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Grand Central Spaceport

Mistress V


Christine rolled over and traced Spock's jawline with her lips.  "We really should get up," she said.

He stretched, capturing her in an embrace.  "I agree.  It is 19:00 hours, and we have been in your bed together since 09:30 this morning."  His eyes had that soft, emotional depth that came after long hours of sensual pleasure.

She laughed.  "Sleeping for at least six of those hours, remember."

"True," he conceded.  "And I must confess to being a bit hungry.  For food."

"Your replicator -- or mine?"

"I propose we do something different.  Shall we have dinner in the Officer's Mess, and then take a walk in the arboretum?"  He reached for his sweats, then thought better of it when presented with the view.

"That sounds like a good idea.  It's going to get crazy soon, with all the things happening.  While it's still sane, why don't we spend tomorrow night working on the dance compilation?"  Her progress at leaving bed was halted by Vulcan hands grabbing a handful of each cheek.  She turned, an amused expression on her face.  "I thought you were hungry for food?"

"I suddenly find myself in need of an appetite, Doctor," he replied.  "Can you suggest a logical way I might obtain one?"

"You're an insatiable beast," she whispered as she lay back down.

"I believe you Terrans say it takes one to know one."

* * *


"So, we're almost into the final countdown," Kirk mused.  We're at Starbase 6 in 10 days, after Starbase 6, the shuttle to Vulcan stops here the following Sunday... Just over 4 weeks now till the big day!"

For some reason, the bottom started to drop out of Christine's stomach, but she had no idea why.

"Indeed, Jim, you are correct, " Spock said as he draped an arm across Christine's shoulder, as if sensing her discomfort.  "It seemed so far into the future, now it is almost here.  I must admit I am looking forward to the festivities."

"And you, Chris?" Kirk asked.

"I keep saying we should have eloped," Christine tried at brevity.  "But I'm counting the days as well.  Of course, we'll be gone a month in total, with our honeymoon trip and all."

"I don't know how we'll manage," Kirk said amicably.  "But we'll do our best."

* * *


"My mother sent a message this morning," Spock remarked as they strolled through the arboretum paths, a popular spot on Saturday evenings.  "It is apparently the custom of the female being welcomed to the clan to provide a small token gift for those in attendance."

"What kind of gift?" Christine replied, a little apprehensively.  Her stomach was still in turmoil at the thought of meeting Spock's eminent, venerable grandmother.  Despite Spock's reassurances, she still worried that T'Pau might decide her unworthy of her only grandson, the last of the line of Sarek.  And with good reason, given the last potential bondmate he'd had.

"Usually it is something related to the clan's heritage."

"I -- don't have any idea what I could give, Spock.  I'm sorry," she shook her head.  "I don't know my father's side of the family at all, and Mom is -- a retired hippie housewife, more or less.  I hope this won't be a problem."

"I thought about the issue this morning as I read the message," Spock replied matter-of factly.  He halted in front of a lime tree, which was full of ripening citrus.  "And I propose that the logical gift would be these."

"Limes?" Christine rubbed a fruit and then brought her fingers to her nose, inhaling the tangy scent.  It reminded her of spring breaks in Palm Springs.

"Indeed, limes.  They are unable to be grown on Vulcan on a large scale due to the heat.  A few are raised in an experimental setting such as this one, for their use in medicine mostly, as well as for some of the higher end catering and restaurant needs.  But limes for everyday citizens are a rare treat.  The tree should provide more than enough, and they will be ripe just as we leave for Shi-Kahr.  A most fortuitous coincidence, since we too raise them here largely for medicinal extraction purposes."  He took her in his arms.  "And you are from California, T'hyla.  Citrus is grown there." His eyes held mirthful affection.  "So these fruits are a logical choice."

Christine just enjoyed the simple joy of a public hug, something she couldn't have imagined ever happening all those years ago when they were first serving together, though she had dreamed of it even then.  "Thank you Spock," she said finally.  "I don't know what I'd do without you, leading me through this cultural minefield."

"You are most welcome, my beloved," he told her.  "Pleasing you gives me pleasure."

