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Mistress V


"You are hesitant, Christine. Is something wrong?"

"I've ... I've never done this before, I mean, not like this..."

"I agree that the setting is not the same, but this is hardly our first time, you know."

"Yes, but ... it somehow seems different here. Like this. I'm afraid I won't know what to do."

"You Terrans pride yourself on being experts at this, so I hardly think you shall have any problems, T'hyla. Allow me." Spock dropped to his knees in front of his wife. She looked down at him, watching intently, anticipating what was to follow.

"Is that better?" he asked as he proficiently adjusted the snowboard's bindings. "Can you move sufficiently well?"

She leaned back and forth for a moment, the sensation of artificial, but real (not holodeck) snow new to her. "Yes, that seems to be fine. It looks fantastic!"

Spock got up and moved behind her, expertly snapping his boots into his own snowboard. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and they looked at the icy, perfect, snowy halfpipe. In a little while, it would be filled with their celebrating shipmates, but now it was deserted.

"It was nice of your mother to hurry us along like that," she admitted. "It was getting kind of late."

"I concur. Her insistence allowed us ample opportunity to indulge in a ... snack." He gave her ear a nip, recalling the all too brief session on the guest house bureau. "I am looking forward to some more dishes later, however, my wife."

"Me too," she sighed.

Their quiet moment was interrupted by the clank of the chairlift dispensing three passengers. Soon Worf, Mogh and Stark joined them at the summit.

"Where's K'a'tya?" Christine asked.

Mogh pointed to the bottom of the hill, where his mother, dressed in more casual wear than earlier, and covered with a warm jacket, stood with holovid camera in hand. "She says she wants to film us for now, but I hope we can convince her to try the pipe later," he said.

Stark exhaled a snowy breath and looked at the group. "We ready?" he asked, to affirmative nods from all present.

"Then let's do it! Spock, Christine, this is your day, so why not lead us off?"

Spock turned to his wife. "Shall we?" he asked simply.

"Absolutely," she replied, then she followed her husband down the perfect halfpipe.

* * *


Amanda let herself into the guest house with some food and drinks for when the couple returned. She set them on the table and surveyed the room. All was in order. Christine's dress and Spock's robe hung neatly from the closet rail, their shoes side by side beneath. Their suitcases were still as they had been left.

She frowned. The bed was made up, all the cushions in place. The bathroom was similarly untouched. On an impulse, she looked out the side terrace door. Nothing was amiss there, either. For once, she was grateful that Sarek was busy entertaining their many guests. He would have been full of speculation. Amanda wondered if he really was T'Glad's long lost brother at times.

Spock and Christine had left for their next function as planned. She had seen them head to the staff car, similarly attired in those amusing t-shirts, jeans and casual footwear. Their arms had been around each other. Surely they must have ... should have?

Something caught her professional housecleaner's eye. The bureau. Ah, yes. She herself had polished it to a smooth gloss just the day before. Now she noticed that the vase of fresh flowers had been moved fractionally to one side. Her curiosity piqued, she walked over for a closer look.

A smile crept across her features. There, on the shiny wooden countertop was the prefect imprint of a naked male backside. It was the size and shape of her son's, decidedly un-feminine in its planes.

Amanda allowed herself the luxury of a full, side holding belly laugh, away from Sarek's nosy curiosity. Yes, he was his father's son, all right. With a devilish smile, she placed the tray of brownies dead center, then hurried out the door to the rest of her guests.

* * *


Captain Kirk raised his glass and spoke to those at the table. "Ambassador Sarek, Lady Amanda, may I again offer congratulations on the marriage of your son to Dr. Chapel. And thank you for your wonderful hospitality."

The guests, who included Dr, McCoy, T'sai T'Ser, General S'Toick and others, returned the gesture and a toast was drunk. It was a fitting end to a small intimate dinner of celebration.

Ambassador Sarek then spoke. "I thank you, Captain. I am certain that both our son and Dr. Chapel shall have a long and pleasing life ahead of them together." He looked over at the Enterprise officers. "I presume you will head over to the festivities soon?"

