade parchment card lay nearby. Christine could not read it without tearing up. It said, "Christine, I may not always be able to convey my feelings adequately, but know that I LOVE YOU with all my essence. Spock."

They had been discussing Stark's wild antics at the athlete's village on Polaris. Spock told her that Vulcan youth were in an uproar and telling the older generation they weren't "hot enough." Christine reminded him that the same thing had happened on Earth, much more seriously, though, and that her culture had survived intact.

The conversation turned to yoga. Christine had been a practitioner for 20+ years, but Spock only recently found this out. He approved of the discipline, saying it was both a mental and physical challenge. He commented about her muscles.

"Let's get it over with, Spock," she replied good-naturedly extending her leg. "Everyone asks. Yes, I can get my legs behind my neck."

He grasped the leg and began kissing her thigh. "I would much prefer," he said, "for both your legs to be around my neck at this moment."

00:10, Sulu's quarters


Sulu returned from a late night on the holodeck, playing CSI. Even with Spock's surprise entrance to the game, it had gone very well. He had planned a 14th century Samurai re-enactment for this evening.

The hot pink valentine stuck to his door caught his attention. He pulled it down and read the flowery verse. One of Riley's Cupidgrams, no doubt.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, I think you're sexy, what should I do?"

It was signed with a bright red lipstick print. Sulu touched the imprint. Real. Hmmm. Lip prints were just as individual as fingerprints, though he had a darn good idea of the sender already. He entered his room. "Computer?" he asked.

00:15, Ship's bar


Kirk, McCoy and Ensign Carruthers, more recently Cupid, of Riley's Cupidgrams, Inc., toasted the inanity -- and the profitability of the holiday. The bartender told them that the holiday was his number one cash cow for the entire solar year. Between the romantic couples, loverlorn sadsacks and spurned suitors, business was brisk and tips were plentiful. Work, as ever, was hell, though.

McCoy lowered his voice. "Jim," he asked, "when are we going to discuss what we saw in that turbolift?"

Kirk signaled the bartender for another round of drinks, but gave no reply.

00:30, Lt. Riley's quarters


Riley finished totting up the day's profits. 250 Cupidgrams delivered, at 20 credits a pop. Not a bad profit. A celebration was in order. He called up to that sexy Lt. Cho and suggested a late night rendezvous. He was saddened to hear her succinct, if physically impossible, response.

00:35, Chekov's quarters


Chekov popped the top off a beer and watched the action before him on screen. He sighed. Ever since the demise of the old Terran Olympics, hockey, once a source of Russian pride, had become a joke.

He watched the unflappable Vulcan referee order the towering Gorn wing into the penalty box. The Gorn spat at the ref, who promptly had him ejected from the game. The Gorns were down to three players. Looked like another Klingon win.

He speculated about sending a belated Valentine holomessage to Irina, then thought better of it. Too much water under the bridge. Then again, he'd seen Spock and Dr. Chapel give each other a look that could melt a hockey rink this evening, and they'd only recently re-kindled a very old romance.

01:00, Ship's Bar


Engineer Scott, who had been repairing a malfunctioning transporter, appeared and was summoned to Kirk's table for refreshment. "To LOVE!" the barflies agreed as they toasted.

01:30, Uhura's quarters


Uhura put away the holonovel she had been reading and closed the box of Xenian chocolate delights. She wondered if the recipient of her Valentine had gotten the message. Well, she'd see him up on the bridge soon enough. Then she thought about Christine and hoped she and Spock were having a nice reunion.

01:50, Spock's quarters


Christine came awake suddenly. Something had come between her and Spock. He turned her to face him and there was no more doubt.

"I don't believe it!" she said, incredulous but pleased. "Again? Have you been at the Viagra?"

Spock remained as cool as ever. "Viagra has not been manufactured for centuries, Doctor," he admonished playfully. "And Vulcans do not need stimulants to ... perform..." And then he entered her, for the fourth time that evening.

"I love you, Christine," he whispered.

02:00, Ship's Bar


"Time, gents! Drink up, you've all got quarters to go to!" The last remaining denizens drained their glasses and headed out the door.

04:30, Spock's Quarters


Spock gently shook Christine awake. She looked up at him, bewildered. "You were having a dream, T'hyla," he said softly. "You kept saying I was gone. What is wrong?"

She continued to look at him for a long moment, still confused. He used this opportunity to segue into a discussion on her apprehensions regarding bonding. The conversation went well, and Spock now knew what he had to do. He did not, however, acknowledge that he had already been party to this conversation before.