* * *


"My mother was delighted with the selection of limes," Spock said as he brought in some sodas to go with the chips and guacamole and salsa the next evening.  "She is certain the ladies at the event will be very happy with them."

"That's good, "Christine agreed as she set out stacks of holodiscs.  "Now if choosing the music could be as simple.  But how can you decide what 100+ people want to dance to?"

"I agree, it is not an easy task.  However, as you know, even we Vulcans like to dance on occasion.  For the most part, I think we need songs that are upbeat and have a danceable rhythm, do you not think?"

"Absolutely," Christine nodded as she looked at one disc.  "I like Led Zeppelin's 'The Rover' and Orlean's 'Dance with Me' but they're better for listening, not dancing.  Then there's the whole issue of the song we dance to." She looked at Spock with a half smile.  "Are you sure we shouldn't elope?  We could just head to Terra early..."

"T'hyla," Spock pulled her against him.  "Are you still nervous about going to Vulcan?"

Ashamed, she dropped her head.  "Yes," she said softly.  "I'm afraid I'll make some intergalactic faux paus, or our guests will do something to cause a diplomatic incident..." or that somehow, my worthiness as your bondmate will be called into question, she finished silently.

"You worry overmuch, my love," he replied as he pushed an errant lock of hair behind her ear.  "Let us not speculate on what might have been or what might be, and instead use our energies for the task at hand."  He kissed her.  "I love you, Christine, and I am honored that you will be my wife and my bondmate."

"Oh, Spock," she sighed.  "You always know just what to say.  And I'm honored too...part of me still thinks it's a dream."

"Then let us not wake up," he replied logically, with an affectionate smile, as he reached for another disc.  They went to work in companionable silence, broken only by the quiet strains of Elton John's "Madman Across the Water" which was another of their shared favorite discs.

The door chime sounded an hour or so later.  "Come in," Spock called.

Jim Kirk stood in the doorway.  "Am I interrupting something?" he asked.

"Of course not, Jim," Spock told his friend.  "Christine and I are choosing music for the reception on Vulcan and we could probably use a break.  Please, come in and help yourself to some snacks."

Christine sighed and put down the Pablo Cruise disc.  "Spock's right, Jim, " she agreed.  "What brings you here?"

This was a humorous inference.  Despite living next door and sharing a bathroom with the First Officer and his fiancee, Jim Kirk had learned some time ago to announce himself before just entering Spock's cabin.

Kirk held out a PADD.  "I finished uploading the proofs of your engagement portrait and thought you'd like to see them?  If you want it published in the Starfleet Record in time, you'll need to get it to them next week."  He scooped up some guacamole.  "Spock, you should go into business selling this.  It's great."

"Thank you, Jim," Spock replied.  "I shall take your suggestion under advisement.  My parents are also most anxious to have our portrait published in the appropriate Vulcan holojournals."

"And I need to send a copy to the UCLA Alumni HoloNews as well," Christine agreed.

They looked through the various poses, which all showed the two Starfleet Officers in their dress uniforms, looking professional, as well as in love, if that was possible.

"I think this one," Spock pointed to his selection.

"Yes.  I like it too," Christine concurred.

"Well, the photographer is supposed to be impartial but yes, I think it captures the essence of your relationship," Kirk said.

"Jim, can you take my formal portrait once the dress is finished?  Maybe in the arboretum?" Christine asked.  "You did such a great job with these?

"I'd be honored," Kirk replied, looking over his shoulder as the door chime sounded.  "Are you expecting anyone?"

"Lt. Dillon was going to stop by after the hockey club tested the revised holodeck program, but it is too early for that," Spock said with a puzzled frown.  He looked at Christine, who shrugged.

"Come in," she called.

Kala stood in the doorway.  Despite her best efforts, her emotions were clearly visible.  Christine sprang to her feet and went to meet her friend.  After a moment, she led her into the bathroom.  "Excuse us," she apologized.

Spock raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

Kirk picked up a disc.  "This is a favorite of mine, Van Halen's 'Dance the Night Away.' It really is a dance song, even though Van Halen was a heavy metal band."