Kirk shrugged. "I suppose we'll drop in, but I don't want to interrupt their fun or anything. After all, it's their night."

Sarek, who had been thinking the same thing, nodded in agreement.

* * *


Over at the sports complex, Spock and his wife had just finished their third run. By now, many of the crew had arrived, eager to attack the halfpipe. Stark and his staff were overseeing the logistics and so far, everything was going very smoothly.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Christine?" Spock asked as he slid his arm around his wife's waist.

She gave him a look that would melt the snow. "Yes, but not half as much as I expect to be later..." An even more smoldering thought came blazing across their link, complete with suitably erotic images.

Spock's eartips flushed, but he did not mind. He returned the thoughts, adding his own spin on things. Christine's face turned pink this time.

"Shall we have one last run before we attend to the usual wedding festivity duties?"

"Lead on, my love."

* * *


"Now how could such a fair Coleen as yourself be a thief?"

Kaz looked shrewdly at Lt. Riley. She had been fully briefed on the wascally wabbit and was not about to play into his game ... whatever version it was this time.

"What are you saying?" she asked, pretending not to have heard correctly.

Riley grasped one of her hands in his. "You stole my heart the moment I laid eyes on you, my lovely one. Can I not take you dancing by the light of the moon?"

She sighed. "Vulcan has no moon, Lieutenant," she said slowly. "And even if it did, Frankie Avalon fed that line to Annette Funicello in 'Beach Party Somethingorother' and she didn't bite ... and neither will I." She pulled free from his hand and gave him a grin. "Cut the codswallop, eh, Rilester? I know your game. No, you cannot have one of your 'charity' poker evenings here. No, I will not go on a date with you. And no, I will not do the horizontal mambo, or any other dance, for that matter, with you. I will not let you drink yourself stupid, either, we have a business to run here. So what will you be having, then?"

Riley matched her sigh, if a bit more melodramatically. "I've been wounded, wounded I tell you," he declared. "But my friend Winston and I shall have a virgin pina colada apiece for now, my fair one, as props for a karaoke song. You haven't seen the last of me, though, sweetness. Surely there's room in your heart for a fine lad like myself?"

Kaz swiftly and proficiently mixed the drinks and handed them over after the two crewmen had provided the requisite thumbscan. "Cheers, gents," she said with a smile. "Always a pleasure."

"That's a pleasure I'd love to know," Riley muttered into his glass.

"Now, mate, who'd want a frostbitten dick, anyway? Plenty of talent here. Besides, there's that Ferengi gambling cruiser due in tomorrow, right?" Kyle was attempting to be much more philosophical.

* * *


"It may have started with a coconut, at least the second time, but it was the lavosh that sealed the deal," Spock declared as he handed Christine some of the tasty flatbread, liberally spread with spicy hummus, which she bit into gratefully.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

She felt his affectionate amusement. "If you recall, after the coconut incident, you joined us for lunch. At that meal, you said, if I remember correctly, that the computer was producing 'shriveled up grasshopper's wings' which were masquerading as lavosh. Naturally, I thought you consumed insects, which intrigued me further. And I also wished to know what lavosh was, as it sounded vaguely ... erotic. The final deal breaker was the hummus, however, it smelled so delicious I decided that getting to know you over food was quite a logical idea. After all, the courting practices of Terra did include the giving of food a gifts of intent."

Christine was laughing for both of them. "Lavosh, huh? Well, you did all right with the brownies, my dear." She watched his eartips flush, and his mouth corner turn up fractionally. By now, she knew he was smiling just for her. "So that's why you called me about those bananas, right?"

"Affirmative, Doctor," he replied, touching her arm with a soft caress. "I could not obtain chocolate, which you had professed a fondness for, so I surmised the fruit might be a good substitute."

"And you wanted to kiss me, right? There in the banana plants?" The bond was giving her a much clearer picture of him, though nothing had yet totally surprised her.