Afterwards, he held her close and told her just how much he had missed her during his days at Starbase 14. Then, naturally, he showed her as well.

05:00, Galley


The quartermaster came on duty and checked the replicators. Remembering what yesterday had been, he ordered extra coffee to be ready. There were bound to be tired folks and hungover souls this morning.

06:00, Kirk's Quarters


Kirk decided a run would be in order. They were docking at the Starbase and he'd be facing endless officials, each with their own laundry list of complaints. Best to have a fresh mind. He briefly considered calling Spock to see if he was up for accompanying him, then thought against it. Spock was likely "otherwise engaged."

06:30, Spock's Quarters


Spock and Christine were enjoying a long, hot shower. Naturally, one thing led to another. Six for six.

06:45, Sickbay


The newlyweds were awakened from their slumber by the hungry cries of their newborn son. Gathen, the Antarean, watched his wife feed their child in wonder and amazement.

07:45, Bridge


Sulu and Kirk rode up in the turbolift together. The Enterprise was about to initiate standard orbit at Starbase 14. It would be a short orbit, perhaps 16 hours. The lift's doors opened to reveal Spock standing there.

"I thought you were off today," Kirk said as he signed the duty roster.

"I am, Captain, but as we are about to begin Starbase 14 orbit, I though it logical that the ship's First Officer be present, albeit briefly."

Kirk eyed his friend. He looked tired, he decided.

08:30, Transporter room


Kirk prepared to beam down to the Starbase. Another day of bureaucracy. Why had he agreed to that last Gorgon Death Juice last night? McCoy's hypospray hadn't helped. Perhaps he had become immune.

09:30, Christine Chapel's quarters


Christine was preparing for a brief shore leave with Spock. He had asked her to accompany him on a hike in the desert hills surrounding the city. The views were amazing, apparently. Then they were going to have dinner with the Captain and McCoy.

She switched on the pairs figure skating competition from Polaris. Spock didn't know she was a fan, but he'd find out soon enough through their link. She stared at the screen in disbelief. "That jump was landed wrong!" she shouted at the unheeding Andorian head judge. "You're giving it to the Orions!" God's teeth, had nothing changed since 2002?

The newscaster interrupted the broadcast to say that the Vulcan ice dancing pair had requested to compete a new program that evening. No one knew what it was, but rumor had it...

09:45, Spock's quarters


Spock sat before his computer. A familiar figure appeared on the monitor.

"Hello, my son, thank you for your Valentine greeting."

"Greetings, Mother, I trust you are well? How is Father?"

Amanda sighed. "He is disturbed -- by the present events, but feels that things will work to a logical conclusion. This new generation -- perhaps some change can do good." She did not add that Sarek had been searching for an old vid of the song that the renegade snowboard champion, Stark, had been dancing to ... an old Terran song called "Relax..." He and Amanda planned to view it later. Much later.

"Most logical, Mother. Passion is a fragile thing if not handled correctly. Now, about the matter I wish to discuss... I need your advice on a most personal thing..."

10:30, Christine Chapel's quarters


Christine looked at herself in the mirror. Were her shorts too short?

10:45, Spock's quarters


Spock checked his supplies: daypack, sunshades, sunscreen, nutrition bars, energy drinks, binoculars. All was in order. He took a deep breath as he added a small box to the pack's contents.

11:00, Transporter room


Lt. Kyle did a triple take, but years of Riley's poker parties kept his features undisturbed. There was First Officer Spock, decked out in mountaineer gear and those trendy RomuChop shades. Where was he going dressed like that? And then in waltzed Dr. Chapel, in shorts that showed off those amazing pins of hers and top so snug he couldn't believe she was old enough to be his ... older sister. Wait a second! What was that mark on her neck? Come to think of it, what was that mark on Spock's neck? Either he'd had too many Saurian brandies last night, the ship had vampires on it again, or these two people were more than a little into each other.

"Energize, Mr. Kyle," came Spock's usual voice.

12:30, Galley


"Is this seat taken?" asked Sulu. Nyota Uhura looked up at him in surprise. Feigned surprise. "Why no, it isn't," she replied. "Would you care to join me?"

14:00, Starbase 14


Kirk wolfed down a sandwich and scanned the docket. Another complaint about the Federation Trade Tax increase? Why did they always shoot the messenger? If only Spock was here...

15:00, Planet's surface


Spock held out his hands to Christine and helped her ascend the last bit of precipice. He wrapped his arms around her and they admired the view. On the horizon, the trine moons were rising in shades of dusky lavender, even though there were still several hours of daylight left. Christine told herself that she could not have imagined this scenario in her wildest dreams just short time ago, and now she was here ... enjoying it with the man she loved.