Spock entered the title into his master list.  "Thanks, Jim.  Please, have a look and see what else to suggest.  The more opinions we get the better our selection will be.  Christine is correct when she says there is not yet a danceable selection of music on Vulcan, though I am certain the opening of Stark's facility, and the intergalactic competitions it will bring, may change that a bit."

Through the bathroom door, Spock could clearly hear the conversation.  He was, of course, concerned for Christine's friend, especially since Lt. Dillon had apparently announced his intentions to court her.  Despite his original dislike of the engineer, Spock had quickly realized Lt. Dillon was not a bad person, he had just been finding his feet, so to speak, among the female population of the Enterprise.  Once Dillon realized that Spock and Christine were a couple, he had quickly backed down, true to his reputation of being a Texas gentleman.  In fact, he and Spock enjoyed a guitar jam session with the Lieutenant's friends now and then, and Spock felt confident in his engineering abilities as well.

"I'm -- sorry, Chris, to bother you here, but Ny's working a double shift ... and I don't know what to do, it's Tex..."

"What happened?" Christine asked.

"He -- kissed me," Kala gulped, blowing her nose loudly.


"I said I had to get back to the spa," Kala said miserably.  "Why would I do that, Chris? I like him!"

"Maybe you're afraid of that fact?" Christine replied.  "C'mon, let's get a root beer float and go to the observation deck and watch the stars go by."

"Ok," Kala sighed.  "I'm leaving for New York anyway..."

The bathroom door opened.  "Spock, Jim, I am taking Kala for a little break.  Girl stuff, you understand.  I'll be back soon." They left before either male could answer.

"I suspect she will not be back for some time," Spock replied as he cut the music and switched on the TCAA Basketball Championship consolation game, which was in its final quarter.  "Jim, would you to join me in a beer while we continue selecting music?"

"Absolutely, Spock," Kirk replied, no longer fazed at his friend's flirtations with his human side.  It suited him, Kirk decided, glad the Vulcan had finally realized it takes two halves to make a whole.

Kirk and Spock continued their selections as much as the game would allow.  Spock was pleased to see the list had grown considerably in the last 30 minutes.  The consolation game ended and the championship match was about to begin when the door chimed again.

Spock shrugged this time.  "Come in," he said.

Leonard McCoy entered.  "Hey, Jim," he said with a smile.

"Bones," Kirk replied.

"Spock, I have the results of yours and Christine's required Federation medical exams." He handed a PADD to the Vulcan.  "You're set to go, just give this to the Embassy in Shi-Kahr."

"Thank you, Doctor," Spock replied.  "Jim and I are about to view the TCAA Championship game, and we are choosing dance music for the reception Christine and I will have in Shi-Kahr.  Perhaps you'd like to help choose some music?" Spock raised an eyebrow.  "And watch the game?"

McCoy was taken aback at first but realized the evening would not be a total loss, after all.  "Sure, Spock.  What are you looking for?"

Kirk handed his CMO a beer while Spock went to replenish the chips and dips.  "Dance music, Bones.  You know, songs with a beat?"

"Sure," McCoy replied as he picked up a disc.  "Here's one.  'Let Your Love Flow' by the Bellamy Brothers.  'Jump for My Love' by the Pointer Sisters.  And 'Let's Dance' by Chris Rea."

"I was not aware you were so well-versed in Terran dance music, Doctor," Spock said as he re-joined his friends.

"I had a teenaged daughter, Spock.  You'll know all about dance music soon enough." McCoy scooped up some guacamole.  "Damn, Spock, this is the best guacamole I've had in years.  How do you do it?"

"I believe it is the Vulcan chiles, Doctor," Spock conceded as he sipped his beer.

"Vulcans play basketball?" McCoy couldn't resist asking.

"Indeed, Doctor, our speed is a useful asset to the game, perhaps you have heard of the great Vulcan forward T'Shaq?  Its logic as a team building activity has long been recognized on Vulcan."

They all turned their attention to the screen.  Tipoff had transpired.  UCLA was the favored team, over Argentina at Buenos Aires.