"Indeed, T'hyla, I did..." He moved to embrace her, but at that moment, they were interrupted by Nyota, Kala, and Stark.

"C'mon, guys, time for your big debut," Stark said with a grin. "Can't keep 'em waiting, they want their cake!"

* * *


"It has been a most enjoyable evening," General S'Toick, of the Vulcan Security Service, said to the T'Sai T'Ser. "I am glad that we were able to have endmeal together at the Ambassador's home."

They were strolling through the botanical gardens, just another couple enjoying the evening's pleasant stillness.

"Thank you, sir," T'Ser replied. "I ... meant to tell thee earlier, I am so sorry to have heard of your wife's passing. I grieve with thee."

"I thank thee, T'sai," he said. "But I also wish to convey my sympathies for thy own situation. It is ... good to see thee home again on Vulcan. I was wondering, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will be giving a concert tomorrow evening at the Cultural Hall. Perhaps thee might accompany me?"

T'Ser almost smiled. "It would be my pleasure, General. And perhaps we may have a late supper afterward? My niece will arrange this."

"That would be ... most pleasant a prospect." He extended his fingers for the sign of affection. "Since I cannot bestow a most illogical shok on thee here, perhaps this will do?"

* * *


Amanda surveyed her garden, which had been swiftly and efficiently restored to its normal appearance.

"A most enjoyable day, my wife," Sarek said as he came to stand beside her.

"You're not planning to crash their party, are you, Sarek?" she asked.

He shook his head. "Not at all, my wife. I was instead contemplating some ... peanut butter jelly sandwiches and 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' on the holovid with you? They will be home eventually. Best to let them enjoy themselves. It is, after all, their wedding night. Unconventional as it may seem to us."

Amanda embraced her husband as they moved into the kitchen.

* * *


The 'rather unconventional' (according to Sarek) wedding night was proceeding rather conventionally.

Stark had just introduced the couple, who were now feeding each other another version of wedding cake, their third of the day. This one, due largely to T'Jen's appreciation of things French (having spent time at a catering academy in Paris), was Gallic in nature. It consisted of individually stacked cream filled profiteroles, glazed with caramelized sugar, which formed a pyramid shape. There would be more than enough pastries for everyone present.

*This is quite delicious, I must admit.* Spock took a decidedly suggestive bite of the sphere shaped cake.

*Wipe that smile off your thoughts!*

*I was merely anticipating nibbling on ... something ... else later.*

Christine delicately slurped some of the cream from the piece Spock was feeding her. *Me, too.*

* * *


"OK, Kev, hand me the song," Sulu instructed. "They'll be ready to dance in a minute. And no funny stuff, either. This was Mr. Spock's personal request."

"Would I do something that low-handed to such a happy couple?" Riley was wearing his contrived hurt face for the fourth time that evening. The first three had been courtesy of Kaz the barmaid.

"Aye, laddie. That's why we're here." Mr. Scott sat at Riley's other elbow, next to the house DJ. "No chicken song, please."

Riley handed to the holo over to Sulu, who glanced at the title. He was surprised. Who'd have thought that hardassed Vulcan was such a softie?

"OK, everyone, it's time for Spock and Christine here to dance their first official dance as husband and wife, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to say, 'take the floor, folks!'" Stark motioned to the dance area.

Christine was a tad apprehensive, wondering how he would stand up to several hundred eyes scrutinizing their dance. Yes, they had danced in public together before, but not as a married couple. Oh well, she thought, as she usually did, whatever happens, will.

*Relax, my love.* He drew her into a protective embrace.

The song started up, and Ronan Keating's voice filled the room, as sensual now as it had been hundreds of years ago, the voice that scores of couples had fallen in love to.

"It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart... Without saying a word, you can light up the dark..."

She relaxed in his arms and they moved effortlessly together, lost in each other's presence. Images began to slide across both their minds, the missing pieces to all the "I wonder?" questions that each had asked over the years.

Yes, he had noticed her posterior all those years ago. Even though he had been engaged. Actually he had noticed the entire package, especially the part between the ears.

