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Santa Letter


Dear Santa,

I've been nearly threatened into writing this. My head nurse only agreed to write to you with her request by exacting a promise (and a pound of flesh) from me that I would write one also. I didn't even write these blasted things when I was young enough to believe in Santa Claus, but here goes. Well, here's what I would like for Christmas, let's see you fill these...

1. The biggest damn bottles of bourbon in this quadrant.

2. Please give that blasted green-blooded Vulcan a sense of humor. Oh, and if he could just look at Christine once, that would be nice too.

3. Now for the big one. A visit from my little girl, Joanna, just in time for Christmas is just about the only thing I really want.

Not that I'm expecting any of these to actually answered.

Written Under Extreme Duress and the Threat of Physical Violence by a gorgeous and unusually strong blonde;

Dr. Leonard McCoy