Sometime into the first quarter, the door chimed again.

"Come in," Spock called, not even speculating who the caller was this time.

Engineer Scott stood in the open doorway.  He eyed the scene before him.

"Mr. Scott, please come in," Spock entreated.  "What brings you here at this hour?"

Scott acknowledged Kirk and McCoy.  "I came by to say that I've finally found the space for your joined quarters," he said, a bit embarrassed.

"That's it, Spock, you're officially a duo now," Kirk said.

"Thass nae true," Scotty answered.  "We should have the construction done while you and Dr. Chapel are on on your honeymoon.  Perhaps you and the Doctor could tour the proposed site with me this week?"

"Affirmative, Mr. Scott.  That will be agreeable." Spock indicated a chair.  "We are watching the TCAA championship match, perhaps you would join us?"

"Why Mr. Spock, I'd be honored," the Chief Engineer replied.  As Spock went in search of another beer, Kirk handed him a stack of music holos.  "You have to sing for your supper, Scotty.  Help us pick some dance songs, will you?

Scotty, who had loved to dance at ceilidhs in his native Scotland, flashed a grin.  "Aye, sorr," he said.

The game progressed through the first quarter, and so did the songs selected.  Spock was pleased with the efforts, because it had been a logical idea to solicit other opinions.

The door chimed again.

"Come in," Spock called, no longer caring who was there.

Lt. Dillon stood in the doorway this time, carrying his hockey stick, his skates slung over his shoulder.  Spock quickly got up from the sofa and went to meet the engineer.

"Mr. Spock, the program works perfectly now," he said succinctly.  "Thank you."

"I am pleased, Lt. Dillon."

Dillon looked around somewhat apprehensively, almost afraid to say anything.

"I would suggest, Lt. Dillon, that you head to the observation deck at your earliest opportunity?" Spock said evenly, one eyebrow slightly raised.

"Thank you, sir," Dillon replied as he turned towards the turbolift.

"What was that all about, Spock?" Kirk asked.

"Nothing important, though I suspect Christine may return soon.  We had best choose the last of our selections now, so we can continue watching the game once she is back, " Spock directed.

"You think she'll let us watch the match?" McCoy asked, incredulous.

"Yes, Doctor," Spock replied as he added another song to his list.

* * *


"Root beer floats, my favorite!" Lt. Dillon said to the two females seated on an observation deck bench.  "May I join you?"

"I have to get back," Christine sighed.  "Something I have to get done tonight.  But I'm sure Kala would be happy to share her float with you?"

Kala smiled up at the engineer.  "Maybe you can show me the constellations?" she asked.

"I'd be right pleased to do that, Miss Kala."

* * *


The door to Spock's cabin whooshed open.  Christine entered and took in the sight before her.

"Good, the game's on," she said as she wedged herself between Spock and Kirk.  "What's the score?  Any beer left?"

* * *


"I gather you will hold this victory over everyone for some time?" Spock asked later, after the game had concluded and the guests had departed.  Christine was leaning against his shoulder as she persued the PADD list.

"Naah," she said as she looked over the selections.  "It's a given, I went to a basketball dynasty school.  These songs are perfect! You did a good job!"

"I had help," Spock confessed.

Christine kissed him.  "No matter, one less headache taken care of.  Now if we could only pick a dance song for us..."

"My parents chose 'Could I Have This Dance' for their Terran ceremony," Spock said.

"I like that, but I'd hate to steal their song," Christine sighed.  "There's plenty of others, I'm sure..."

Spock cocked his head to the intership radio station he'd put on after the game.  "What song is this?" he asked.

Christine listened for a moment, a smile playing on her lips.  "It's from an old Terran love holo," she replied dreamily.

Spock took her hand and pulled her to her feet.  "It seems to suit our purpose, does it not?"  He began to dance with her slowly, reveling in the music and the lyrics.

"It does at that," Christine agreed.

"Then perhaps this would be the song we dance to as a married couple?"

Christine looked up at him.  "I think it's a logical choice, beloved."

"Very good," he answered as he moved to kiss her.