Spock turned Christine around and touched her chin. "Christine, beloved, there is something I have wanted to ask you for some time now. I have been uncertain to do so, as I feared you would find it ... illogical?" His lips raised ever so slightly in a smile.

Christine's heart started to pound.

Spock dropped to one knee and took her hand in his. "Christine, my love, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" And then he produced a small box. Inside it was a perfect one carat diamond, set in pure Rigellian platinum, and bordered by Troiian emeralds.

She dropped to her knees beside him and started to cry. "Yes," she said. "Yes, yes, YES!"

16:00, Starbase 14


Kirk called over to McCoy, who was doing physicals at the base clinic, and asked him to bring some mighty strong headache medication to dinner. "Next!" he said to the yeoman on duty. An angry-looking Ferengi delegation entered the room.

16:30, Planet's surface


Christine and Spock lay contentedly watching the moons rise. Seven for seven.

*Will it ALWAYS be like this?* she asked.

He smiled. *No,* he replied. *Better.*

17:30, Starbase 14


Kirk sighed. At least that day was over. He finished up his report to Starfleet Command (and mentally vowed to strangle the Fleetocrauts who had decided to raise the trade tax ... no, better yet, make them sit here all day!). It was time to have dinner, before the Enterprise was due to warp out of orbit at 21:00.

18:00, Desert Winds Restaurant (and Casino), planet's surface


Kirk and McCoy looked up in amazement as their dinner companions entered the restaurant. Spock and Dr. Chapel entered arm in arm, a pleased smile on both their faces. Christine was sporting a rock the size of a Benecian hailstone on her finger. The couple formally and happily announced their engagement, then outlined plans for a shipboard wedding, a Vulcan bonding ceremony and a later Terran reception. Champagne was ordered, and even Spock had a drink.

19:00, Uhura's quarters


The door opened to reveal Sulu's figure. He held out his hand, a smile splitting his features.

"Ready?" he asked Uhura.

"Lead on, Sensei!" she replied.

20:00, Transporter room


Kyle's shift had ended two hours ago but he had hung around with Hzsio, watching the hockey match from Polaris. Truth be told, the landing party was due back any minute and he really wanted to be sure he hadn't been seeing things earlier.

20:10, Transporter room


Kyle stared as unobtrusively as possible. The Captain, Chief Medical Officer, First Officer and Assistant Medical Officer had just beamed aboard. It was quite obvious the latter two were now officially a couple. Whoda thunk it? He was interrupted by the cheers from the monitor. The Vulcan referee had expelled another Ferengi from the match.

20:30, Bridge


Kirk and Spock surveyed the scene before them as the Enterprise prepared to leave orbit. All was quiet. They arranged a chess date for the following evening.

"You know, Spock," Kirk said thoughtfully, " you're a lucky man. Chris is a an amazing woman."

"That she is, Jim," his friend agreed. "Now, if you no longer need my presence, I will be off. I shall see you in the morning as usual"

"Don't let me keep you from anything," Kirk said dryly to his retreating form.

21:00, Spock's quarters


The secret was out. Spock had walked in on her watching the ice dancing. The Vulcan female, dressed as a Spican Flame Gem, was moving desirably to the music along with her partner. Spock looked at the monitor, than at her. He walked into the next room.

Before Christine could do anything, he returned with popcorn and soda.

"It will be interesting to see what the judges think of the new routine," was all he said as he sat beside her on his bed.

22:00, Ship's bar


Sulu and Uhura entered and sat down at the bar. Uhura rubbed her feet. "How did women walk on back then?" she asked Sulu. He shrugged. "Vanity, I guess."

"By the way," he said with a wink, "nice lipstick."

23:00, Spock's quarters


The Vulcan ice dancers had been beaten by .00075 of a point by the Terrans. Pandemonium reigned. It was rumored that the Vulcan's costumes, or lack of them, had led to the critical deduction. The head of the Vulcan Sports Federation had been seen arguing angrily with the head of the Intergalactic Skating Union.

"Can the half-naked form really cause such distraction?" Spock asked as he let his hand slide down Christine's hip. "Most illogical," she answered.

24:00, Spock's quarters


Christine stirred in her lover's arms. She was sated, satisfied ... and sore. Eight times in one day? At her age? She'd need to read the latest gyne tech journal tomorrow. Spock was just as exhausted as she was. He kissed her softly on the forehead and they drifted into sleep.

Just another day...