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Preview to a Wedding

Mistress V


Wedding Day! (Friday)


06:30 Christine's quarters, Enterprise


Christine had just had a post-yoga shower when she heard the door buzz. "Entrez!" she shouted.

Nyota and Kala entered, bearing trays of food and a split of champagne. "Good morning, bride to be," they chorused in unison, just before they dissolved into laughter.

"What's so funny?" Christine asked.

Nyota pointed at her T-shirt. The one that said, "Property of a StarFleet Science Officer." "Where did you get that?" she chortled. "It's too much"

Christine threw her a wry grin. "Len's idea of a joke present. He gave one to Spock too. Do I dare wear it this evening?"

"Why not?" Kala said as she popped the cork. "You're only married once, right? We hope!" She swiftly poured three glasses. "Now let's have a drink to the day. Remember, you toasted my dreams, Chris, now I can return the favor."

They had a swig and settled down to a great, fattening breakfast of avocado, jack cheese and tomato omelets, homefries and salsa.

"I'm starved," Christine said between mouthfuls. "Thanks, guys, you're the best."

"And just why are you so hungry this morning?" Nyota asked, hiding a smirk unsuccessfully. "We ate plenty of pizza last night, that is, what we could wrestle away from Stark. Dang, that Mogh could make a fortune if he opened a restaurant! Anyway, what could possibly have given you such an appetite?"

"Ny, give it up," Christine replied, concentrating on her breakfast.

"Well, what did you have to check out last night? Here we were ready to take you to the bar and have a last drink to your single state and everything."

"We were?" Kala asked, thinking of Lt. Dillon's appearance at the transporter console. The evening had ended quite nicely for her on the observation deck.

Christine hrrmphed. "If you must know, Spock and I were looking at the shooting stars. Len even suggested we do that. They're quite ... amazing." They were amazing, but the stars they had seen the night before had been of the indoor variety.

"Shooting stars?" Nyota almost choked on her champagne. "That's a new term for it."

"For what?" Kala ventured quasi-innocently.

"The submarine races."

"You mean the prairie dog tunneling competition?" Kala said, winking at Nyota.

Christine and Nyota looked at Kala. "There aren't prairie dogs on Celeba Colony, are there?" Christine asked.

"And don't they live underground in burrows?" The light was dawning on Nyota and Christine both.

Kala drank her champagne and smoothly replied, "Nope, but there are in Texas."'

* * *


06:30 Ambassador Sarek's residence


Spock, fresh from a post-yoga shower, entered the kitchen, paused, and sniffed the air appreciatively. "What are you making, Mother?" he asked.

Amanda turned from the stove. "Your favorite," she replied with a smile.

"And mine," Sarek added. "Will you have one of these Terran Mimosas with me, my son? After all, it is your wedding day. Your mother has somehow acquired pink grapefruit juice, which makes a delicious contrast to the champagne."

Spock sat at the table and had a sip of the drink his father offered him. "Blueberry pancakes?" he said. "Where did you get the blueberries? I presume they are fresh?" His mouth watered as he anticipated the seldom-had treat, let alone the non-replicator version.

"I have my secrets," Amanda smiled mysteriously.

Spock touched his glass with his father's. "I am extremely pleased that you do, Mother."

"As am I," Sarek concurred.

* * *


06:30 Hotel Tav'Sal'Nava Shi-Kahr


"I do not believe it," Worf said to his wife. "He willingly had a shower and let you groom his hair, without one complaint." He gave her a questioning glance. "Perhaps it is some Vulcan sorcery?"

K'a'tya smiled. "I merely told him Stark might be at the festivities this evening, so Mogh would want to present his best image to his new friend."

Worf returned the smile. "He does not suspect," he stated.

"Not in the least, he firmly believes he will see Stark again tomorrow, not before, but he is clearly not taking any chances."

"When we return to the hotel to change for the party this evening, I shall distract Mogh so you may pack the appropriate ... accessories."

Kala gave her husband a wink. "Done, husband." Then she switched on the water shower once more. "Now perhaps it is time we discovered how much enjoyment can be derived from a shower together?"

This time, Worf did not hesitate a moment. "My wife, you never cease to amaze me," he said huskily.

"That's what you get, husband, for walking into my lab all those years ago!"

* * *


06:30 T'Pau's residence Clan estate


T'Pau finished her meditation and walked over to the window to view the sunrise. Today was her grandson's bonding day and the ceremony would take place at sundown that evening. It would be a momentous day for the clan, and she was pleased that her favorite progeny, Spock, had found his Vah'ren.

She had meditated on the concept of the soul-bonded for some days. Her good friend, T'Ser, had been to the estate just the day before for afternoon tea, and they had discussed the couple in depth. T'Ser had been convinced that the bond they shared was among the strongest she had encountered in her training as a psychic healer. She had dared to suggest that the couple had already bonded themselves, to a large degree. The energy of the Vah'Ren was that strong.

T'Pau had taken the idea under advisement and had spent the evening studying the writings of T'Rish and other pre-reform scholars, who had firmly believed that the soul-bonded did exist. Perhaps illogical, but T'Pau had felt her grandson's energy call to her some mornings prior, fearful of the bond he had been feeling for his betrothed. She had done her best to reassure him, realizing that the stuff of legend had firmly manifested itself in the present. The kali'fee would be a most interesting one, indeed. Memories taunted her, of other couples she had witnessed joining, ones whose fires had been blazing so uncontrollably that no propriety had been allowed to happen. Newlyweds mating in the midst of the plak-tow, oblivious to anything but the urge to couple and reproduce. Ofttimes right in the sands before her, unable to control the need. Somehow, she felt this would not be the case for this pair. An energy of contentment surrounded their joined katras. She would wait to see if the shan'ha'lek would engulf them...or not. Then she would make her judgment. The energy of his betrothed held much psi energy. Dr. Chapel would be a good bondmate for her grandson, and this was something she had sensed years before. At last the fulfillment was about to occur.

* * *


06:30 The residence of Stark's Great Aunt and Uncle, Shi-Kahr


Stark opened his eyes and, for a moment, did not realize where he was. Then he took in his surroundings and realized he was on the sofabed in his uncle's living room. His mother was next to him, deep in sleep. On the floor was the supine form of his uncle, wrapped in a blanket, slumbering peacefully.

They had been up until nearly dawn. His mother's brother had been open in his discussion of the grandparents Stark had never really known. There had been good and bad times. Times his own mother had not been party to, because she had been offworld. But it had been apparent that her brother had been party to regular communication from their father. Rapprochement had been on the horizon. Then the Intrepid had happened. Years of positive effort had been wiped away in a heartbeat. Darkness had enfolded the clan. Only now was Stark's great-Uncle ready to speak again, and to share experiences with the nephew who bore such a striking resemblance to his father.

Stark stretched and moved off the sofa, suddenly in need of coffee, and perhaps more conversation.

"My nephew, shall we let your mother rest some more? She is fatigued from the journey. Come, let us have refreshment and perhaps walk in the garden? The dawn is a very soothing, cleansing time."

He followed his uncle, ready for whatever revelations lay ahead. Only by understanding his past fully could his future unfold. And that future included his love for T'Lara ... and his love for sport.