He had also unashamedly enjoyed watching her bend over when she dropped the beaker tray one day in the lab.

She always was in charge of his physical exam, now he knew why. She liked to look at his chest.

She'd stolen a glance at his ... wait a minute, that would need further discussion later.

He had wanted to kiss her even before Parmen had forced them to do so, then was too ashamed to face her with his feelings afterwards.

She forgave him.

He liked that one t-shirt that fit so snugly, especially when she was not wearing... Oh yes, mister? When did you see that one?

Watching her eat bananas was a real turn on.

She liked looking at his fingers, way back when, wondering what it might feel to have them on her skin ... and other places...

She was very, very glad he was so oral. That day at the springs ... oh my...

Sleeping next to her was the greatest joy he knew. And speaking of sleeping, the night in his bed at home had been one helluva ride.

His ass was sooooooo fine she had wanted to take a chomp out of it one day in sickbay.

He had noticed that! Damn!

There was very little that escaped him, apparently. Too bad they did away with those short skirts... *OWWW*

*You had that one coming, honey!*

*And just when did you have a look at my... OWWWWW!*

*Song is ending, my beloved, I am sorry, I didn't see where I was stepping!*

His hand pinched the spot he loved to touch. *Of course I believe you.*

*STOP LAUGHING! I can hear you, even if no one else can.*

*As you wish.* He drew her closer and gave her a sound kiss, and everyone applauded for the second time that day.

*Your father would not approve.*

*My father is not here. This is my wedding. And yours.*

* * *


Sarek was, at that moment, kissing his own wife, and very thoroughly, too.

* * *


"You ready, Chris?" Stark asked.

"You betcha, put Jon on for us, please!" She gave Spock a kiss as she adjusted her earpiece. "In honor of all those karaoke evenings when I was trying to get you to notice me."

"You certainly succeeded, my wife." Spock and Stark exchanged a glance.

"OK, everyone, I promise to get out of the way after this one, but I needed to break in the karaoke for opening night, and Chris said she'd help out. So here we go, and I think this says it all!" Stark cued the song.

The rock beat began and Stark launched into the first verse.

"I spent twenty years trying to get out of this place

I was looking for something I couldn't replace

I was running away from the only thing I've ever known..."


Christine took up the next.

"Like a blind dog without a bone I was a gypsy lost in the twilight zone

I hijacked a rainbow and crashed into a pot of gold."


They joined together.


"I been there, done that and I ain't looking back

On the seeds I've sown...''


Christine handed back to Stark. But a third voice picked up instead, right next to her.

"Saving dimes, spending too much time on the telephone...

Who says you can't go home?"



As surprised as she was, Christine hesitated not a beat. The three of them launched seamlessly into the rest of the song, just as it was done on the classic recording.

"Who says you can't go home?

There's only one place they call me one of their own

Just a hometown boy born a rolling stone

Who says you can't go home?

Who says you can't back?

Been all around the world and as a matter of fact

There's only one place left I wanna go....

Who says you can't go home?


"I went as far as I could, I tried to find a new face

There isn't one of these lines that I would erase

I lived a million miles of memories on the road

With every step I take, I know that I'm not alone

You take the home from the boy

But not the boy from his home

These are my streets, the only life I've ever known

Who says you can't go home?

Who says you can't go home?...


"I been there, I done that, I ain't looking back

It's been a long, long road

Feels like I never left, that's how the story goes

It doesn't matter where you are

It doesn't matter where you go

If it's a million miles away

Or just a mile up the road

Take it in

Take it with you when you go

Who says you can't go home?"


By the time the song ended, everyone was dancing, including the singers. Stark gave a thumbs up to the audience. "It's great to be home! Now let's party! Plenty of hours left!"

Spock gave Christine another kiss, but by now, no one even noticed, let alone cared.

"How did you manage to keep this a secret?" she asked, still amazed at how well it had come together.

"I've been known to keep the legume container from tipping on occasion."

"Oh, Spock ... you just slay me sometimes."


* * *


"Where did you learn to make these? What are they called?" Kaz looked at the drinks Christine was building with interest.

"They're called Pink Cadillacs. Really a Cosmopolitan made with tequila, hence the Cadillac name. I was a bartender when I was in college."

"Wasn't everyone?" Kaz sighed.

"And I had one at Tel's Sports Bar a few weeks ago, which reminded me how much I don't miss tending bar." She gave Kaz a wink. "No offense."

"You've been to Tel's? That crazy Andorian? He and Riley should get together, that nutcase will have a party for a stone-throwing competition."

Christine laughed. "So would Riley." They shared a giggle. Kaz knew all about the infamous Cinco de Blotto fiasco.

"OK." Christine handed drinks to Kaz, Stark, T'Lara and Spock. "To a successful beginning ... for us all."

"Bottoms up!" Stark replied.

*What is in this?*

*Are you complaining?*

*On the contrary, no, I would quite like another.*

*Oh no you don't. We don't need a case of brewer's droop around here tonight.*



* * *


"You ladies haven't tried the pipe yet," Stark said reproachfully. "It's getting late."

Nyota, Kala and K'a'tya looked back at him. Kala spoke for all of them. "We don't know how to snowboard, Stark...."

"That's never stopped anyone before. Come on, I insist." He pulled them from their seats. "T'Lara and I will take you down personally, you'll see. It will be just fine."

"When in Rome," Nyota giggled.

"Do as the Vulcans do," K'a'tya finished.

* * *


"Have I told you yet how much I love you, Christine?" Spock asked as they sat watching their friends take a first ever snowboard ride.

"Tell me again."

"Very well. Again."

Instead of a kick, a handful of snow found its way down the back of his t-shirt.

* * *


Sarek glanced at the chronometer. It was midnight. The festivities seemed to be going on quite late, but that did not concern him. Selak would see the couple home whenever they decided to roll in.

* * *


"Well, that was quite an experience," K'a'tya declared.

"You got that right," Nyota agreed. "What a buzz!"

"Even better than ice skating," Kala said. "And your feet don't swell, either!"

K'a'tya gave them a secret little smile. "Are you ladies up for some ... fun?"

Nyota pointed to Worf and Mogh, who were talking at the bar animatedly with Sulu and Pauulu. Mogh was actually sitting on the bar, watching Kaz pour drinks during breaks in the conversation. "What about them?"

"They're discussing botany ... and martial arts, I believe." K'a'tya rolled her eyes. "Trust me, they'll be at this until the sun rises. Don't worry, Worf can find the way back to the hotel. I already told him we were going out ... to the food court, of course."

"Of course," Kala deadpanned. "Lead on, sister!"

* * *


"You're kidding, right?" Christine said.

"No, I am not," Lt. Singh replied, extending her foot. "Ferengi ladies do not wear clothes. The traders who introduced these shoes had not made them for their women, believe me."

"But where are they from? They're beautiful, even if they do hurt after awhile." Christine grimaced at the memory of that afternoon, her own feet now safely encased in sensible flat loafers.

Lt. Singh smiled. "I suspect they happened upon some spacers from my part of Terra. These shoes bear a striking resemblance to footwear that has been made on the Indian subcontinent for several centuries now."

"Entrepreneurs. God bless' em."

* * *


"Welcome again to Ladies' Night at Delta's Dawn," the buff Deltan waiter said as he appeared with a tray. "Now let's see...

"Two Klingon Martinis." He set the glasses in front of Kala and Nyota. "One mac and cheese, extra cheese." He handed the plate to Kala. "And one chili dog with the works, side of onion rings."

Nyota grinned. "My gall bladder's gonna kill me, but I don't care," she declared.

"And one Havana Sidecar, and one blackened Cajun chicken." K'a'tya accepted the dishes daintily.

"Here's to decadence," K'a'tya said, "and friendship."

"It's SHOWTIME!" the emcee announced.

* * *


"Give me TWO PINA COLADAS, one for each hand!" Kyle and Riley sang, each waving a drink.

"I recall something about a pina colada," Spock mused from their seat near the bar. "Wasn't your friend Nyota talking about that at one time?"

Christine gave his eartip a tweak. "She was trying to matchmake, you silly oaf."

"I believe the coconuts did that already."

Stark and T'Lara appeared, obviously enjoying the evening. "Hey guys," Stark said, "T'Jen and her husband are going to do breakfast over at the hotel. Will you join us?"

"Of course!" Christine jumped up so quickly Spock nearly fell off the chair. She had been dying for a good look at the place and this was the perfect opportunity.

Spock shook his head, his smile hidden in the dark. This was certainly not the wedding night he had read about when studying human marriage practices. No, it was much better than that.

* * *


Dr. M'Benga looked at the chronometer. It was 04:30 and the last of the guests were beaming back to the ship. He'd set up a triage area of sorts in the transporter room and had been dispensing medication for drunkenness, blisters, sore muscles and a variety of other complaints as the revelers came on board. A good idea, he realized. Sickbay would be relatively quiet in the morning. Although it was morning already.

The transporter hummed again under Lt. Dillon's watchful eye. Two women materialized, Commander Uhura, and Kala, the spa coordinator. Both looked liked cats who had just swallowed the cream.

"Ladies," Lt. Dillon said. "Welcome back, I was beginning to wonder where you'd gotten to. What have you been doing with yourselves?"

Nyota threw an iridescent ball at him. "We've been here..."

"And there..." Kala added, tossing a similar ball in her hand.

"Do you ladies need my services?" Dr. M'Benga asked solicitously.

"Sure, better safe than sorry," Nyota said, extending her arm. She was still remembering being hauled up on stage by that amazing juggler. He was so drop dead gorgeous she had almost forgotten she knew how to juggle, but memory kicked in and she had been given a set of the shiny spheres as a prize. Each of them had kept one.

"Yeah, that's a good idea," Kala replied dreamily, recalling more of the night's events. Had K'a'tya really brought the house down with her rendition of Madonna's classic "Material Girl"? And had she, Kala the wallflower, really gotten up and sang "New York, New York"? That cute blonde acrobat had sure been singing along with her.

"Miss Kala?" Lt. Dillon's voice brought her back to reality. "May I walk you home?"

She smiled. Maybe it was time. "Sure, Greg. I'd be honored if you would."

* * *


K'a'tya let herself into the hotel suite, placing her souvenir juggling ball carefully on the nightstand. Her gladiators were asleep on the bed, oblivious to her presence. Mogh had his arms around his new autographed snowboard.

The dawn was just beginning to break on Shi-Kahr, its grey light filling the room. She looked at herself in the mirror, miming the song she had sung and the outrageous singer who first sang it, still a hit on Qo'noS all these years later. "Living in a material world, and I am a material girl!" Then she closed the shades and got ready for bed, back to being a sensible scientist, wife and mother once more.

* * *


Sarek and Amanda were just having a cup of tea in the first predawn light when they heard the staff car pull up to the house. Spock and Christine exited the vehicle, which drove off. They stopped and looked at the horizon, their fingers touching in the traditional sign of affection.

"Their first sunrise as husband and wife," Sarek remarked. "A very Vulcan tradition, do you not recall?"

Amanda nodded. "He is his father's son, after all."

They watched the sun break over the valley below. Then Spock put his arms around his wife and gave her a smoldering kiss. He lifted her up, drawing her legs around his waist, never breaking the kiss, as he started walking towards the guest house.

Sarek raised an eyebrow at his wife.

"Oh dear. I guess he's my son, as you are so fond of reminding me," she sighed.

Sarek embraced his wife affectionately. "Of course not, aduna. He is our son."



The song they danced to is the classic "When You Say Nothing at All" from "Notting Hill". In addition to being one of my favorites, I think it works for them too.


The Bon Jovi song "Who Says You Can't Go Home?" is the duet version done by Jon and Jennifer Nettles. However, there is another version with Jon and Richie Sambora on the same CD, and the extra lines come from that one.